Daniel Shumba shreds The Construction Act

Leader of the United Democratic Alliance Dr. Daniel Shumba has teared the The Reconstruction of State Indebted and Insolvent Companies Act calling it a repressive Act that needs to be repealed.

In an interview obtained by The 1873 TV Dr. Shumba says, “Some laws must be totally repealed. You are aware that Mutumwa Mawere was robbed of Shabanie Mashaba Mines by people who simply put the reconstruction act just dreaming that let’s target this company and expropriate it. So such laws have to be repealed and thrown into the dustbin and restore value to Mutumwa Mawere.”  (sic)

Dr. Shumba also called for the arrest of the authors of the Reconstruction Act accusing them of robbing Zimbabweans.

“We need to deal with  with the culprits some of whom are running this country. We know that these people have been been using partisan ways to rob Zimbabweans and entrepreneurs of true value.” Said Shumba.

Dr Daniel Shumba statements come on the heels of a United States gazetted Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (ZDERA) ammendment which is sponsored by  Senators Jeff Flake and Chris Coons. The Amendment Bill sets guidelines for the US-Zim re-engagement  which include repealing of laws inconsistent to the Constitution, respect for property rights and law of contract.

Prominent Lawyer Obert Gutu is on record blasting the Reconstruction Act as a fascist Act that is inconsistent with modern democracy.

“The Reconstruction Act should never find a place in the statute books of any democratic and progressive country that seeks to promote trade and investment; particularly the empowerment of historically disadvantaged people. Put simply, such an Act is an anachronism that should be urgently repealed.”

The Act came into effect when the then Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa invoked Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) by promulgating Statutory Instrument 187 of 2004 published as a supplement to the Zimbabwean Government Gazette dated September 3 2004.

Here is the Audio of Dr. Daniel Shumba tearing The Reconstruction of State-Indebted and insolvent Companies Act calling it a repressive Act that needs to be repealed.

Source: The 1873 TV

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