Our Objectives

  • To promote the development and sustenance of a culture and practice that respects the rule of law, people and their property.
  • To provide a forum for discussing corporate heritage issues.
  • To assist the members in their intellectual and conceptual development and in playing their parts as active and vigilant citizens.
  • To provide a Pan African network of peer coordinators for fellow-shipping and institution building.
  • Sharing ideas, insights, experiences, problems and solutions.
  • To interact with other organizations and individuals to accomplish these ends.
  • To build a strong national network of actors who share a common belief that Africa can lift itself up when the role of state and non-state actors is properly balanced and located.
  • To seek to influence government proposals and existing legislation by utilising the expertise of our members.
  • To identify and share good practices and to promote values of the organization.
  • To offer mutual support and provide a forum for discussion.
  • To facilitate learning workshops and distribute information.