About Us


Our vision is to become a trusted and premier platform for networking, collaboration, knowledge creation and sharing for stakeholders interested in enriching and broadening their analytical and conceptual understanding of the often forgotten role of African corporate citizens and their actors in bridging the gaps of poverty, inequality and unemployment.

Our mission is to invest through sharing of experiences on issues related to the role that the state and non-state actors including firms, institutions and their actors can play in delivering the promise of inclusive, caring, prosperous, sustainable and progressive human societies.

We believe that fundamental concepts like the rule of law, property rights and constitutionalism are best understood using real life and contemporary empirical case studies like the classic case of SMM Holdings (Pvt) Ltd (SMM), a company born in 1908 and ceased operations at the instigation and direct hand of the government of Zimbabwe.


  • To promote the development and sustenance of a culture and practice that respects the rule of law, people and their property.
  • To provide a forum for discussing corporate heritage issues.
  • To assist the membership in their intellectual and conceptual development and in playing their parts as active and vigilant citizens.
  • To provide a Pan African network of peer coordinators for fellow-shipping and institution building.
  • Sharing ideas, insights, experiences, problems and solutions.
  • To interact with other organizations and individuals to accomplish these ends.
  • To build a strong national network of actors who share a common belief that Africa can lift itself up when the role of state and non-state actors is properly balanced and located.
  • To seek to influence government proposals and existing legislation by utilising the expertise of our members.
  • To identify and share good practices and to promote values of the organization.
  • To offer mutual support and provide a forum for discussion.
  • To facilitate learning workshops and distribute information.