FOSMM Conversations November 2017

  1. [6:33 AM, 11/1/2017] +27 71 712 9408: Great idea is worth following up
  2. [6:00 PM, 11/1/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo:

…High Court orders Kasukuwere to pay all allowances, benefits

Itai Muzondo

GWERU – In a dramatic turn of events, the High Court has reinstated sacked City of Gweru mayor, Hamutendi Kombayi and 11 other councillors to their posts after they successfully challenged Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere’s decision to fire them.

Of the eleven, 10 had already been given back their posts and it was from that group that Charles Chikozho had been elected as Kombayi’s replacement. Ward 4 councilor, Kenneth Sithole had been expelled.

Kombayi was fired in February this year on the recommendations of an independent tribunal tasked to probe allegations of gross incompetence, maladministration and abuse of office.

He had been on suspension since August 2015.

“…it is ordered that, the decision of the 1st Respondent (the independent tribunal) be and is hereby set aside…the convictions of the applicants be and are hereby set aside and quashed.

“The 1st and 2nd applicants (Kombayi and Sithole) are hereby reinstated to their positions as councillors of the City of Gweru forthwith, without any loss of allowances and benefits,” reads part of the judgment accessed from the applicant’s lawyers; Dube and Gundu Legal Practitioners.

“The 5th respondent (Kasukuwere) shall bear the costs of this application,” reads part of the judgement.

Speaking to TellZim News, Sithole said he was glad the judiciary was still showing some independence in upholding the rule of law.

“It’s good that the rule of law is still applicable in the country. We were being told every day that we could not challenge the minister as he is one of the powerful people ruling the country.

“I am also happy because I now have a chance to finish my term in council and will definitely continue from where I left for the sake of service delivery,” Sithole said.

Kombayi could not be reached for comment.

  1. [6:07 PM, 11/1/2017] +263 77 459 5355: May all those using Mutare road Danhiko area up to mabvuku turn off please note that the roads are slippery there must be a truck leaking oil or diesel along that road quiet a few accidents so far
  2. [7:31 PM, 11/1/2017] Andrew Chikunga: I am tired of this message
  3. [8:36 PM, 11/2/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Good evening friends.
  4. [8:53 PM, 11/2/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Do we agree that we have a collective duty to make Zimbabwe appealing and attractive firstly to our own people and throughout this, smart partnerships will emerge.

Do we agree that all of us must play our parts in creating fulfilling our own national Zimbabwean Dream.?

  1. [9:04 PM, 11/2/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Maybe the first question would be ‘Is there a Zimbabwean Dream’? If yes what does it offer? Do we even think as a Nation or we have been reduced to selfish individuals incapable of working together?
  2. [4:16 PM, 11/3/2017] Norman Mukandagumbo: Deliberate transmission of HIV: can it remain an offense as it is in our Code

An important judgement in this aspect shall be handed down by Justice Phiri on 7 November 2017

  1. [4:20 PM, 11/3/2017] MD Mawere: Thanks
  2. [7:49 PM, 11/3/2017] +263 77 296 4428: POLITICAL SCIENCE EXAM QUESTION (25)

The MDC has more SUPPORTERS than ZANU PF whilst ZANU PF has more VOTERS than MDC. Discuss

  1. [5:04 AM, 11/4/2017] JNS Musara: I agree. There are many obstacles to achieving that goal tho
  2. [6:42 AM, 11/4/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Maybe we need to understand these obstacles Cde.
  3. [8:13 AM, 11/4/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: 37 years down the line we still talking of obstacles, what does it say about us as a people.??
  4. [8:41 AM, 11/4/2017] +27 71 712 9408: It says that we dont want to tek responsibility of our actions instead we look for excuses
  5. [4:22 PM, 11/4/2017] +27 84 797 1580: BREAKING: Mugabe dares Mnangagwa to start his own Party, ‘Go away, we go our way’

by Staff Reporter

42 mins ago | 1854 Views

93-year-old Zanu-PF leader President Robert Mugabe has dared his 1st vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa to start his own political party.

While addressing party youths in Bulawayo this afternoon, Mugabe said : “Tinotukwa nezita raVaMnangagwa, kondakakanganisa here kuita VaMnangagwa Vice President wangu.

“Kana ndakakanganisa ndivadonedze nhasi? Unonzwa kuMasvingo uko kuchinzi kuno hakusi kwaVaMugabe, ndekwaVaMnangagwa. Saka ini ndinomira nevanoda kumira shure kwange.

“Even if it means kuti vavakuita party yavo vega. Hatinyengerere vanhu, nomatter who. Zvasvika zvino pakuti tichiita final decision. Tirikuenda kumaelections tirikuenda kucongress, ndiko kwatichaita final decision.”

“Vana [Lovemore] Matuke murichii? Okay, go away, we go our way.”

  1. [4:24 PM, 11/4/2017] +27 62 688 7548: Reaching boiling point.
  2. [4:40 PM, 11/4/2017] +263 77 947 7987: What was first lady said abt VP pliz update us
  3. [4:43 PM, 11/4/2017] +263 77 210 7958: #ByoInterface Amai Dr Mugabe:

“VaMnangagwa varikuzviziva kuti position yedu yaVP takuida, vakaipihwa pakabva Mai Mujuru.

“Tirikuda kuti constitution yeparty iitwe amend tisati taenda kuCongress.

“Makuti hee hee dynasty haiite nokuti zvazvekwaMugabe, asi kwenyu zvinoita (referring to Vice President Mnangagwa having left his constituency Chirumanzi-Zibagwe for his wife, Auxillia).”

President Mugabe:

~”The First Lady speaks the truth, her mind. We cannot keep quiet when we hear that some people wanted to boo the First Lady – that some provinces – Masvingo & Midlands say they belong to Mnangagwa.

“Mnangagwa I can fire him tomorrow and he can form his own party with those who support him. So those in Masvingo who want can prepare to form their own party. Matuke who are you? You can go….”

“Tinoda maWar Veterans vanotevera gwara, vasingade zvavo ngavaende kwavanoda”

  1. [4:44 PM, 11/4/2017] +263 77 210 7958: 14:11 – President slams those who send their people to come and boo the First Lady. “First Lady vanotaura chokwadi. Tinotukwa nezita raVaMnangagwa, kondakakanganisa here kuita VaMnangagwa Vice President wangu. Kana ndakakanganisa ndivadonedze nhasi? Unonzwa kuMasvingo uko kuchinzi kuno hakusi kwaVaMugabe, ndekwaVaMnangagwa. Saka ini ndinomira nevanoda kumira shure kwange. Even if it means kuti vavakuita party yavo vega. Hatinyengerere vanhu, nomatter who. Zvasvika zvino pakuti tichiita final decision. Tirikuenda kumaelections tirikuenda kucongress, ndiko kwatichaita final decision.” Vana [Lovemore] Matuke murichii? Okay, go away, we go our way.”


  1. [4:44 PM, 11/4/2017] +263 77 210 7958: 1412: “If I made a mistake by appointing Mnangagwa, tell me. I will remove him now. We are not afraid of anyone. We can decide even here. I will stand in front and have him do the same, those who want to be with me, join me and those who want to be with Mnangagwa go to him.”
  2. 1413: “Today when we have reached the tail end of the interface we get all this nonsense. I don’t like this.”
  3. 1414: “So to the people in Masvingo with their attitude, you can go ahead and form your party because we honestly cannot have this. We cannot be insulted on a daily basis.”
  4. 1417: President Mugabe instructs that party cars which were meant to be delivered in the provinces are to be handed over before the end of the month.


  1. [4:45 PM, 11/4/2017] +263 77 210 7958: 14:33 – Still on factionalism and regionalism: “Hatidi vanhu vanoti kuno kunofanirwa kutongwa nanhingi, uko ndekwanhingi, ahhh, nokuti unoendera kutoilet ikoko woti ndekwako. We will kick you out, hatidi vanhu vanepfungwa dzakadai.”


  1. [4:45 PM, 11/4/2017] +263 77 210 7958: 0218: “Let us adhere to the party’s constitution, war vets, youths and the women’s wing.”
  2. 0227: President Mugabe says after capping graduates at NUST yesterday, he was happy the institution has gone back to its mandate of teaching science and technology. However, he says he inquired as to why there isn’t engineering and was told that they have produced quite a number who are working in the industries.

“No, that is not the engineering I am talking about. We want engineers who can come up with an aircraft. We want engineers who can innovate new things.”

  1. 0230: President Mugabe has implored farmers to consider venturing into sheep and goat farming adding that most Asian countries rare these at a commercial scale


  1. [6:29 PM, 11/4/2017] Leopold Mudisi: Zanu pf implosion. Evidence
  2. [6:39 PM, 11/4/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Isai full video cde
  3. [6:40 PM, 11/4/2017] Leopold Mudisi: Tune in to zbc kkkkk
  4. [6:45 PM, 11/4/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Zvimba BC kkkk
  5. [8:33 PM, 11/4/2017] +27 71 712 9408:
  6. [8:33 PM, 11/4/2017] +27 71 712 9408: Compare n contrast☝☝☝
  7. [6:06 AM, 11/5/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: What is Treason??
  8. [7:43 AM, 11/5/2017] +263 77 459 5355: Zimbabwe made this mess …this thing of making people demi gods started in the 80 ,s we valued people more than the rule of law that the war of chimurenga fought against… ZANU is a manmade disaster ….
  9. [7:51 AM, 11/5/2017] +27 71 712 9408: How can such misteks be corrected n prevented from ever hapeening again
  10. [7:53 AM, 11/5/2017] Ras: Supporting strong institutions & putting an end to big man & ,(big woman) politics in what ever form.
  11. [7:58 AM, 11/5/2017] +27 71 712 9408: Strength of institutioms rest on the pillars which are a shared or common vision, values,principles and objectives im i ryt? What are they? Do they even exist?
  12. [8:01 AM, 11/5/2017] Ras: You are right, institutions rest on such pillars. I think our Constitution attempts to do that. Unfortunately the implementation of the Constitution gets clouded by politics
  13. [8:05 AM, 11/5/2017] +263 77 459 5355: Tell me do we have a national policy n please not this joke called zimasset…
  14. [8:06 AM, 11/5/2017] Ras: National policy on what?
  15. [8:08 AM, 11/5/2017] +263 77 459 5355: On our vision as a state…where we are going n coming from , the things that bind us as a people…
  16. [8:19 AM, 11/5/2017] Ras: Apart from chapter 2 of the const which states our objectives im not sure of any policy of that sort
  17. [8:26 AM, 11/5/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Do we have a dream as a Nation.?
  18. [8:27 AM, 11/5/2017] +27 71 712 9408: Does anyone hae the founding values of the constitution?
  19. [8:31 AM, 11/5/2017] +27 71 712 9408: The Constitution Founding Values, The national Flag symbols, The words of the National Athem and the symbols of the National Court of Arms these should help us understand what are the values that bind us together,where did Zimbabwe come from, what is the vision
  20. [8:54 AM, 11/5/2017] Andrew Chikunga: Mugabe’s life in 40 years:

1.Mugabe versus General Tongo,Mugabe won .ED was the mole.

2.Mugabe versus Joshua Nkomo,Mugabe won.ED was known as the butcher of esigodini at that time.(over 20 000 people estimated to have been butchered at Mugabe’s instructions.we need answers and justice for this).

3.2008 elections,Mugabe versus Zimbabweans,Mugabe lost but ED ensured Mugabe remains president.(MDC recorded over 500 supporters murdered and many more torchered),i haven’t forgiven Mugabe for that.

4.Gen Mujuru versus Bob,Bob won.Ed fingured as spanner boy.General Mujuru was burnt beyond recognition,ofcourse He deserved that too, considering his role in Gukurahundi and how He amassed his wealthy.

5.Bob versus Mai Mujuru,Bob won.ED was the spanner boy.Mai Mujuru deserved it too.i will look at her roles in Mashonaland east violence with Kasukuwere and Mafios at a later stage.

6.Mugabe versus Tsvangirai,Save has been winning but a despot like Mugabe alwys change the rules.Dr Tsvangirai is still in the game and my candidate for 2018 elections.

7.Bob versus ED,seems Mugabe is winning agaist His personal aide of over 50 years.An aid that consitently turned agaist the people to ensure Mugabe remains the leader of zimbabwe.I shade no remorse for this man called emmerson dambudzo mnangagwa.Let Him taste his medicine.

8.Will Mugabe win against G40 when they finally turn against Him.No.He is a 93 year old man who hardly can spend over 3 hours awake.He overwhelmly deserves the backstabbing coming his way.Mugabe is responsible for the deaths of many of our people.i will paitiently wait to celebrate that if God willing.

9.Will Mugabe win again against the people of zimbabwe whom He has been giving a raw deal for more than 37 years.The answer is NO,the end has come.lets send this rubbish of a man to the doldrums of oblivion in 2018.

While they are busy fighting for the right to loot in our country for a furthur 5 years,Everyone must register to vote.Lets send them a clear message in 2018 elections.

God bless Zimbabwe.

Simango.Ini ndiri kuzipigwa,Zipigwai wooo!!!!

  1. [9:09 AM, 11/5/2017] MD Mawere:
  2. [9:43 AM, 11/5/2017] MD Mawere: What is your take on the above averments in respect of the rule of law and constitutionalism?
  3. [10:25 AM, 11/5/2017] +27 71 712 9408: This makes a mockery of rule of law where the executive set up commitees to investigate crimes and declare accused innocent or guilty what is the role of courts then?
  4. [10:27 AM, 11/5/2017] +27 71 712 9408: Dors
  5. [10:29 AM, 11/5/2017] +27 71 712 9408: Sorry for the mistek
  6. [10:29 AM, 11/5/2017] MD Mawere:
  7. [10:35 AM, 11/5/2017] MD Mawere: [11/05, 10:15] Nothi: Morning mr m
  8. [11/05, 10:19] Mutumwa Mawere:
  9. [11/05, 10:26] Nothi: I was listening live
  10. [11/05, 10:26] Nothi: Friday morning
  11. [11/05, 10:26] Nothi: Lesley represented well
  12. [11/05, 10:26] Mutumwa Mawere: What was your take?
  13. [11/05, 10:27] Nothi: I agree with Lesley and the perception of legal practitioners is false and we are about getting justice
  14. [11/05, 10:27] Nothi: For all people
  15. [11/05, 10:28] Nothi: It was a good interview
  16. [11/05, 10:28] Mutumwa Mawere: Are you sure?
  17. [11/05, 10:28] Nothi: Yes well that’s the point
  18. [11/05, 10:28] Nothi: Getting justice for those that in search for it
  19. [11/05, 10:29] Nothi: So you can see that lawyers are for the people
  20. [11/05, 10:29] Nothi: Helping those in distress
  21. [11/05, 10:29] Nothi: And have being wronged
  22. [11/05, 10:30] Mutumwa Mawere: [11/05, 08:41] Norman Mukandagumbo: morning everyone
  23. [11/05, 08:42] Tinashe Mpasiri: Mr Norman how are you
  24. [11/05, 08:42] Tatenda: Morning
  25. [11/05, 08:43] Tinashe Mpasiri: And greetings to all
  26. [11/05, 08:43] Tapuwa Chitambo: Morning Norman
  27. [11/05, 08:43] Norman Mukandagumbo: Whats the update on Fund raising issue
  28. [11/05, 08:44] Tatenda: @⁨Adv T Mavula⁩ as the head show path and give targets.
  29. [11/05, 08:44] Mutumwa Mawere: Morning Norman. What is your reading of the ED saga and implications thereof on FOSMM?
  30. [11/05, 08:45] Norman Mukandagumbo: its now time take advantage.
  31. [11/05, 08:45] Mutumwa Mawere: And on possible angles for fundraising. Is it true that the elephant in the SMM room is ED
  32. [11/05, 08:45] Mutumwa Mawere: Hit while the iron is hot.
  33. [11/05, 08:46] Mutumwa Mawere: Do we have people who are in this group who know how to become opportunists?
  34. [11/05, 08:46] Norman Mukandagumbo: Chinamasa included.
  35. [11/05, 08:46] Mutumwa Mawere: Manikai included
  36. [11/05, 08:46] Mutumwa Mawere: The whole house of cards
  37. [11/05, 08:47] Tatenda: In short “lacoste”
  38. [11/05, 08:47] Tinashe Mpasiri: This audio is also crucial to get the angle
  39. [11/05, 08:47] Mutumwa Mawere: This is an opportunity
  40. [11/05, 08:47] Mutumwa Mawere: Is it on the FOSMM soundcard? If not, why?
  41. [11/05, 08:48] Norman Mukandagumbo: whats G40’s stance…..
  42. [11/05, 08:48] Mutumwa Mawere: How is anyone going to be inspired to listen
  43. [11/05, 08:49] Tinashe Mpasiri: It is
  44. [11/05, 08:50] Mutumwa Mawere: The G40 are equally trying to protect their little corrupt squares and have no intention to promote the rule of law. Remember when SMM started, Jonso was part of the first version of Lacoste
  45. [11/05, 08:50] Tinashe Mpasiri: I had also put it on mp3 version as it is for the benefit of those who have difficulty on accessing sound cloud
  46. [11/05, 08:50] Tatenda: They have no solid facts but enlightening them on smm would be a good entrance point
  47. [11/05, 08:50] Mutumwa Mawere: Does the FOSMM have a #SoundCloud account
  48. [11/05, 08:52] Tinashe Mpasiri: The soundcloud account is The 1873 Network, a link was posted on that redirects to soundcloud.
  49. [11/05, 08:55] Mutumwa Mawere: What does it cost to open an FOSMM soundclou…
  50. [10:35 AM, 11/5/2017] +27 71 712 9408: In terms of the rule of law the everyone is equal before law …according to the law it is not a valid defence to commit a crime of theft or missappropriation and use the proceeds for a good cause
  51. [10:37 AM, 11/5/2017] MD Mawere: So what lessons do we draw from this about the political morality that informs the succession narrative?
  52. [10:44 AM, 11/5/2017] +27 71 712 9408: It is this same ‘robinhoodism’ to disregard the rule law to illegally tekover SMM on the basis that state was protecting jobs
  53. [11:12 AM, 11/5/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Is the vice presidency in ZANU an elected position or an appointment??
  54. [11:15 AM, 11/5/2017] MD Mawere: Appointed
  55. [11:18 AM, 11/5/2017] +27 71 712 9408: Appointed vp serves at the pleasure of the president
  56. [11:18 AM, 11/5/2017] MD Mawere: Do you think the First Lady is power literate?
  57. [11:51 AM, 11/5/2017] +27 71 712 9408: I also need to learn more abt power so can not determine her literacy wrt to power or executive authrity
  58. [11:53 AM, 11/5/2017] +27 71 712 9408: My 2cents any spouse has influence on the decisions of the other
  59. [11:54 AM, 11/5/2017] +27 71 712 9408: Just like Solomon Mujuru was Joice Mujuru’s husband he will logically have influence on the then VP”s decisions
  60. [2:05 PM, 11/5/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Masvingo Zanu PF PEC has today recommended the expulsion of senior party officials that include Lovemore Matuke, Josiah Hungwe, Ezra Chadzamira, Edmund Mhere and Paul Mangwana. For more details visit
  61. [2:09 PM, 11/5/2017] Ras: The mentioned Cdes constitute part of the PEC, so who has expelled them?
  62. [3:04 PM, 11/5/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: U saying part YES so logic would mean they were fired by the rest
  63. [3:11 PM, 11/5/2017] Ras: Cde hamusi kubata my point, ofcoz they were fired by the rest. The rest are not that politically significant, just count the number of times Chadzamira has been purportedly fired. This regional/ethnic rhetoric is a new low in the history of that party & will surely widen the fissures
  64. [4:23 PM, 11/5/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: ZANU situation kubvongodza muto kuseva kweaakaguta. Opposition inopedza nguva kutarisa ZANU ichitadza kuita strategy dzawo. Nxaaaa
  65. [7:07 PM, 11/5/2017] Tinashe Mpasiri: Please like the Facebook page Friends of SMM Holdings Pvt Ltd
  66. [7:07 PM, 11/5/2017] Tinashe Mpasiri: Or the handle @FOSMM1
  67. [7:15 PM, 11/5/2017] Tinashe Mpasiri: Twitter handle is @Friends of SMM
  68. [8:12 PM, 11/5/2017] +263 77 459 5355: Zifa President
  69. [8:12 PM, 11/5/2017] +263 77 459 5355: Kikkkk
  70. [8:15 PM, 11/5/2017] +263 77 459 5355: Tune to ztv the circus is getting interesting..
  71. [8:31 PM, 11/5/2017] +260 97 4421717: What’s is happening? Update plizz
  72. [8:34 PM, 11/5/2017] +263 77 210 7958: Its wat happened afternun at Rufaro where first lady hit vp ED very hard from all fronts.
  73. [8:42 PM, 11/5/2017] Shavirai Mawere: Saying what?
  74. [8:42 PM, 11/5/2017] +263 77 459 5355: Bootlickers, rumors… I feel sorry for the electorate …zim opposition is playing spectator whilst Zanu is imploding
  75. [8:42 PM, 11/5/2017] Shavirai Mawere: Which fronts?
  76. [8:44 PM, 11/5/2017] +263 77 459 5355: Hanzi since 1980 ed has been plotting the downfall of mugabi
  77. [8:46 PM, 11/5/2017] +263 77 459 5355: Grace says command agriculture is hers n not anyone else must get the credit..☺☺
  78. [8:47 PM, 11/5/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Do we have opposition in Zim Cde?
  79. [8:50 PM, 11/5/2017] +263 77 459 5355: Thought we had some of them even on this platform
  80. [8:58 PM, 11/5/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Kutsvaga mare nemabasa at the expense of people’s freedom.
  81. [9:01 PM, 11/5/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: What do u make of the recent cries for more money by the so called legislators
  82. [9:04 PM, 11/5/2017] +263 77 459 5355: Lining up their pockets
  83. [9:33 PM, 11/5/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: So we should take the bigger blame for believing or expecting miracles out of these so called parties. High time we exercise people’s power and it starts with you and me. We have to start by asking ourselves, why are we so blind to see the obvious.
  84. [9:34 PM, 11/5/2017] +27 62 688 7548: People’s power starting.
  85. [10:00 PM, 11/5/2017] +27 71 712 9408: Fully agree the solution to every problem does not lie with political or religious leader but in the individuals power to mek choice n tek action in persuit of the desired change
  86. [10:02 PM, 11/5/2017] Owen Magocha: If the money is there let them be paid . What’s this notion that they have to suffer because they are public servants .HIPOCRISY
  87. [10:05 PM, 11/5/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: At the expense of delivering their mandates here Cde. Getting paid kunoita noise in parly. What exactly are they doing for them to demand payment.?
  88. [10:07 PM, 11/5/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Busy sleeping while ZANU Mafia captures all public infrastructure, busy sleeping while draconian laws are being handed down to the suffering masses.
  89. [9:41 AM, 11/6/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Yaiwa camouflage
  90. [10:59 AM, 11/6/2017] +263 77 947 7987: Sports report M lady vs E D  Garwe
  91. [12:43 PM, 11/6/2017] +27 84 797 1580: Mugabe’s press conference at 2pm at the State House. Stay tuned.
  92. [12:43 PM, 11/6/2017] +27 84 797 1580: Military scramble to stop Mugabe from firing Mnangagwa today

By RINDAI MUZUVA — November 6, 2017

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe with Military Commanders

Sources have revealed that President Mugabe held a meeting with a delegation from the military command late Sunday at the State House. The meeting was called by the Commander In Chief to brief the top brass of the military on the impending removal of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The deliberations were kept under seal however the source revealed that President Mugabe informed the military of his intention to fire the Vice President citing irreconcilable differences. The president accuses the Vice President of working to undermine his authority.

It is believed that Gen Chiwenga, Air Marshall Perrance Shiri, Lt. Gen. Philip Valerio Sibanda and Defence Minister Sydney Sekeramai attended the meeting. The source said the military commanders tried to convince the President not to follow through citing uncertainty over the security risks at this moment.

It is unclear whether the military leaders managed to sway the president but judging by the fact that the President went on and called a rare press conference scheduled for this afternoon, it may be that their efforts are in vain. There has been talk that there is already work underway to build a case to arrest Mnangagwa

  1. [1:13 PM, 11/6/2017] +27 84 797 1580: The President of Zimbabwe has requested a live TV broadcast to make an announcement at 1400 (CAT)

Then @ 3pm Mutsvangwa holding another presser.

ED has slated his Presser for 6pm today

  1. [1:29 PM, 11/6/2017] +27 62 688 7548: Where can we get that live
  2. [1:30 PM, 11/6/2017] +27 84 797 1580: Zbc facebook
  3. [1:30 PM, 11/6/2017] +27 84 797 1580: @263chat and many others
  4. [1:32 PM, 11/6/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: General Chiwenga
  5. [1:36 PM, 11/6/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Who do u think he referred to as mad??
  6. [1:43 PM, 11/6/2017] +263 78 503 5819: Yooooh kunzima
  7. [2:18 PM, 11/6/2017] +263 77 947 7987: Not yet
  8. [2:23 PM, 11/6/2017] +263 73 769 3782: Postponed
  9. [2:25 PM, 11/6/2017] +263 77 239 6199: Not happening
  10. [2:31 PM, 11/6/2017] Gilbert: Zvaiwana ngwarati it looks like the end game what an irony
  11. [2:34 PM, 11/6/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Manicaland PEC endorse the expulsion of Mnangagwa frm thw party Diamond FM…
  12. [2:42 PM, 11/6/2017] +263 73 451 2294: Is it not the party that they formed and who can expel him. Those young turks joined Zanu pf which ED formed with others
  13. [2:50 PM, 11/6/2017] Mahlangu: Mnangagwa joined ZANU
  14. [2:50 PM, 11/6/2017] Mahlangu: He never formed it.
  15. [2:50 PM, 11/6/2017] Mahlangu: He isn’t part of the others either. Let’s not rewrite history to our own liking
  16. [2:54 PM, 11/6/2017] +263 73 451 2294: Who formed it and when did he join it
  17. [2:57 PM, 11/6/2017] Mahlangu: ZANU was formed by Mugabe, Ndabaningi, Tekere , Enos Nkala and others. Mnangagwa isn’t part of them
  18. [2:58 PM, 11/6/2017] Mahlangu: Go ask Mnangagwa
  19. [3:00 PM, 11/6/2017] +263 73 451 2294: Mugabe was not there when Zanu Pf was formed. Check you history well. Zvakangodero hazvo havamudzingi vanhu ivavo
  20. [3:00 PM, 11/6/2017] +263 77 239 6199: Didn’t Mugabe say in a really last month that he invited ED to join the party in His presence
  21. [3:01 PM, 11/6/2017] Leopold Mudisi: When criminals fight it’s a criminal fight for share of loot
  22. [3:02 PM, 11/6/2017] Mahlangu: I don’t like any of them but let’s not peddle lies. Zanu was formed at Enos Nkala’s house in 1963. Mugabe was there
  23. [3:05 PM, 11/6/2017] +27 84 797 1580: CABINET RESHUFFLE AGAIN: Chinamasa fired
  24. [3:07 PM, 11/6/2017] +263 77 260 0445:
  25. [3:21 PM, 11/6/2017] Mahlangu: Source please
  26. [3:22 PM, 11/6/2017] +27 84 797 1580: Journos in Harare
  27. [3:23 PM, 11/6/2017] Gilbert: 32 people vadzingwa in Manicaland PCC
  28. [3:23 PM, 11/6/2017] Gilbert: Oppah, Chinamasa, Mushohwe and others
  29. [3:30 PM, 11/6/2017] Gilbert: **Breaking News from Zimbabwe:

Mugabe has postponed the press conference nokuti Chiwenga aramba kubva mu Office. Chiwenga asked Mugabe kuti “why are you firing me now? I am thirty four years younger than you and you are still in the office. We didn’t fight to please your interest only ” game on!!

  1. [3:30 PM, 11/6/2017] Gilbert: Press conference postponed. Chiwenga refused to leave the office. KG 6 on code Zero (red)! All armouries on lockdown..!!
  2. [3:31 PM, 11/6/2017] +263 77 260 0445:
  3. [3:32 PM, 11/6/2017] +263 77 260 0445:
  4. [4:01 PM, 11/6/2017] +263 77 947 7987: What next
  5. [4:02 PM, 11/6/2017] +263 77 947 7987: Whr a they belongs
  6. [4:40 PM, 11/6/2017] Morris: BREAKING: VP Mnangagwa has been fired. – Official Govt statement released by Info Ministe
  7. [4:42 PM, 11/6/2017] Morris: President Mugabe has exercised his powers to relieve VP Mnangagwa as VP of Zimbabwe with immediate effect says SK Moyo
  8. [4:42 PM, 11/6/2017] +263 77 515 5934: How true is this
  9. [4:43 PM, 11/6/2017] +263 73 769 3782: Source
  10. [4:43 PM, 11/6/2017] +263 77 262 1430: Gone.
  11. [4:43 PM, 11/6/2017] Morris: Mnangagwa has been unfaithful in the execution of his duties says SK Moy
  12. [4:44 PM, 11/6/2017] +263 73 769 3782: Source
  13. [4:44 PM, 11/6/2017] Morris: Journos vari papresser just now
  14. [4:51 PM, 11/6/2017] Morris: ED fired from both ZANU PF and gvt
  15. [4:52 PM, 11/6/2017] +263 77 260 0445: The kalanga conveyed the message
  16. [5:07 PM, 11/6/2017] John Kasten: Zvakunakidza now Zim will be free from all the criminals. Lets position ourselves to go back to bring sanity to our beloved country. They will start to kill each other soon
  17. [5:10 PM, 11/6/2017] Tawanda Madamombe: Not when Chombo is still roaming free
  18. [5:11 PM, 11/6/2017] Tawanda Madamombe: Is it true that Chinamasa was expelled too,that makes 2 participants in the destruction of SMM,what are MD Maweres thoughts on this latest development
  19. [5:34 PM, 11/6/2017] John Kasten: Chombos days are now numbered as well
  20. [6:47 PM, 11/6/2017] MD Mawere: [11/06, 18:37] Tinashe Mpasiri: So what do you say is the best approach to apprehend Mnangagwa and Chinamasa
  21. [11/06, 18:39] Tapuwa Chitambo: Cdes I have just received news of the passing away of my uncle
  22. [11/06, 18:39] Delight Benge: is it the natural legal process that if u want justice u approach the minister of justice. lawyers please help
  23. [6:49 PM, 11/6/2017] Leopold Mudisi: Rubbish iyi kkkkk minister for what?
  24. [7:19 PM, 11/6/2017] +27 74 205 5452: This movie is X rated, no under 18.
  25. [7:22 PM, 11/6/2017] Gilbert: Popcorn ready
  26. [7:22 PM, 11/6/2017] Gilbert: Kg6 is on lockdown dzinorira chete nhasi
  27. [7:23 PM, 11/6/2017] +27 61 062 4233: Am not sure about the authenticity of this.
  28. [7:28 PM, 11/6/2017] Gilbert: copied

Guys if we do a critical analysis of today’s events in Zim, this may be proper military intelligence at play. Firstly that document has no offical govt stamp/letterhead. Secondly, Simon Kaya Moyo is Zanu PF chairman and his authority and power is only limited to speak on firing ED from the party VP post and not govt VP post. This means only Bob or in his absence would have been acting VP Mpoko with authority to hold a press conference to fire ED. Next point Bob’s where abouts are not being disclosed as to why he is failing to address the nation. To add to that army General Chiwenga is said to have been fired and refused to leave office. To me this translates to something deeper than the info the public is receiving at present. There is a possibility that Bob and Grace may have been taken  by the military and millitary intellegence is playing to shadow a possibility of a Coup to keep the nation and world media calm while they device a legally accepted plan to bring back ED as president. I may be wrong but lets wait and see.

  1. [7:33 PM, 11/6/2017] +27 61 062 4233: Edzayi kumboita verify ,am getting a lot of information,some of which contradict so i dont know kana chiri chokwadi?
  2. [7:40 PM, 11/6/2017] +263 77 293 1885: Fake news
  3. [7:41 PM, 11/6/2017] +263 77 947 7987: Things are moving too fast in Zimbabwe. Sources have revealed that former Vice President D Mnangagwa jetted out of the country early morning when it became apparent that he was going to be relieved of his duties.

As reported earlier, Mugabe was preparing to arrest Mnangagwa and Emmerson was left with no option but to skip the country. Apparently an order had been sent to withdraw his Presidential security detail. Mnangagwa however was helped to skip by the military personnel that took over his protection since the Cyanide poisoning incident in 2016.

It is believed that he took off from Buffalo Range  airport on a private plane. His whereabouts are not known.

As the nation waits on tenterhooks it is also remains a mystery as to what Mugabe’s next move would be.

  1. [8:09 PM, 11/6/2017] +263 77 947 7987: Zunu haina shasha vaimbova mutevedzeri vanyika mazuva 2 maviri apfura vaiti vachitaura kuruzhinji rwevanhu  bachiti tichangotonga tichingotonga tichingotonga nhasi vakutongwa vachingotongwa
  2. [8:26 PM, 11/6/2017] +27 73 659 7584: The Vice President, Emmerson Munangagwa and the commander of the Zimbabwe National Army General Constantine Chiwenga have dismissed alegations that they have been removed from power. In his speech General Chiwenga said if there is anyone to leave the party it is the first lady whome he said has no right to dismiss senior party members.

The General said if Mugabe and his wife continue perpetrating that kind of behaviour the Zimbabwe National Army would take over and arrest anyone who tries to subvert and violate the constitution which clearly does not speak much about powers of the first lady.

In his speech in the afternoon General Chiwenga said  upholding the constitution is the major role of the army. “Firing the VP is not an issue of concern, but cirmstances under which the dismissal took place are of great concern and this is a pure act of war “, he said.

If things are not rectified it could lead to grave situation.

Vice President Emmerson Munangagwa urged all citizens to join hands in the effort to disarm Mugabe and his wife who are handling national matters like their domestic toy.

Patrick Gwembe : reporting for studion 7

  1. [8:38 PM, 11/6/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Politics, especially in Zimbabwe, is basically like Reality Chess. Today is November 6th 2017 – I suggest you all remember this day, specifically because it’s the day a key chess move was made insofar as VP Mnangagwa was fired.

Now let’s see what counter move awaits the one who (so far) has always considered himself to be the chess “master”!

  1. [8:58 PM, 11/6/2017] +263 77 684 0695: Is it true
  2. [9:34 PM, 11/6/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Ha ha ha
  3. [9:46 PM, 11/6/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Sign language News in brief
  4. [10:19 PM, 11/6/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Mnangagwa under fraud probe

September 29, 2017 in News ,


THE Zimbabwe Republic Police’s Criminal Investigations Department is investigating Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s role in the mismanagement and looting of Zanu PF’s business empire, leading to its collapse, in what is seen as part of President Robert Mugabe’s succession war.

By Owen Gagare

The Zimbabwe Independent is reliably informed that the police are investigating 39 cases of fraud, meaning the vice-president could face up to 39 counts.

Police sources said this week the investigations stem from a Zanu PF’s Report of the Committee on Party Investments, debated by the politburo on July 27 2005 and August 3 2005, which revealed the companies, supervised by Mnangagwa who was then secretary for administration, were a shambles due to gross mismanagement and corruption.

Zanu PF had interests in public and private companies held through M&S Syndicate (Pvt) Ltd. The ruling party had invested in Treger Holdings, Mike Appel, Catercraft, Fibrolite, which closed in December 2004 as well as Zidlee, which failed to take over Delta in 1989.

The party also had interests in Southern African Re-Insurance Company (Sare), Zidco Holdings and First Bank, whose Democratic Republic of Congo investment also collapsed.

Zanu PF also had interests in National Blankets, Woolworths and Ottawa Building, which were disposed of under unclear circumstances.

Furthermore, Zanu PF separately owned Jongwe Printing & Publishing Company, as well as Jongwe and Nyadzonya farms.

Mnangagwa, who sat on nearly all the companies’ boards, supervised M&S Syndicate with Manharlal Chiunilal and Jayant Chiunilal Joshi.

The Zanu PF probe team comprised the late David Karimanzira, who chaired the committee, and the late retired army commander General Solomon Mujuru, Obert Mpofu, Simba Makoni and Thokozile Mathuthu.

The report said the companies were a mess and riddled with managerial corruption and incompetence which could have prejudiced the ruling party of billions of dollars and assets.

It said some of the companies had virtually collapsed, while others had not been audited for years and their financial accounts were a complete mess.

During mid-2005, the official exchange rate was US$1:Z$38, although on the black market it was US$1:Z$10 000.

On the first count, Sare allegedly paid a dividend of Z$13 900 on June 17, 2002 which was however diverted to Mnangagwa First Banking Corporation account.

On December 10 2001, Z$20 million was allegedly withdrawn from AM Tregger and deposited into Mnangagwa’s Zimbank account. Mnangagwa also allegedly benefited from Z$33 million which was withdrawn from AM Tregger and deposited into his Jewel bank account on March 17, 2003.

Police are also investigating allegations that Z$10 million was withdrawn from AM Tregger and reinvested into Mnangagwa’s Mafidi Corporation at NDH on March 27 2003.

On October 9 2003 Z$2,3 million was withdrawn from AM Tregger and deposited into Mnangagwa’s CBZ account, while on October 13 2003 Z$3,3 million was withdrawn from Kushinga Investments and deposited to Mnangagwa’s First Banking Corporation account, the report alleged.

There are investigations into allegations that Z$5 million was withdrawn from AM Tregger and deposited into Mnangagwa’s CBZ account on October 13 while on October 16 Z$1,7 million was withdrawn from AM Tregger and also allegedly deposited into his CBZ account.

Also in October 2003, Z$5,3 million was withdrawn from AM Tregger as cash and given to Mnangagwa. The vice-president also allegedly donated Z$1 million to Mnene Mission Hospital which was taken from AM Treger.

The vice-president also allegedly benefitted from Z$2 million which was withdrawn from AM Tregger on October 24 2003 and paid into his First Banking Corporation account and on the same day Z$19 million was withdrawn from the same account and used to pay for kitchen refurbishment at Mnangagwa’s house.

On October 31 2003, Z$53 000 000 was taken from AM Treger account and paid to Clonsilla Service Station in Gweru for the prurchase of petrol by Aleta Mambodza, Mnangagwa’s family friend.

Police are further investigating allegations that Z$5 million was withdrawn from AM Treger and deposited in the vice-president’s CBZ account on November 3, while on December 10 Z$10 million was paid into his CBZ account.

The vice-president also allegedly benefitted from Z$1,5 million, which was withdrawn from AM Treger and deposited into his First Bank Corporation account.

The Zanu PF probe team report had established that a Z$650 million Tregers Holdings cheque for dividend declared on February 18 2003 for the year-ended December 31 2002 could not be accounted for.

The report said it was “inconceivable” that Tregers, in which Zanu PF had 41,96% shareholding, managed to declare a Z$1,2 billion dividend in four years when its annual turnover was about Z$150 billion.

There were queries over the murky investment of Z$120 million in the portfolio investment company M&S Investments by Zanu PF’s wholly owned investment arm, M&S Syndicate.

The report said another company, NamZim, was “closed due to mismanagement and the property was looted by unknown people”.

Some companies’ books, for instance those of Catercraft, were not audited for four years while there were no board meetings for two years.

Mnangagwa, who was interviewed twice by the probe committee because he held sway over the party’s network of companies, confirmed the chaos in the businesses by admitting most of the companies had no records.

“He (Mnangagwa) said that in most of these arrangements there were no written agreements on the formation of the companies and most of these agreements were done verbally between parties,” the report said. “Neither was there an agreement for payment of management fees to the Joshi brothers as these companies were operating as one.”

The Joshi brothers and Dipak Pandya fled the country shortly after the probe began. Several Zanu PF officials were quizzed about their escape. Former Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa said the three ran way from being arrested and were in regular contact with him. He said Jayant was believed to be in Dubai, while Manharlal was in Manchester, England.

Some of the Zanu PF investments such as in Bindura Nickel Mine were also unclear. The report stated that Zanu PF had a 23% equity in Bindura through the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. Further inquiries into this investment were recommended.

There were also fears that companies like Tregers could have externalised funds.

As a result, the report recommended that “police/law enforcements agents should go into further investigations in order to establish any prejudice in terms of revenue to the party on its investments”.

More investigations were required into the shady M&S Z$120 million investment, Fibrolite and Catercraft operations, the unaccounted for Z$650 million Tregers dividend and other dividends declared without audited accounts, as well as Mike Appel’s dividend declarations.

The report said it was surprising that Mike Appel declared a Z$31 million dividend in 2003, but Z$250 million in 2005. Sare and shelf companies like M&S Investments, Segmented Investments through which Zanu PF had a 27% interest in First Bank, and Smoothnest Investments, Hutsonville and Amelia Properties, the report said, should also be further investigated.

  1. [10:21 PM, 11/6/2017] Tawanda Madamombe: When was ths
  2. [6:09 AM, 11/7/2017] Leopold Mudisi: Everyday
  3. [6:30 AM, 11/7/2017] +263 78 503 5819: Morning all. Hope we will have an action packed day like yesterday

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