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  1. [3:13 AM, 10/3/2017] +263 77 210 7958: Any thoughts on the Following

Africa also reminds me of my neighbour whose yard had a close water table. He already had a well. I really needed that advantage to irrigate my plants which were drying up so I told him I was going to invest in his yard by drilling a borehole and in return for the investment he allows me to put a pipe that directly goes to my yard.

You should see how he sings praises on the ‘ neighbour direct investment’ or development I made in his yard. Meanwhile, his well is drying up and he doesnt know why. On the other hand, my crops are doing well and am selling them to this neighbour of mine at a song because apparently, his arent doing well ( I wonder why…). I wish to expand my yard too because the demand for the crop from my neigbour is increasing. I have already engaged him on investing in more boreholes that feed into my yard.

Guess what, he has asked me to give him advice on crop growing since I am doing so well (chuckle). You should see how he buys into my theories. He thinks they are great! I even blame him for digging the well the wrong way and advise him on new well designs. Sometimes he thinks of drilling a borehole which I often tell him its not ideal for his small family which doesnt really need to plant many crops to survive…good advice ha?

Time and again I feel sorry for the family, so I give them a bit of my produce enough for them to see me as some sort of saviour.

My neighbour has the power to pull the plug but hey, I am like a hero to him. You should see all the beautiful boreholes in his yard. I always threaten to pull them out whenever he misbehaves.

Haafe akamuka uyu!!!

  1. [7:07 AM, 10/3/2017] Tinashe Mpasiri: Check out @TinasheMpasiri’s Tweet:
  2. [4:04 PM, 10/3/2017] Tawanda Madamombe: Fake
  3. [6:25 PM, 10/3/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Is this true
  4. [9:03 PM, 10/3/2017] +27 73 321 2905: Opening Remarks by President Jacob Zuma, on the occasion of the Second Session of the Bi-National Commission (BNC) between the Republic of South Africa and the Republic of Zimbabwe, held in Pretoria,

3 October 2017

Your Excellency and Dear Brother, President Robert Mugabe,

Honourable Ministers,

Our respective Ambassadors,

Senior Government officials,

Members of the Media,

Good morning to you all!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you, Mr President and your esteemed delegation.

We thank you for honouring our invitation to the Second Session of our valued Bi-National Commission.

Your Excellency,

We are both committed to adhere to Article 6 of the BNC Agreement which stipulates that the two countries should meet annually.

I still vividly recall the warm welcome and generous hospitality extended to me and my delegation during the inaugural session of the BNC in Harare last November.

Our historical, fraternal and cultural bonds demand that we meet on regular basis to strengthen and consolidate our bilateral cooperation and partnership.

Your Excellency,

We note with satisfaction the ever-growing cooperation between our two countries as evidenced by the existing forty agreements and Memoranda of Understanding. These agreements are aimed at promoting political, economic and social cooperation.

They cover a wide range of areas including double taxation, justice, defence, transport, water, science and technology, health, migration, labour, economic and trade cooperation, and tourism,  to mention but a few.

We also need to ensure the full implementation of the agreements.

We are thus happy that the Ministers and officials have developed monitoring mechanisms such as Mid Term Reviews. This will go a long way to assist in the implementation agenda.

My President,

I wish to underscore the strategic significance of a One Stop Border Post at the Beit Bridge Border.

This border post is the busiest border post on the Continent.

Much of our goods and services go through it. We cannot afford to continue to have unnecessary delays at that border.

It is therefore important and urgent that we start in earnest the process of establishing a One Stop Border Post. Our two countries took a decision to do so as far back as 2009.

In this regard, we direct the relevant ministers and officials to move with speed and report progress at the next BNC.

Your Excellency

South Africa has just assumed the Chairship of SADC at the 37th SADC Summit and I personally look forward to working with you Mr President in championing the theme endorsed at the Summit, which is, “Partnering with the Private sector in developing industry and regional value-chains”.

Partnering with the private sector will unlock avenues that governments alone would not be able to attain.

The diversification of our economies and industrialisation will ultimately put the region on the rightful path as global economic players.

Mr President,

The issues of connectivity in information, technology and communications should also be addressed for the regio…

  1. [12:22 PM, 10/4/2017] +263 73 769 3782: By Jones Musara

Points of response to Mr. Mutumwa Mawere’s questions in response to G40 poisoning of Ngwena:

Says Mawere “Where is the truth in all this? Poison or no poison? If the facts support poisoning, then why inconsistency? Why was it necessary for the President to meet the doctors? Is it being suggested that President Mugabe stands to benefit from poisoning his appointee? Is it being suggested that President Mugabe ever intended to abdicate or vacate office? Is there data to confirm that President Mugabe’s position on his role in choosing a possible successor changed or is about to change? Jones help us understand the basis on which the narrative of succession should expose one of the two VPs appointed by President Mugabe as a better claimant to a position that can only be unlocked by a congress which congress is after the 2018 elections? In terms of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, President Mugabe is eligible to be President of the country until 2023 without running foul with the term limit clause. This fact is not new and within ZANU-PF it would appear that this logic can only create a power vacuum necessitating succession only if there is a direct challenge to President Mugabe outside the four corners of the party’s rules. In this context, the statements attributed to VP Mnangagwa would seems to suggest that he is no longer bound by the prescripts and limitations imposed by the party rules. In the premises, would you care to provide a counter narrative to what VP Mphoko is saying using the alleged poison case study?”

Answers : Part 1

  1. Ngwena has never campaigned to be president. It is citizens of Zimbabwe endorsing him and campaigning for him to be President of Zimbabwe based on citizens belief that he has the reform and production mindset that is required to fix our economy and improve lives of the people. The Constitution of Zimbabwe allows citizens to make such political choices.
  2. Ngwena was poisoned by G40 with Jonathan Moyo and Dhiziri Sekeramayi being the key poisonists. The plot was to kill him physically since G40 is failing to kill him politically.
  3. Both the Zimbabwe and Zanu PF Constitution do not prohibit Zimbabweans from talking about succession. It is anti-human rights to try to muzzle citizens from talking about succesion or any matter of national interest.
  4. In terms of the Constitution of Zimbabwe Mugabe’s current term ends by August 2018. Its misleading to say his terms ends in 2023 when he has not earned the new term.

Under the same Constitution any Zimbabwean above 40yrs who is ordinarily resident in Zimbabwe and not declared mentally ill is eligible to contest for the Presidency.

  1. Mphoko’s statement written by Jonathan is a desperate attempt to incite ethnical tribal clashes and genocide whilst accusing intended targets as the culprits. Mphoko is on record saying Makaranga must be wiped off the map. He is on record dancing to tribal songs. His tribal narrative is geared towards inciting genocide against Makaranga. That shall be vigorously resisted.
  2. There are no Z…
  3. [4:45 PM, 10/4/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo:
  4. [9:10 PM, 10/4/2017] Tawanda Madamombe: Stanley Goreraza on Facebook wrote:

8 hrs ·

Lord forgive me but I would have felt nothing at all had VP Mnangagwa succumbed to poisoning and died.

During the time the Midlands and Matebeleland were turned into human abattoirs how exactly did Va Mnangagwa feel, being part of and leading the slaughter of thousands of defenseless civilians? How many families and homes were poisoned with grief and pain? How many people died because they could not be airlifted to receive medical treatment and attention?

How did Mnangagwa feel when he was told General Mujuru had been cremated alive, and what does he know about this vile crime? Or the disappearance of Itai Dzamara, how did he feel and what does he know?

To say he knows nothing about all the crimes against humanity Zanupf has committed would be a lie and to also say he has never been part of these crimes, also another lie.

And now he wants sympathy? From whom? From his victims!

You have some nerve Mr Mnangagwa, some nerve. Now you know how it must feel to be targeted for death. Karma is knocking at your door. Who do you want us to ask what happened in 2008? Who do you want us to ask what happened to Itai Dzamara, when you would boast you are excellent at killing because you received excellent training in killing? Now the hunter becomes the hunted, the predator the prey!

If you had died it would have been natural justice and don’t you think God spared you because he supports you and your bloody history, No. He’s probably stewing you, so that you die slowly and softly. He probably has worse than poison in store for you.

Mahofa got what she deserved and so will you. You clapped your hands when many were being killed. You came up with the cruel idea of Murambatsvina, oh yes some of us know it. You gave Mr Mugabe all the bad ideas which resulted in deaths and assured him “Ndokutonga kwacho”

Manje nyama ye garwe inonaka ende hainetse kubika. Garwe rinodya asi iro rinodyiwawo zvakare. Rinotobatidzirwa choto, rorodzerwa mapanga, poitwa mabiko iro raimbotonga mumvura. Mumvura ndimambo. Kunze kwe mvura inyama.

Vawaiuraya navo nhasi Voda kukuuraya woda tsistsi kubva kune vawaiuraya?

  1. [10:02 PM, 10/4/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Money changers found in possesion of 50K bond… they were arraigned to Rotten Row Court today and are out on bail…these Chinese are friends of Robert Mugabe n Zanu PF not Zimbabwe. They are economic sabbortuers… what do u think we can do about them n their various criminal activities in Zim? Note China has no mercy on our people arrested fir drug trafficking…why shud we treat them any different here?

The law says 10yrs on Money Changers… is our gvt going to prosecute these?

  1. [10:48 PM, 10/4/2017] Gilbert:
  2. [3:30 PM, 10/5/2017] Leopold Mudisi: Kkkk these thieves. Trying to politik
  3. [4:26 PM, 10/5/2017] +27 71 712 9408: ‘Was once under judicial manager before being taken over by state owned….’ wat happened
  4. [6:54 PM, 10/5/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Court failure for Mugabe death prophecy pastor whose lawyer said “police will have to prove God didn’t say it”.
  5. [7:17 PM, 10/5/2017] +263 73 321 4199: ‍♂
  6. [8:30 PM, 10/5/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Why pasina signature??
  7. [8:33 PM, 10/5/2017] Gilbert: Not sure
  8. [8:33 PM, 10/5/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Another lie I guess
  9. [10:44 PM, 10/5/2017] +263 77 210 7958: ZNA disowned the message circulating on social media pa News dza8pm
  10. [8:45 AM, 10/6/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: School Fees
  11. [11:38 PM, 10/7/2017] +44 7405 254661:
  12. [12:16 PM, 10/9/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Havoi vatungamiriri vamangwana. Zimbabwe’s Futute
  13. [12:22 PM, 10/9/2017] +27 71 712 9408: We need to be serious abt our future
  14. [12:29 PM, 10/9/2017] +27 71 712 9408: People get leaders they deserve
  15. [12:31 PM, 10/9/2017] +44 7932 306644: We need to revist our constitute and insert a clause. Anyone who looks old, ugly or has passed retirement age should be barred automatically from running for the presidency
  16. [12:39 PM, 10/9/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Kkkkkkk
  17. [1:21 PM, 10/9/2017] +263 77 459 5355: The problem is with those that propel and support mediocrity….the youth of this country must stop n think for themselves and their future not to just join a political organization so as to gain identity or social standing… We need to build our country if in their youth the Mugabe,s and munangagwas did it what is stopping us.. Refuse to be used n use your brains
  18. [1:32 PM, 10/9/2017] +44 7932 306644: True too much bootlicking today. That has to stop
  19. [2:07 PM, 10/9/2017] +27 71 712 9408: Fully agree it almost insane to expect someone to fire themselves from the power so that they can give others  opportunity to b in power as well
  20. [4:33 PM, 10/9/2017] +27 71 712 9408: She has a point
  21. [4:35 PM, 10/9/2017] +263 77 260 0445: She is addressing men
  22. [4:45 PM, 10/9/2017] +263 78 503 5819: She has a strong point, the unfortunate thing is that we have some men who benefit and enjoy the current status
  23. [4:49 PM, 10/9/2017] +263 77 459 5355: Its true and the most tragic part about zimbos is we are so used to corruption that we can not see when we are doing it..
  24. [4:53 PM, 10/9/2017] +263 77 735 0451: She s mad. Let her come back and fight also. Busy eating bacon in USA
  25. [4:54 PM, 10/9/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Kwaaaaa
  26. [5:01 PM, 10/9/2017] +263 77 260 0445: She wants men to stand, women need our protection
  27. [5:04 PM, 10/9/2017] +263 77 735 0451: And who is protecting us from Dr Amai? She is also a woman , let her come and fight Dr Amai while men fight men!!!
  28. [5:06 PM, 10/9/2017] +263 77 260 0445: Dr amai takes her fight to her husband
  29. [5:06 PM, 10/9/2017] +263 77 735 0451: So this lady should take her fight to us as well!!!
  30. [5:14 PM, 10/9/2017] +263 77 459 5355: Sir Nicholas Soames: Mugabe Meeting Was ‘Purely Personal’

Sir Nicholas Soames has defended holding a personal meeting with Robert Mugabe while on a visit to Zimbabwe. The veteran Conservative MP said he met the president last week to reminisce about his father’s role as the last governor of Southern Rhodesia.

Sir Nicholas said they met for old times’ sake, adding: “It was purely for Auld Lang Syne and I’m glad I did it.” Sir Nicholas said the UK had “terrible unresolved issues” with Zimbabwe, but described the meeting as “a historic moment for me and my family”.

Responding to Ms Hoey’s criticism that the meeting would “pander to the vanity of a wily and ruthless dictator”, he added: “I met him purely and entirely in a personal capacity – there was no-one present, it was just him and me.”

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  1. [5:46 PM, 10/9/2017] +27 71 712 9408: I agree our biggest problem is not corrupt or inept govt it ratha our refusal to tek any action or stand against it
  2. [5:48 PM, 10/9/2017] +27 71 712 9408: As individuals adults what is each one doing that contributes to the change that he or she desires, tweets  or chat about ?
  3. [6:04 PM, 10/9/2017] +263 77 260 0445: It takes action, but unfortunately in Zim noone wants to be sacrificed, 2008 wasn’t easy
  4. [6:13 PM, 10/9/2017] +27 71 712 9408: Tru there is also legal non violent action like how many people have registered to vote or encouraged other who to register to vote?
  5. [6:30 PM, 10/9/2017] +263 77 260 0445: That’s a valid point
  6. [8:14 PM, 10/9/2017] Tawanda Madamombe: What happened to ED???
  7. [8:16 PM, 10/9/2017] Tawanda Madamombe: Thanks lots
  8. [8:39 PM, 10/9/2017] John Kasten: Cant see Jonathan Moyo here
  9. [8:44 PM, 10/9/2017] Tawanda Madamombe: Its mentioning changes only
  10. [9:30 PM, 10/9/2017] +263 77 564 7009: Kutamba nenguva
  11. Chinamasa Havana kana kuita computer science its not practical he is just a rat in a cat house
  12. Havana infrastructure yacho …u need hackers lots of them like Msu zvishavane full of hackers vanenge vakangotarira maScreen and tape maPhone calls for detecting any potential threat
  13. [9:31 PM, 10/9/2017] +263 77 275 1082: stil where he was
  14. [9:38 PM, 10/9/2017] +263 77 239 6199:
  15. [10:55 PM, 10/9/2017] Gilbert: Patrick Chinamasa removed you
  16. [11:03 PM, 10/9/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Can we finally have a go at this bastard??
  17. [1:10 AM, 10/10/2017] +44 7405 254661:
  18. [11:29 AM, 10/10/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Imagine paNews dza6 dzeShona “Gurukota reMasaisai, Makuhwa, magumba neZvisinamaturo, Cde Patrick Chinamasa, vatsoropodza boka re #Tajamuka pamusoro pekuvhundutsira hurumende pamafoni..”
  19. [1:25 PM, 10/10/2017] +263 77 296 4428: The Reshauffle represents a consolidation and entrenchment of the Party-State. (Conflation of State and party) in preparation for the do or die watershed election in 2018. The Zanupf Election Directorate has been resourced by being imbedded in key State functions in a manner that unevens the already uneven electoral playing field.The party Sec for Admin is now in charge of the national purse (so forget the peanuts from zimdef). The Political Commissar has been given back rural development to ensure control of traditional leaders. The Party Spokesperson has been given dominion over the public media. The nephew has been given Labour to ensure the 2000 Boarder Gezi’s who were fired are reinstated as storm troopers for the election. Mutsvangwa’s Executive will be persecuted under the new Minister. Parliament will now tore the line under the watchful eye of the former Spy boss. Never mind the side show of the weakening of Lacoste(removal of Justice from ED, Demotion of Patrick to effectively Supa’s Deputy,and the effective firing of Mushowe and Mupfumira) . The real issue is 2018. The reshuffle therefore means nothing to the daily struggles of Zimbabweans. The overall objective is power retention at any cost. Adious
  20. [3:02 PM, 10/10/2017] +263 77 239 6199: He knows what he wants and he is getting it through the reshuffle.
  21. [3:07 PM, 10/10/2017] +260 97 4421717: Which ministers have been dropped
  22. [3:28 PM, 10/10/2017] +263 77 735 0451: But hama dzangu ndibatsireiwo iyi Cyber Security, Threat Detection And Mitigation Ministry yava Chinamasa harisiriro here basa reAnti-Virus here
  23. [3:42 PM, 10/10/2017] +263 77 260 0445:
  24. [4:30 PM, 10/10/2017] +263 77 210 7958: Une power
  25. [4:31 PM, 10/10/2017] +263 77 735 0451: Kkkkk
  26. [4:33 PM, 10/10/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Raila Odinga quits Kenya election re-run –

  1. [4:35 PM, 10/10/2017] +263 77 276 5349: I do not think its a wise move
  2. [4:38 PM, 10/10/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: He is sighting electoral irregularities and he seeing that contesting would be endorsing an unfair process.
  3. [4:40 PM, 10/10/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: I think its a good move Cde.
  4. [4:42 PM, 10/10/2017] +263 77 285 3681: You hv seen beyond the rubbles. ..nice perspective
  5. [4:58 PM, 10/10/2017] +263 77 276 5349: This time the Supreme court wont be generous
  6. [5:00 PM, 10/10/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: If the system is fraudulent then maybe its the employers he is appealing to. The PEOPLE
  7. [5:02 PM, 10/10/2017] Majamanda: Then what?
  8. [5:03 PM, 10/10/2017] +263 77 276 5349: Remember the zim experience. Mugabe went ahead with the elections and was declared a winner.
  9. [5:04 PM, 10/10/2017] +263 77 276 5349: I see history repeating itself
  10. [5:05 PM, 10/10/2017] Majamanda: Exactly
  11. [5:07 PM, 10/10/2017] +263 77 735 0451: In Africa even if u boycott elections your opponent can either form another opposition to contest him or he can contest on his own and win overwhelmingly!!!!
  12. [5:09 PM, 10/10/2017] +263 77 276 5349: Odinga is betraying his supporters who sacrificed so much
  13. [5:10 PM, 10/10/2017] +263 77 735 0451: Boycotting is not the right action to take
  14. [5:10 PM, 10/10/2017] Majamanda: And the time of those supreme court judges
  15. [5:12 PM, 10/10/2017] +263 77 276 5349: They are most likely to recusethemselves once another elections dispute comes to court
  16. [5:13 PM, 10/10/2017] +263 77 735 0451: He has actually betrayed those judges!!
  17. [5:13 PM, 10/10/2017] +263 77 735 0451: And the voters.
  18. [5:22 PM, 10/10/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Uploading a video yekamface kakamhanya race kaine gun and shooting vese aida kupindura. Kakusvika instead of racing to the finishing line the line raced to him. Kkkkkkk don’t know kana pane akaionawo yakatenderera soon after Gushungo dairy won first price ku show.
  19. [5:23 PM, 10/10/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Its taking long apa battery radhakwa
  20. [5:23 PM, 10/10/2017] +263 73 769 3782: Yes its a clip from a movie the Dictator
  21. [5:25 PM, 10/10/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: U saw it Cde, would u enter such a race kuda kufadza ma fans??
  22. [5:26 PM, 10/10/2017] +263 73 769 3782: No unless there’s gun on my head
  23. [5:29 PM, 10/10/2017] +263 73 214 5751: I support Reila Odinga, a fraudulent system should never be legitimized. Legitimizing it would be a betrayal to those who voted for him and the judges.
  24. [5:30 PM, 10/10/2017] +263 77 735 0451: Did the judges legitimise it?
  25. [5:34 PM, 10/10/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Unotsvirei ne tea isina sugar. Maybe his supporters are behind him. What is it with Africans going head on to an already lost contest.

ODINGA is a first and Zimbos must learn. How long have u been participating in an election makadyiwa kare??

  1. [5:42 PM, 10/10/2017] +263 73 411 3006: He’s not a first. Tsvangirai pulled that one 2008 pare-run
  2. [8:03 PM, 10/10/2017] +263 73 214 5751: Welcome to Zimbabwe.

We have 3 Ministers of Communications in Zimbabwe.

Simon Khaya Moyo is in charge of Radios, TVs and Newspapers.

Patrick Anthony Chinamasa is in charge of WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram , 2go, YouTube and so forth.

Supa Collins Mandiwanzira is in charge of Telegrams, Facsimiles, Posted Mail and so forth.

Even in Agriculture we have a Minister Responsible for deciding who owns which land and another responsible for what should be done to the land. At the Ministry of What should be done to the land there are two Deputies, one is responsible for Animals another is Responsible for Crops.

If Zimbabwean Crops and Animals have a  Deputy Minister exclusive to them, it follows that several human groups will have a full Minister in charge of their affairs.

So War Veterans have their own Ministry (now led by a former UANC/FROLIZI activist).

Women have their own Ministry.

Youths have their own Ministry.

Primary and Secondary School pupils have their own Ministry.

University students have their own Ministry.

Vocational Education Practitioners have their own Ministry.

There is also a Minister for Scholarships.

Then we have a Minister of Industry and another Minister for Economic Planning ( not to be confused with the Minister of Finance)

That is the Republic of Zimbabwe. DCB wrote this perceptive post on Facebook!

So u would rather run the finals with such a competitors??

  1. [8:30 AM, 10/11/2017] +27 64 496 4761: Do you agree?
  2. [9:21 AM, 10/11/2017] Tawanda Madamombe: Ndiroya kauyu
  3. [9:25 AM, 10/11/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Mnangagwa or Chinamasa??
  4. [9:27 AM, 10/11/2017] Tinashe Mpasiri: Mnangagwa
  5. [9:30 AM, 10/11/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Y do u say that Tinashe tionesane ?
  6. [9:39 AM, 10/11/2017] Tinashe Mpasiri:
  7. [9:41 AM, 10/11/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: I have listened to that do we have hard evidence against him?
  8. [9:58 AM, 10/11/2017] Tinashe Mpasiri:
  9. [10:03 AM, 10/11/2017] +263 77 735 0451: Not even of a burial soceity
  10. [11:22 AM, 10/11/2017] Stanley: Do you agree that Mnangagwa was Mugabe’s right hand and blue eyed boy?
  11. [11:22 AM, 10/11/2017] Stanley:
  12. [11:22 AM, 10/11/2017] Stanley: listen to the audio clip below
  13. [11:22 AM, 10/11/2017] Stanley: And those interested in a more detailed conversation today at 3pm CAT please indicate
  14. [11:31 AM, 10/11/2017] Delight Benge: What are the qualifications required for one to chair a burial society
  15. [11:32 AM, 10/11/2017] Delight Benge: What is the requirement for one to become a president. Who qualifies a person to become a president?
  16. [11:45 AM, 10/11/2017] +27 83 282 5190: Mugabe has never had a right hand man… check the history. He doesnt have permanent friends
  17. [11:57 AM, 10/11/2017] +27 71 712 9408: You need to be able to win election the is no requirement to be a person of character or intellect
  18. [12:22 PM, 10/11/2017] +263 77 459 5355: South Africa would have achieved a lot if it were not for its continuous bailout of state entities and state capture‚ CEO of Business Leadership SA Bonang Mohale has said.

“We have spent R50 billion on SAA since 1999. If we had not done that‚ we would have bought Emirates Airlines. We would have in 23 years at least had four CEO’s that are being head-hunted for being effective and efficient knowing how to run an award-winning airline‚” said Mohale.

He was speaking at a panel discussion on Tuesday titled ‘South Africa – Hero to Zero’‚ based on the role of business in the country’s current political climate.

Mohale said South Africans had a lot to think about and consider ahead of the ANC’s elective conference to be held later this year.

“Post December 20‚ I think we will be confronted with two challenges. The first will be a fiscal cliff where this government will run out of money at the rate that we are bailing out state-owned enterprises. Secondly‚ I think that most of us are beginning to think about an emergency economy recovery plan‚” he said.

“There is [agreement] about what we need to stop doing‚ what we need to start and continue to ensure that by the end of 2018 we would have added another 2.3 percentage point to our GDP growth because it’s about economic growth and if the economy is not growing‚ very soon we will be talking about the redistribution of poverty and not the redistribution of wealth.”

Fellow panel member former British MP Lord Peter Hain also highlighted that a lot of South Africa’s funds were not working in the country’s favour.

At one point‚ South Africa’s democratic government was spending more on education than any other developing nation but sadly‚ it was not reaping the rewards.

“School attendance doubled since the dark days of apartheid‚ yet out of 140 countries in the 2015-16 World Economic Forum’s global competitiveness index‚ South Africa was ranked at 138 for the quality of its education‚ below desperately poor‚ undeveloped states like Burundi‚ Benin and Mauritania. This is not just appalling‚ it is criminal‚” he said‚ adding that this showed problems in South Africa’s systems.

On a more positive note‚ he said the country’s problems were not unique and a bumpy road following the transition from apartheid to democracy had been expected.

“Just look at Britain today‚ the so-called mother of democracy. We are a mess with a dysfunctional prime minister‚ a divided government‚ a weak economy‚” Hain said‚ adding that Brexit was one of the biggest historical challenges the country has faced since World War II.

  1. [12:29 PM, 10/11/2017] Lovemore Chukucha: Kikikikikikikii hazvina mugoni izvi.
  2. [12:38 PM, 10/11/2017] Delight Benge: It follow therefore that according to this explanation Mnangagwa and many others can fit into the office of the President as long as they are voted into the same office
  3. [12:41 PM, 10/11/2017] +27 71 712 9408: Very correct… democracy has no direct link to merit
  4. [12:43 PM, 10/11/2017] +27 71 712 9408: In mature democracies aspiring candidates hold public debates on key nation issues so that public can compare and contrast competence
  5. [12:48 PM, 10/11/2017] +27 71 712 9408: The individual voters vote need to candidates that represent the core values that the desire
  6. [2:59 PM, 10/11/2017] +263 77 735 0451: CA2: Nigeria schools: Kaduna primary teachers fail pupils’ exam

Thousands of primary school teachers in Nigeria’s northern Kaduna state are to be sacked after failing the exams they set for their six-year-old pupils. State governor Nasir El-Rufai said 21,780 teachers, two-thirds of the total, had failed to score 75% or higher on assessments given to pupils.

He said 25,000 new teachers would be recruited to replace them. Mr El-Rufai made the comments at a meeting with World Bank representatives in the state capital, Kaduna.

“The hiring of teachers in the past was politicised and we intend to change that by bringing in young and qualified primary school teachers to restore the dignity of education in the state,” he was quoted as saying by Nigeria’s Daily Trust newspaper.

To read full article –

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  1. [6:24 PM, 10/11/2017] +44 7932 306644: Zibavarara…The dishourable minister can go hang!!!! Now I am even more inclined to create more unregistered whatspp groups on daily basis
  2. [6:26 PM, 10/11/2017] +44 7932 306644: lol Boarder Gezi Cyber University l can’t wait to enrol there
  3. [10:03 AM, 10/12/2017] +27 71 712 9408: FROM TERRENCE: Maturity is not when you exit a group because people are discussing nonsense in it. Maturity is when you introduce tangible topics of discussion and engage members. Those who pretend to be mature by exiting groups later live lonely lives wishing to be added. This decision is usually triggered by Inferiority complex and the desire to feel wanted and missed.

That is not a solution. Be active like the rest and embrace diversity. A group must contain the funny, the holy, the soccer pundits, stupid, the intellectuals, the rich and the joyriders

Just learn to coexist among your peers.

  1. [2:11 PM, 10/12/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Vane hama ma vendor pliz vaudzei vabude mutown riot ririkuenda ikoko izvozvi. Apa vabva ku retraining vari mu cheek pliz forward
  2. [2:45 PM, 10/12/2017] +44 7932 306644: Chimbosiya vakiyiwe. Vasvibisa taundi too much. Vakambodhayiwa they will think twice b4 returning back
  3. [2:46 PM, 10/12/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Chii chikonzero
  4. [2:54 PM, 10/12/2017] +263 77 459 5355: Your contact number suggests you are out of the country… Do you know how painful it is for these vendors… For some its not by choice but there are push n pull factors.. Let’s look at them first
  5. [2:58 PM, 10/12/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Ndamboda kutaura ndirini ndikati zvinozonzi ndini.
  6. [2:59 PM, 10/12/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Those are our parents, cdes and friends u talking about mkoma
  7. [3:01 PM, 10/12/2017] Ras: That’s very insensitive, do u think it’s by choice that those vendors are in the streets
  8. [3:03 PM, 10/12/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: ALERT! ALERT! ALERT!
  9. After their ill-advised threats recently, Government has moved to clear vendors out of Harare CBD today, Thursday 12th. In a premeditated series of moves, they arrested Sten Zvorwadza, perhaps the most outspoken vendors leader, on a pretext. Now they are infringing the human rights of our fellow citizens.

This is unacceptable. The ZANU PF regime is treating Zimbabweans the same way the Rhodesian regime did, with disregard for their humanity. What’s worse, the vendors are not there as a career choice, but because of the very same economic hardships created by this failed regime!

We call on all progressive Zimbabweans to denounce this injustice and stand with the vendors. Today they are targetting the vendors. Tomorrow they will target you.

  1. [3:07 PM, 10/12/2017] +263 77 329 8452: Mmm I don’t think you know what’s on the ground

What will happen if these people stop vending

Who will see their welfare Next is school dropouts homeless Unhealthy people

Then thieves

  1. [3:08 PM, 10/12/2017] +44 7932 306644: This is acceptable. That’s Kigali 2017 remember Rwanda?
  2. [3:09 PM, 10/12/2017] +44 7932 306644: This is Harara 2017 this is completely unacceptable. We have to maintain some form of Standards despite the harsh economic climate
  3. [3:11 PM, 10/12/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Standards for who?? Mozoda mastandards kuvending asi muchipushira kumwe kwese uko?
  4. [3:13 PM, 10/12/2017] +263 77 459 5355: Wadi wauya Juno taita mastandards
  5. [3:14 PM, 10/12/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Let’s not begin about standards Mkoma, not in this current predicament
  6. [3:19 PM, 10/12/2017] +263 77 329 8452: Izvi zvakakonzerwa nevakatsvaka mavotes nekubvisira marate payers mabill pa2013 Pedzezvo government institutions ows city council millions of dollars asi vachishandisa mvura nekuda kutakurirwa mabin

Pay your bills and receive service

  1. [3:20 PM, 10/12/2017] +263 77 260 0445: Look at the two cities you are comparing. First compare the leadership of these before you look at the streets
  2. [3:21 PM, 10/12/2017] Tawanda Madamombe: Those people don’t eat standards
  3. [3:21 PM, 10/12/2017] +263 77 260 0445: We all want sanity, but it doesn’t start here, but at the leadership and vision of that particular leadership
  4. [3:23 PM, 10/12/2017] +263 77 260 0445: Zimbabwe is a sad story, innocent pple paid through their everything, pensions were eroded, lives were destroyed, families were killed
  5. [3:24 PM, 10/12/2017] +263 77 329 8452: Why not coming home and participate in the improvement of standards

Kutaura inyore hama pane kuita

  1. [3:24 PM, 10/12/2017] +263 77 260 0445: What’s there now, RGM streets and Airports, really pple of Zimbabwean, the future generation will curse us
  2. [3:25 PM, 10/12/2017] +263 77 329 8452: True some of them have degrees but earn a living from vending

So sad

  1. [3:38 PM, 10/12/2017] +44 7932 306644: So u would rather have a dirty city then? The vendors must be moved to designated areas kwete kungotonona pese and start selling. No one is saying they should stop vending. Everywhere else in the world it’s not allowed there are market places for vendors. DO U EVEN KNOW they are in breach of city bylaws as we speak?  You don’t just go and bloody fucken set a stall in the middle of a pavement and start selling. That’s crazy. We want sane people not ignorant bastards who always who deliberately break law because the economy is not doing well. That’s no excuse to break the law. They must be moved from the fucken CBD to designated areas and keep Harare clean like it used to be. That’s a good starting point before thinking of removing the current leadership
  2. [3:41 PM, 10/12/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: True but there must be ways of doing that. Enforcement of bylaws amukutaura is one step, not encouraging riot police kurowa vanhu. Mind u city council collects mare from those people vari pa pavement ipapo.
  3. [3:45 PM, 10/12/2017] +263 77 329 8452: Yaa but pachitariswavo chaita musoro iteme Hapana angada kushandira pazuva pamhepo

Saka chikonzero chitarisww

  1. [3:45 PM, 10/12/2017] +44 7932 306644: Vanhu vacho they don’t want to listen. They are being told you are not allowed to set up stalls in the middle of pavement but woita nharo. That’s why they have to call riot police and beat the crap out of them till they comply with the city bylaws
  2. [3:48 PM, 10/12/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Told by who when u collect fees from them. Isn’t that indicating endorsement of the stalls
  3. [3:53 PM, 10/12/2017] Majamanda: Vanhu vacho vanokwana here kuma designated arears if they are to be moved?
  4. [3:53 PM, 10/12/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Good question coz ystowe nyika yese
  5. [3:54 PM, 10/12/2017] +263 77 260 0445: Munhu wese kunorima
  6. [3:56 PM, 10/12/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: We cannot talk of standards at the lower level when the ship is being steered by thieving bastards.
  7. [3:57 PM, 10/12/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Who would maintain sanity in a sinking ship, Mkoma Chidzonga itai serious
  8. [3:59 PM, 10/12/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Ichakwana nguva when the sticks be turned against those bearing them today
  9. [4:00 PM, 10/12/2017] +44 7932 306644: Tapiwa the point here is not told by who. But what the law says. They were never suppose to be trading in none designated areas in the first place. You can’t legalise something illegal because Dr amai vati vasiyeyi vatengese. If Dr amai is the law they should go back to her and say takudzingwa. Zimbabwe needs to refer to law for authority not individuals whom they think are powerful. If designated areas are full tough, too bad move somewhere else because ukayenda mupavement uchadhindwa neriot police. Cleaning the CBD is the first step restoring order and a step towards maintaining high standards in the city centre. If don’t agree then you come up with the first step then
  10. [4:01 PM, 10/12/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: ‍♂
  11. [4:04 PM, 10/12/2017] +44 7932 306644: Don’t policitise simply little things Tapiwa and make them complicated. All those vendors belong to different political parties they are all citizens of Zimbabwe trying to make a living. Vendors are not only from the none ruling party. All what is required at the moment is to restore sanity on the streets of Harare regardless of political affiliation
  12. [4:05 PM, 10/12/2017] Tawanda Madamombe: The law is made by the people for the people.This could be a situation where the quest for rule of law is overbearing on the suffering masses.
  13. [4:10 PM, 10/12/2017] +44 7932 306644: If there’s are laws that are overbearing on the suffering masses then that’s for the Parliament to repeal or ammend those laws. As long as the are still in effect, then compliance has to be forced if need be
  14. [4:16 PM, 10/12/2017] Ras: Cdes let’s no forget that most of the by laws were passed during the colonial era and have not been adjusted to suit the lived realities. I have been to two proposed sites (coke corner and behind city sports centre) and those are not well situated for vending
  15. [4:17 PM, 10/12/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Riot ikutadza nei kunorowa council officials and the mayor akutkrera vanhu mare and failing to enforce bylaws. Ukazvitarisa hapana request from municipal police to ZANU police kuti ivsbatsire to enforce that bylaw
  16. [4:34 PM, 10/12/2017] +44 7932 306644: Tapiwa l don’t think you are serious. They are trying to clean the centre but somehow you coming up with excuses. Why?  So you could continue comparing Harare to other cities and say it’s absolutely rubbish. This is a positive step and we should support it if want to restore order and make Harare the sunshine city it used to be
  17. [4:35 PM, 10/12/2017] Tawanda Madamombe: Let them repeal so that donkeys and scotchcarts can freely roam Harare city,just like Cairo
  18. [4:38 PM, 10/12/2017] +44 7932 306644: Is that what you want in the Capital city? Ahhhhhhhhhhh l give up. We definitely see life from different perceptions
  19. [4:39 PM, 10/12/2017] Tawanda Madamombe: Zimbabwe doesn’t have a strong reason to copy Newyork standards,or even Pretoria in the region.With all those dead industries nothing justifies such an ideal city
  20. [4:40 PM, 10/12/2017] +44 7932 306644: It doesn’t matter when it comes to cleanliness brother
  21. [4:41 PM, 10/12/2017] Tawanda Madamombe: They just have to find a way to work with the nyoka nyoka way of things bro
  22. [4:50 PM, 10/12/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: I agree there is need to restore order asi hautangiri padumbuka Cde, chii chakonzera coz it’s order today mangwana when it suits the shistyem that order is thrown away.

I am very serious by the way mkoma and kana zvichimhara kuti munhu vese aone nekuziwa kwazvakatangira the better.

  1. [4:52 PM, 10/12/2017] +44 7932 306644: This is the same city nothing like Newyork but it was clean and had high standards. That’s all we want nothing else
  2. [4:57 PM, 10/12/2017] +263 77 459 5355: You arguing with a person who fled …. corwads do that
  3. [4:57 PM, 10/12/2017] Tawanda Madamombe: The country itself is not developing.People ought not to go to town at this rate at all.There should be equally competent shopping areas nearby residential areas,where are the town planners in this???
  4. [5:00 PM, 10/12/2017] Tawanda Madamombe: You forgot to mention how all this was achieved.Through town passes,now people are covering lost time kkkk
  5. [5:00 PM, 10/12/2017] +44 7932 306644: I don’t appreciate your tone. Coz u have no clue what l am doing in Zimbabwe right now. I don’t have to disclosure my whole life on this platform. But l want you to remember ..Assumptions is the mother of all fuckers Don’t judge me coz u don’t know me
  6. [5:01 PM, 10/12/2017] +263 77 459 5355: Arikungohukura ari mhiri…since independence has zim had a metropolitan city to talk about or it’s the colonial legacy we are arguing about huya tivake nyika kuno
  7. [5:01 PM, 10/12/2017] +263 77 459 5355: a man is located by his words
  8. [5:03 PM, 10/12/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Ha ha ha
  9. [5:04 PM, 10/12/2017] Tawanda Madamombe: Maybe the bro left when things were still a bit oily
  10. [5:04 PM, 10/12/2017] +44 7932 306644: Mr bmat- something what ever the hell u are called. l would rather we engage in more constructive conversation than chidish and pea eye intellect you are exhibiting here
  11. [5:05 PM, 10/12/2017] Tawanda Madamombe: It’s dry outthere
  12. [5:07 PM, 10/12/2017] +263 77 459 5355: I am not in hell sir…you are the one who is using venomous language…..
  13. [5:08 PM, 10/12/2017] +44 7932 306644: You fuck shit cock sucker!! You want me to apologise for going abroad? Fuck u!! U degenerate malcontents
  14. [5:08 PM, 10/12/2017] +263 77 459 5355: a man is located by his words
  15. [5:12 PM, 10/12/2017] +263 77 329 8452: Nhai hako
  16. [5:13 PM, 10/12/2017] +263 77 329 8452: Hezvo
  17. [5:18 PM, 10/12/2017] +263 77 459 5355: Its so sad that the mind and heart of a man can carry such venom…
  18. [5:18 PM, 10/12/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Taramba aita left kikiki
  19. [5:21 PM, 10/12/2017] +44 7932 306644: What is sad is arseholes like u who come here to provoke pple
  20. [5:22 PM, 10/12/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Cease fire Cdes
  21. [5:23 PM, 10/12/2017] +263 77 459 5355: Sit down take a deep breath…my brother…..
  22. [5:23 PM, 10/12/2017] +263 77 329 8452: Taura hako
  23. [5:23 PM, 10/12/2017] +263 77 459 5355: It is well sir.
  24. .
  25. [6:57 AM, 10/13/2017] +263 77 276 5349: Zvakanzi ceasefire. Hazvina kunzi nyararai mu group please
  26. [6:58 AM, 10/13/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Ha ha ha Mkoma Chris ndeipi
  27. [6:59 AM, 10/13/2017] +263 77 276 5349: Ndoda kunzwa kuti mine ye asbestos yekumusha kwangu inovhura runhi
  28. [7:01 AM, 10/13/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: @ Tinashe can u share anything u have that’s gives light on the involvement of Ngwena in the SMM issue.?
  29. [8:01 AM, 10/13/2017] Tinashe Mpasiri: Here is a story of a bank whose genesis no one wants to talk about because the people who are now controlling it are part of a grand theft program.

This theft involves the embattled VP Mnangagwa with the assistance of a crew incorporating Herbert Nkala, John Mushayavanhu and obviously Manikai who is now representing the VP in the defamation case with Prof Moyo.

Whose idea was it to establish the bank? Who executed the idea? Where and how did Herbert Nkala fit into the bank’s narrative?

Absent Mnangagwa, who would be at the helm of the bank?

  1. [8:02 AM, 10/13/2017] +263 77 248 6483:

if UK cannot do it….what more Zimbabwe ⁉‍♂

WhatsApp rejected Government request to access encrypted messages

Encryption services are affecting progress in 80% of investigations into terrorism and serious crime, Sky News understands.

By Tom Cheshire, Technology Correspondent – Exclusive

22:30, UK, Tuesday 19 September 2017

Image:WhatsApp claims it cannot read its user’s messages, let alone the Government

The UK Government demanded that WhatsApp comes up with a way to offer access to encrypted messages this summer, Sky News has learned – a request that was rejected by the instant messaging service.

The inability to access terrorists’ encrypted conversations is creating a “black hole” for security services, according to a security source.

Terrorists are “frequent users of encrypted apps” – specifically WhatsApp and Telegram, the source said.

“It is crucially important that we can access their communications – and when we can’t, it can provide a black hole for investigators,” the source added.

At a United Nations discussion on Wednesday, the Prime Minister Theresa May will ask technology companies to do more to help governments fight terrorism in the wake of the explosion at Parsons Green Tube station.

Encrypted messaging apps were used ahead of the attacks on Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge.

The devices of one of the Parsons Green suspects have been recovered and are being investigated by intelligence agencies.

Video:What the tech companies say about encryption

Apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Apple iMessage employ end-to-end encryption. Messages sent by users are scrambled by a code contained on the app on their phone, or the phone itself.

The systems are designed so that tech companies themselves do not have access to the content of a message.

Sky News understands that WhatsApp co-operates with law enforcement to provide the metadata it does hold – the name of an account, when it was created, the last seen date, the IP address and associated email address.

WhatsApp says it “appreciates the work that law enforcement agencies do to keep people safe around the world. We are prepared to carefully review, validate and respond to law enforcement requests based on applicable law and policy”.

But the company argues that it can’t provide data that WhatsApp itself does not collect in the first place, including the contents of a message.

In a statement on its website, the company writes: “Naturally, people have asked what end-to-end encryption means for the work of law enforcement. WhatsApp appreciates the work that law enforcement agencies do to keep people safe around the world.

“We carefully review, validate, and respond to law enforcement requests based on applicable law and policy, and we prioritise responses to emergency requests.”

Raffaello Pantucci, director of security at the Royal United Services Institute, told Sky News: “The way you have to think that the terrorist groups u…

  1. [8:12 AM, 10/13/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Interesting maybe we can then start our debate by looking at how FBC was acquired and the involvement of ED in the matter. Also interesting to me is the folding of two or three companies giving way to their being acquired by this group?
  2. [8:32 AM, 10/13/2017] +27 71 712 9408: How is a company formed how much control or rights does the founders or idea owners hev in the lifetime of the company?
  3. [10:05 AM, 10/13/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: @Tinashe article ndeyariini iyo
  4. [12:20 PM, 10/13/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Politics
  5. THE Zimbabwe Republic Police’s Criminal Investigations Department is investigating Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s role in the mismanagement and looting of Zanu PF’s business empire, leading to its collapse, in what is seen as part of President Robert Mugabe’s succession war.

By Owen Gagare

The Zimbabwe Independent is reliably informed that the police are investigating 39 cases of fraud, meaning the vice-president could face up to 39 counts.

Police sources said this week the investigations stem from a Zanu PF’s Report of the Committee on Party Investments, debated by the politburo on July 27 2005 and August 3 2005, which revealed the companies, supervised by Mnangagwa who was then secretary for administration, were a shambles due to gross mismanagement and corruption.

Zanu PF had interests in public and private companies held through M&S Syndicate (Pvt) Ltd. The ruling party had invested in Treger Holdings, Mike Appel, Catercraft, Fibrolite, which closed in December 2004 as well as Zidlee, which failed to take over Delta in 1989.

The party also had interests in Southern African Re-Insurance Company (Sare), Zidco Holdings and First Bank, whose Democratic Republic of Congo investment also collapsed.

Zanu PF also had interests in National Blankets, Woolworths and Ottawa Building, which were disposed of under unclear circumstances.

Furthermore, Zanu PF separately owned Jongwe Printing & Publishing Company, as well as Jongwe and Nyadzonya farms.

Mnangagwa, who sat on nearly all the companies’ boards, supervised M&S Syndicate with Manharlal Chiunilal and Jayant Chiunilal Joshi.

The Zanu PF probe team comprised the late David Karimanzira, who chaired the committee, and the late retired army commander General Solomon Mujuru, Obert Mpofu, Simba Makoni and Thokozile Mathuthu.

The report said the companies were a mess and riddled with managerial corruption and incompetence which could have prejudiced the ruling party of billions of dollars and assets.

It said some of the companies had virtually collapsed, while others had not been audited for years and their financial accounts were a complete mess.

During mid-2005, the official exchange rate was US$1:Z$38, although on the black market it was US$1:Z$10 000.

On the first count, Sare allegedly paid a dividend of Z$13 900 on June 17, 2002 which was however diverted to Mnangagwa First Banking Corporation account.

On December 10 2001, Z$20 million was allegedly withdrawn from AM Tregger and deposited into Mnangagwa’s Zimbank account. Mnangagwa also allegedly benefited from Z$33 million which was withdrawn from AM Tregger and deposited into his Jewel bank account on March 17, 2003.

Police are also investigating allegations that Z$10 million was withdrawn from AM Tregger and reinvested into Mnangagwa’s Mafidi Corporation at NDH on March 27 2003.

On October 9 2003 Z$2,3 million was withdrawn from AM Tregger and deposited into Mnangagwa’s CBZ account, while on October 13 2003 Z$3,3 million was withdrawn from Kushinga Investments and deposited to Mnangagwa’s First Banking Cor…

  1. [12:33 PM, 10/13/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: You are here: Home › Politics ›

Mawere speaks on Mnangagwa fallout

Mawere speaks on Mnangagwa fallout

October 19, 2007 in Politics

Shakeman Mugari

SOUTH African-based Zimbabwean tycoon Mutumwa Mawere says his business problems were caused by a Zanu PF faction led by Emmerson Mnangagwa after he tried to block its front company, Smoothnest (Pvt) Ltd, from securing a loan from First Bank Corporation (FB

  1. C) in which he had an interest.

In his first explanation of what went wrong between him and Mnangagwa, who was widely seen as his ally, Mawere this week said the seizure of his businesses started after he clashed with the Mnangagwa camp over the Smoothnest deal meant to raise funds for the Zanu PF national conference in Masvingo in December 2003.

He said he was punished for opposing the release by FBC of $1 billion to Smoothnest for the purchase of shares from a Zanu PF company, M&S Investments, to raise party funds.

Mawere, who last week accused the so-called Tsholotsho group in Zanu PF of instigating his woes, said the Mnangagwa faction reacted with a fierce backlash against him because Smoothnest was owned by ex-Labour minister and Zanu-PF provincial chairman July Moyo and prominent lawyer Edwin Manikai, seen as Mnangagwa’s lieutenants.

Although Manikai this week admitted he has an interest in Smoothnest, he denied any links to Mnangagwa’s camp. Manikai said Mawere’s allegations were “sour grapes”.

“Mawere is unscrupulous, greedy and vicious. But above all, he is a loser, a very bad loser and a cry baby,” Manikai said. “Mawere has messed himself up and is now blaming everyone for his problems. I have nothing against him but he must have a conscience.”

On the Smoothnest deal, Manikai said it was a tired story created by Mawere to try and get him into trouble.

  1. Documents obtained by the Zimbabwe Independent when the Smoothnest dispute erupted three years ago reveal that the company applied for a loan from FBC in October 2003 to purchase 23 million shares owned by M&S from the then listed Southern Africa Reinsurance Company (Sare). Sare has since been taken over by FBC.

M&S Investments’ stake in Sare was at that time worth about $500 million but Smoothnest was offering to buy it at $875 million. The proceeds from the sale were used to finance the Zanu PF conference.

The documents show that the loan was fast-tracked because of Smoothnest’s links to Zanu PF. The FBC executive director at the time, Mberikwazvo Chitambo, wrote a strong supporting letter saying Smoothnest’s application should be given priority because of its links to Moyo.

“The names behind Smoothnest are Edwin Manikai and Mr (Patrice) Dhliwayo recently qualified as an engineer and man of straw,” wrote Chitambo. “Mr Dhliwayo represents the interest of Minister July Moyo and should be accorded that priority.”

  1. [12:58 PM, 10/13/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: You are here: Home › Politics ›

First Bank/Sare in controversial deal

First Bank/Sare in controversial deal

April 7, 2006 in Politics

Shakeman Mugari

FIRST Bank Corporation and Southern Africa Reinsurance Company (Sare) are expected to complete their merger in the next four weeks amidst persistent controversy.

Although the deal is expected to go through without difficulties, sources say the controversy concerning the purchase of Sare shares by one of its two largest shareholders, Smoothnest Investments (Pvt) Ltd, could cast a long shadow over the deal.

Police have also been keeping tabs on the issue. Mutumwa Mawere, who has an interest in First Bank through Zimre, was in February quizzed by police over his involvement in the matter.

Mawere’s affidavit to the police shows that former Labour minister July Moyo was also implicated. Moyo, who had 40 000 shares or 0,03% in Sare, was also quizzed by police for allegedly using his ministry’s funds to guarantee a $1 billion First Bank loan to prominent lawyer Edwin Manikai’s Smoothnest Investments (Pvt) Ltd.

Manikai, a senior partner with Dube, Manikai & Hwacha, has confirmed he controls 50% of Smoothnest, while his nominee, Patrice Dhliwayo, the managing director of Elan Suisse Financial Advisory Services, also holds 50% equity.

Manikai used the controversial First Bank loan to acquire a majority 18,92% shareholding in the Sare through Smoothnest Investments. Manikai could not be reached for comment to shed light on the latest developments as he was said to be in South Africa. In the past he has confirmed his interest in Smoothest.

Sources said a combination of position and shareholding could make Manikai the most powerful man in the new holding company, FBC Holdings Ltd. Manikai is also the chairman of the National Social Security Authority (Nssa), which is set to have a 12,32% stake in the new company.

Records at the Company Registrar’s office indicate that Manikai is also one of the directors of Segmented Investments, which owns 13,67% – expected to be the second highest shareholder of FBC Holdings. He is also expected to control a 3,06% stake in the new company through Smoothnest.

A Zanu PF company, M&S Investments, which now has an 18,92% stake in Sare after shedding part of its equity to Smoothnest, will hold a 3,06% equity. Nssa has an 18,43% shareholding in Sare.

  1. [11:52 AM, 10/14/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Many facets to the economic woes of Zimbos and most them can find root in the misuse of power by a few individuals.

The biggest problem is the fear that has been instilled in us to the point of not commenting to public information. Those 3 articles above are from newspapers and thus public knowledge. One of the perpetrators is out in the open and still munongokwata.

  1. [5:11 PM, 10/14/2017] Tinashe Mpasiri: Check out @TinasheMpasiri’s Tweet:
  2. [10:09 PM, 10/14/2017] +27 71 712 9408:
  3. [1:24 AM, 10/16/2017] +44 7405 254661:
  4. [6:58 AM, 10/16/2017] +263 77 296 4428: “All the 10 Zanu PF provinces are now in agreement that the party should hold an elective congress in December, paving the way for First Lady Grace Mugabe to be a Vice President.

She will now be effectively in charge of both Zanu PF and the government. Mugabe is expected at congress to request that the constitution of the party be amended, to create a post for a third Vice President, who should be female.

Grace was pushing for VP Mnangagwa to be removed at congress but her ailing husband balked at the plan, fearing that this could destabilise Zanu PF ahead of next year’s elections. Mnangagwa will be kept as a lame duck VP with Grace now in full control.”

  1. [7:08 AM, 10/16/2017] +263 77 291 2789: So who is Grace replacing
  2. [11:46 AM, 10/16/2017] Gilbert:
  3. [11:48 AM, 10/16/2017] +263 77 210 7958: Zimbabwe on course to elect world’s oldest president
  4. [12:44 PM, 10/16/2017] Gilbert: Endorsed everyday, now on course to place Grace as VP
  5. [12:59 PM, 10/16/2017] +263 77 459 5355: The tragedy in all of this is the youth..
  6. [1:09 PM, 10/16/2017] +263 77 248 6483: #TOP NEWS

OCTOBER 13, 2017 / 6:16 PM / A DAY AGO

Zambian villagers win right to sue Vedanta in English courts

  1. Barbara Lewis

LONDON (Reuters) – Nearly 2,000 Zambian villagers have won the right to sue Vedanta Resources in the English courts in a ruling that could lead to other multinationals being pursued in London for their activities overseas.

Protesters hold plaques outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London, Britain, July 5, 2017. REUTERS/Barbara Lewis/File Photo

London’s Court of Appeal on Friday threw out miner Vedanta’s attempt to block the Zambians’ legal action over alleged pollution of their villages.


Vedanta said in a statement it would seek the right to appeal to the Supreme Court, the highest in the English legal system, adding the decision was on jurisdiction only and “was not a ruling or a determination on the merits of the claims”.

Three senior High Court judges dismissed an appeal by Vedanta and its Zambian subsidiary Konkola Copper Mines (KCM)against a ruling in May last year when a High Court judge decided the claim could proceed in the English courts on behalf of 1,826 Zambian villagers.

The villagers allege that their land and livelihood have been destroyed by water pollution caused by the Nchanga Copper Mine, which is owned by Vedanta through its subsidiary KCM.

London law firm Leigh Day argued the English courts were the only route for the villagers, whom they are representing on a “no-win, no-fee” basis, to achieve justice, while Vedanta said Zambia was the appropriate jurisdiction.

On behalf of the Zambian claimants, Raphael Karima, Community Secretary of Hippo Pool, a village near the Nchanga mine, said his community looked forward to “a just process”.

Martyn Day, senior partner at Leigh Day, said the ruling was “a very important step forward in our clients’ fight for justice”.

Separately, Leigh Day is representing residents from the Niger Delta in a case against Royal Dutch Shell and has appealed against a High Court ruling earlier this year that the company could not be sued in London over oil spills in Nigeria.

That case will be next heard in November.

Additional reporting by Sanjeeban Sarkar in Bengaluru; editing by Alexander Smith


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© 2017 Reuters. All Rights Reserved.


  1. [3:37 PM, 10/16/2017] +263 77 459 5355: DIVINE DIGEST ….happy n blessed Monday never allow the circumstances or the appearance of lack move you…especially if you are born again… Look to the word… * Ezekiel 36:29 b….and I will call forth the grain and make it abundant and lay no famine on you *

Shalom…n continue to be fruitful

  1. [11:59 PM, 10/16/2017] +263 77 211 8533: These days everyone else carries two phones Smart phone neka mbudzi * I also need two girl friends a *Smart one neka*mbudzi*u all know smart phones battery don’t last longer

ndikutozvigaya like now smart foni yadzima

  1. [6:52 AM, 10/17/2017] +263 77 459 5355: Divine digest ⚜

“You are forever accountable for the way you choose to feel, good or bad!”

We are and will always be caught in the midst of situations that will try and condition our emotions. Whether or not you succumb is a choice you have the will Power to make! Carry your own ATMOSPHERE! Let no one interfere with it! Be Joyful!

Deuteronomy  30:15   See, I have set before thee this day life and good, and death and evil; get in touch ⚜

Share with a friend

  1. [7:50 AM, 10/17/2017] +263 77 276 5349: I love this group
  2. [8:26 AM, 10/17/2017] +27 84 797 1580:
  3. [8:37 AM, 10/17/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Those chats to some of us are revisiting already clarified areas and a mere waste of time and data. Maybe we should have an FOSMM ECD platform kuti tisarambe tichidzoka shure.
  4. [8:39 AM, 10/17/2017] MD Mawere: Perhaps it is a message that needs to be shared.
  5. [8:50 AM, 10/17/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Mkoma Chris are u around??
  6. [8:58 AM, 10/17/2017] +263 77 276 5349: Am around
  7. [8:59 AM, 10/17/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: ‘A crocodile risiri mumvura is not as dangerous.’ African Proverb
  8. [9:30 AM, 10/17/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Or are we supposed to be sympathetic with the croco and guide it towards water,?
  9. [6:13 AM, 10/18/2017] Tinashe Mpasiri:
  10. [6:14 AM, 10/18/2017] Tinashe Mpasiri: as we livestream on and The 1873 FM Facebook Page
  11. [7:07 AM, 10/18/2017] +27 83 396 8039: Am inspired I want to go and register to vote
  12. [7:18 AM, 10/18/2017] +27 71 712 9408: Effective art!!!
  13. [8:38 AM, 10/18/2017] +27 83 396 8039: Whats the closing date for registration
  14. [9:01 AM, 10/18/2017] MD Mawere: Thanks Tinashe. That is active citizenship in motion.
  15. [9:02 AM, 10/18/2017] MD Mawere: You can ask the question in a broader frame as it was not only in respect of SMM that Chinamasa could be found wanting
  16. [9:02 AM, 10/18/2017] John Kasten: I like that active citizenship
  17. [9:03 AM, 10/18/2017] MD Mawere: You could have approached him in relation to the radio shows that you are doing.
  18. [10:40 AM, 10/18/2017] +263 77 735 0451: May anyone with the schedule of traffic offences and fines kindly share with us on this platform pse
  19. [10:50 AM, 10/18/2017] +263 77 735 0451: Any luck?
  20. [9:24 PM, 10/18/2017] MD Mawere:
  21. [9:40 PM, 10/18/2017] +27 71 712 9408: Is this the herald journo?☝☝☝☝
  22. [9:41 PM, 10/18/2017] MD Mawere: No
  23. [9:42 PM, 10/18/2017] +27 71 712 9408: Oh ok i thot he penned a misinformed story
  24. [11:36 PM, 10/18/2017] +263 77 211 8533: Nekupisa uku ndofunga nhasi kunebirthday rasatan

Mukati kugehena hakuna braai ikoku??

  1. [7:19 AM, 10/19/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo:
  2. [10:57 AM, 10/19/2017] Andrew Chikunga: Did that come by mistake???

Chinamasa being honesty how.Everyone is working fir Mugabe in Zimbabwe.

  1. [1:05 PM, 10/19/2017] +263 77 459 5355: By Matt E.T Matigari, HARARE, October 19 (The Source) – Zimbabwe’s foreign exchange situation is getting worse in spite of extensive touting of a ‘nostro-stabilisation’ loan the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe says it got from Afreximbank. How do we know this? Watch the indicators from your bank.

On 11 October 2017, Ecocash, which some moons ago actively promoted its Mastercard, had this to tell its customers: “Due to the prevailing foreign currency challenges we regret to advise that with immediate effect, Ecocash will be suspending international transactions on the debit card…” Of course, they added the usual ‘we apologize for any inconveniences (sic) caused…” bla bla bla. This is not just true of Ecocash and its mother bank, Steward Bank. It’s true of many banks in Zimbabwe, including the foreign-controlled ones.

Foreign exchange is a resource. Unlike five years ago, the obtaining situation is that very few, a privileged few, have access to it. In its wisdom or lack of it, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, and by extension, Government of Zimbabwe decided to plug the gap by printing a note (bond note) they assigned the same value as the United States dollar. In my previous writings, I argued that the bond note is in fact a local currency, so there is no need to dwell much on this.

Technically, a note (whether bond or promissory) is a signed document containing a written promise to pay a stated sum to a specified person or a bearer at a specified date or on demand. As such, strictly speaking, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe used bond notes and various other negotiable instruments like treasury bills to borrow real United States dollars from depositors.

Former Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa recently revealed that $2,5 billion Treasury Bills were issued out as at June 30, with $127 million going towards paying the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe debt and $263 million towards recapitalisation of State Enterprises and Parastatals. It’s up to citizens and various other institutions representing citizens to audit and assess how those funds were used.

But the important point is – they decided to use the force of law through Statutory Instrument 133 of 2016 Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) Amendment of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Act, which INSISTS that bond notes are acceptable legal tender, and that they have an equal value to United States dollar.

So, let’s take a step back! Adam Smith laid the foundations of classical free market economic thought through his 1776 work called An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations [often referred to as The Wealth of Nations]. It’s important because exchange rates are indeed a function of the wealth of nations.

Through what he termed “the invisible hand”, Smith suggested that an economic system is automatic, and, given substantial freedom, is able to self-regulate and drift towards self-efficiency. The self-regulation ability is of course limited by tax incentives, externalities, monopolies, political lobbying, and things like privileges given to one group of eco…

  1. [1:06 PM, 10/19/2017] Gilbert:
  2. [1:34 PM, 10/19/2017] +263 77 275 0128: Sorry wrong destination
  3. [1:39 PM, 10/19/2017] Andrew Chikunga: Yu are lucky its just your picture,imagine its something very private mistakenly sending to those yu respect most
  4. [1:44 PM, 10/19/2017] Adv. Thuto Mavula: VaZengeni varikumbokanda swagg
  5. [3:20 PM, 10/19/2017] +263 77 275 0128: Kkk how re u
  6. [5:13 PM, 10/19/2017] +27 64 496 4761: Now live on The 1873 TV, Tune in now by clicking on the following link:
  7. [7:02 PM, 10/19/2017] Tawanda Madamombe:
  8. [7:42 PM, 10/19/2017] Stanley: Imagine a world with out these individuals to uphold the rule of law.
  9. [8:22 PM, 10/19/2017] MD Mawere: When was Moseneke ever the Chief Justice?
  10. [8:24 PM, 10/19/2017] Owen Magocha: Former Deputy Chief of Justice !
  11. [9:02 PM, 10/19/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Upholding laws?
  12. [9:04 PM, 10/19/2017] Lynnmara: The individuals or the office they bear?
  13. [9:05 PM, 10/19/2017] Stanley: The individual
  14. [9:05 PM, 10/19/2017] Stanley: How r u lyn
  15. [9:07 PM, 10/19/2017] Lynnmara: I am well
  16. [4:47 AM, 10/20/2017] Tinashe Mpasiri: Check out @TinasheMpasiri’s Tweet:
  17. [4:47 AM, 10/20/2017] Tinashe Mpasiri: Check out @TinasheMpasiri’s Tweet:
  18. [4:47 AM, 10/20/2017] Tinashe Mpasiri: Check out @TinasheMpasiri’s Tweet:
  19. [4:48 AM, 10/20/2017] Tinashe Mpasiri: Check out @TinasheMpasiri’s Tweet:
  20. [7:31 AM, 10/20/2017] +263 77 459 5355: Friday rich thoughts

Look at your geology as a Christian and seed of Abraham and see how rich you are Genesis 35:10-12, Remember we are a Royal priesthood a chosen people

Isaiah 51:2

  1. [2]Look unto Abraham your father, and unto Sarah that bore you; for I called him when he was alone, and blessed him, and multiplied him.
  2. [3]For Jehovah shall comfort Zion, he shall comfort all her waste places; and he will make her wilderness like Eden, and her desert like the garden of Jehovah: gladness and joy shall be found therein, thanksgiving, and the voice of song.




  1. [2:51 PM, 10/20/2017] Wise Billionaire: I not happy with our emails and cell being for public on the website…may you work on it @MD Mawere
  2. [3:04 PM, 10/20/2017] +27 64 496 4761: Thank you for that @Wise Billionaire I will work on it. Its actually my fault that the contacts are there and not @MD Mawere
  3. [3:04 PM, 10/20/2017] Wise Billionaire: @MD Mawere thanks for the quick responds.Enjoy
  4. [3:05 PM, 10/20/2017] Wise Billionaire: Noted. Thanks.
  5. [3:07 PM, 10/20/2017] Wise Billionaire: Maybe its just me who minds others may be ok with it.
  6. [3:10 PM, 10/20/2017] +27 64 496 4761: Maybe
  7. [11:33 PM, 10/20/2017] +27 73 321 2905: Diesel 500ppm @ 38000pc quantity for $1,15

Petrol LRP 93 & ULP93 @ 40000pc quantity for $1,10

Jet A1 @ 32000pc quantity for $1,15

Transport and Duty included, delivery to Harare

4 days after order delivery is executed to customer

  1. [8:34 AM, 10/21/2017] +263 73 149 5724: Hey, I am volunteering to knock on doors in Hatfield and Waterfalls for a few hours a day to encourage young people to register to vote. Are you interested in joining me? #classof2018
  2. [8:36 AM, 10/21/2017] MD Mawere: Great initiative of active citizenship?
  3. [9:14 AM, 10/21/2017] +263 73 769 3782: Can someone please send this week’s BSR
  4. [9:18 AM, 10/21/2017] Tinashe Mpasiri:
  5. [9:20 AM, 10/21/2017] +263 77 296 4428: Football legend, Friday Breakdown Phiri has passed away this morning.

Born on a Friday, named Friday, Phiri died on Friday

  1. [9:21 AM, 10/21/2017] MD Mawere: Thanks. MHSRIP
  2. [9:36 AM, 10/21/2017] +44 7405 254661:
  3. [3:54 PM, 10/21/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Just got confirmation of the passing away of Bishop Bakare’s wife. May Her Soul Rest in Peace
  4. [4:59 PM, 10/22/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: What happens if the one person that you trust to represent you legally is bought by the other party? What are the tale tell signs that counsel has been bought and what does it mean in terms of the credibility of that counsel?

Just thinking aloud zvangu

  1. [5:01 PM, 10/22/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: WHO cancels Robert Mugabe goodwill ambassador role

Shared from my Google feed

  1. [7:20 PM, 10/22/2017] +263 77 211 8533: If you’re peeling groundnuts for a blind man, you must keep whistling so he knows you’re not eating them –

Zulu Proverb

  1. [7:28 PM, 10/22/2017] +263 77 329 8452: Kikiki the disability are clever
  2. [2:01 PM, 10/23/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: good day.

l went and c the judge’s clerk…concerning a set down date…the clerk’s impression seems to suggest that he was given instructions to hold/ wait

  1. [2:04 PM, 10/23/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: If this happens what will be the best way forward? Who can give such in instructions to hold or delay a court application? Is there a set duration that a case should or can be delayed before alternative measures if any are to be pursued??
  2. [6:40 PM, 10/23/2017] +263 77 684 0695: WHY ME?

A Beautiful Message

by Arthur Ashe.

Arthur Ashe was the legendary Wimbledon Tennis Player who was dying of AIDS, which he got due to Infected Blood he received during a Heart Surgery in 1983!

As he lay sick, he received letters from his fans, one of which asked:

“Why did God have to select you for such a bad disease?”

To this Arthur Ashe replied:

50 Million children started playing Tennis,

5 Million learnt to play Tennis,

500 000 learnt Professional Tennis,

50 Thousand came to Circuit,

5 Thousand reached Grand Slam,

50 reached Wimbledon,

4 reached the Semifinals,

2 reached the Finals and

when,  I , was holding the winner’s cup in my hand, I never asked God

“Why Me?”

So now that I’m in pain how can I ask God

“Why Me?”

Happiness keeps you Sweet!

Trials keep you Strong!

Sorrows keep you Human!

Failure keeps you Humble!

Success keeps you Glowing!

But only, Faith keeps you Going!

Sometimes you are not satisfied with your life, while many people in this world are dreaming of living your life.

A child on a farm sees a plane fly overhead dreams of flying. but, a pilot on the plane sees the farmhouse & dreams of returning home.

That’s life!

Enjoy yours… If wealth is the secret to happiness, then the rich should be dancing on the streets.

But only poor kids do that.

If power ensures security, then VIPs should walk unguarded.

But those who live simply, sleep soundly.

If beauty and fame bring ideal relationships, then celebrities should have the best marriages.

Live simply, be happy! Walk humbly before God and men, and love genuinely, for God our father is LOVE!


A Beautiful Message not just to read and forward to others, but to apply practically in our personal lives.

  1. [11:36 PM, 10/23/2017] +263 77 211 8533: Chipinge to Mutare = 188km

Mutare to Chipinge = 188km

Monday to Friday = 5days

Friday to Monday = 2days

Apa panenge pashandiswa mushonga chete!

  1. [12:34 AM, 10/24/2017] +263 77 211 8533: Can I have more information
  2. [1:00 AM, 10/24/2017] +44 7405 254661:
  3. [8:35 AM, 10/24/2017] +263 77 459 5355: DIVINE DIGEST

Blissful Tuesday beloved ones of God ,its important to be  aware of what you became when you  were recreated in Christ… Now in Amos 3:3

Shall two walk together except they be agreed?

– This new life is not your own…its a scared life that we have in Zion…thus we can not agree to the lesser things of life …  1 Corinthians 6:17  But the person who is united to the Lord becomes one spirit with Him …this is not being religious its a spiritual fact…

– I love you n please continue to pray for Zimbabwe and the world

Bmatglory on kingschat

+263774595355  also follow on Twitter @bmat29 ⚜


_Don’t forget that as a child of God you walk in the blessing…

  1. [12:47 PM, 10/24/2017] +263 77 296 4428: She asked me:

“What do u do for a living?

Then I replied:

“I analyze and invest in highly risky business

opportunities that has the possibilities of high returns, I deal with investing in business opportunities across England, Spain,

Italy, Germany, France etc.”

She was excited but she neva knew….

I was talking about

Soccer Betting..

  1. [4:22 PM, 10/24/2017] +27 64 496 4761: Live Now!!! Re-imagining Zimbabwe-Where can one start? In search of the right idea -using the SMM case study to ignite inspire change:
  2. [11:27 PM, 10/24/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: In a CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY the authority of the majority is limited by legal and institutional means so that the rights of individuals and minorities are respected. This is the form of democracy practiced in Germany, Israel, Japan, the United States, and other countries.

This framework is intended to assist interested persons in various nations in establishing or improving curricular programs which foster an understanding of and support for constitutional democracy. The outline must be adapted to fit the circumstances and needs of individual political communities.


CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY is the antithesis of arbitrary rule. It is democracy characterized by:

  1. POPULAR SOVEREIGNTY . The people are the ultimate source of the authority of the government which derives its right to govern from their consent.
  2. MAJORITY RULE AND MINORITY RIGHTS . Although “the majority rules,” the fundamental rights of individuals in the minority are protected.
  3. LIMITED GOVERNMENT . The powers of government are limited by law and a written or unwritten constitution which those in power obey.
  4. INSTITUTIONAL AND PROCEDURAL LIMITATIONS ON POWERS . There are certain institutional and procedural devices which limit the powers of government. These may include:
  5. SEPARATED AND SHARED POWERS . Powers are separated among different agencies or branches of government. Each agency or branch has primary responsibility for certain functions such as legislative, executive, and judicial functions. However, each branch also shares these functions with the other branches.
  6. CHECKS AND BALANCES . Different agencies or branches of government have adequate power to check the powers of other branches. Checks and balances may include the power of judicial reviewÀ” Àthe power of courts to declare actions of other branches of government to be contrary to the constitution and therefore null and void.
  7. DUE PROCESS OF LAW . Individual rights to life, liberty, and property are protected by the guarantee of due process of law.
  8. LEADERSHIP SUCCESSION THROUGH ELECTIONS . Elections insure that key positions in government will be contested at periodic intervals and that the transfer of governmental authority is accomplished in a peaceful and orderly process.
  9. [11:39 PM, 10/24/2017] +263 77 735 0451: Intetesting
  10. [11:42 PM, 10/24/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Ha ha ha thought I was alone
  11. [11:42 PM, 10/24/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: The fundamental values of constitutional democracy reflect a paramount concern with human dignity and the worth and value of each individual.
  12. BASIC RIGHTS . Protection of certain basic or fundamental rights is the primary goal of government. These rights may be limited to life, liberty, and property, or they may be extended to include such economic and social rights as employment, health care and education. Documents such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights enumerate and explain these rights.
  13. FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE AND EXPRESSION . A constitutional democracy includes among its highest purposes the protection of freedom of conscience and freedom of expression. These freedoms have value both for the healthy functioning and preservation of constitutional democracy and for the full development of the human personality.
  14. PRIVACY AND CIVIL SOCIETY . Constitutional democracies recognize and protect the integrity of a private and social realm comprised of family, personal, religious, and other associations and activities. This space of uncoerced human association is the basis of a civil society free from unfair and unreasonable intrusions by government.
  15. JUSTICE . A constitutional democracy promotes

DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE. The fair distribution of the benefits and burdens of society.

CORRECTIVE JUSTICE. Fair and proper responses to wrongs and injuries.

PROCEDURAL JUSTICE. The use of fair procedures in the gathering of information and the making of decisions by all agencies of government and, most particularly, by law enforcement agencies and the courts.

  1. EQUALITY. A constitutional democracy promotes

POLITICAL EQUALITY . All citizens are equally entitled to participate in the political system.

EQUALITY BEFORE THE LAW . The law does not discriminate on the basis of unreasonable and unfair criteria such as gender, age, race, ethnicity, religious or political beliefs and affiliations, class or economic status. The law applies to the governors as well as the governed.

ECONOMIC EQUALITY . Constitutional democracies have differing conceptions of the meaning and importance of economic equality. At the very least, they agree that all citizens should have the right to an equal opportunity to improve their material wellbeing. Some constitutional democracies also attempt to eliminate gross disparities in wealth through such means as progressive taxation and social welfare programs.

  1. OPENNESS . Constitutional democracies are based on a political philosophy of openness or the free marketplace of ideas, the availability of information through a free press, and free expression in all fields of human endeavor.
  2. [11:54 PM, 10/24/2017] Tawanda Madamombe:
  3. [6:20 AM, 10/25/2017] Leopold Mudisi: Register to vote a 93 year old will not understand this but instead declare you an enemy of the state.
  4. [6:28 AM, 10/25/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Where does he get the powers to do so? Declare one an enemy of the state??
  5. [6:30 AM, 10/25/2017] Leopold Mudisi: Dictatorship. Why did he arrest mawarire and said he is an enemy of the state for exercising his right to freedom of speech?
  6. [6:33 AM, 10/25/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: So what makes u think he won’t declare u an enemy if u vote against him?
  7. [6:33 AM, 10/25/2017] Leopold Mudisi: Kkkk he won’t be there to do that
  8. [6:51 AM, 10/26/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: I have been meeting with friends and was surprised at how people easily concluded that Mawere got assisted by the system to acquire interests in the shabanie Mashaba mines. Easy how people are quick to conclude that Mawere is a ZANU pf agent who fell on the wrong side of the looting Mafia.
  9. [6:52 AM, 10/26/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: How people argue passionately yet lack facts and being presented with the facts a few accept the truths.
  10. [7:18 AM, 10/26/2017] MD Mawere: That is why advocacy is important
  11. [7:21 AM, 10/26/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Yes it’s surprising really, and funny how people don’t want to hunt for the facts but at the same time be quick to judge in their ignorance. Even those who pretend to be learned.
  12. [7:23 AM, 10/26/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Also I think there is need to visit and revisit the facts from the beginning, how they got distorted along the way and their implications to the future.
  13. [7:23 AM, 10/26/2017] MD Mawere:
  14. [7:24 AM, 10/26/2017] MD Mawere: We need you on air
  15. [7:24 AM, 10/26/2017] +263 77 291 2789: People cannot hunt for facts. They are too busy for that hence the need for advocacy.
  16. [7:24 AM, 10/26/2017] MD Mawere: Advocacy can be opportunist and strategic.
  17. [12:19 PM, 10/26/2017] +263 77 459 5355: DIVINE DIGEST

Everyday when you rise up you have a choice….

If you were given the choice between life and death, which would you choose? The answer seems obvious. But, in reality, it’s not.

You see, choosing death doesn’t necessarily mean jumping from the nearest cliff. It’s much more subtle than that.

The Bible says death is being carnally minded, being entangled in this present worldly realm. The Bible also tells us what life is.   “My son, attend to my words,” says Proverbs 4:20-22, “…for they are life!”

Go  for the word….

Much love…n shallom

Bmatglory on kingschat

+263774595355 ⚜

Don’t forget that as a child of God you walk in the blessing…

  1. [12:19 PM, 10/26/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Anyone akuda a copy of Mr Mutumwa Mawere’s book ” When Minds Meet” pliz feel free to inbox me.
  2. [12:19 PM, 10/26/2017] +27 64 496 4761: GO DEEPER NA Mutumwa D Mawere Show tomorrow Friday 27.10.2017 1100 CAT….. Like the 1873 TV Facebook page, Mutumwa D Mawere Facebook page and follow the conversation as Mukoma Masimba Goes Deeper Na Mutumwa D Mawere.
  3. [4:01 PM, 10/26/2017] +263 77 735 0451: .
  4. [4:03 PM, 10/26/2017] +263 77 735 0451: This is an old speech after expulsion of Mujuru. Now this have turned around!
  5. [10:10 PM, 10/26/2017] +263 77 735 0451: Phase 2 Bulawayo

ZEC Voter Registration Centres

Dates 29Oct-13Nov 2017


Remember you can register at any registration centre near you and the system will post you to your Polling station where you will vote #ivote2018

Bulawayo South

Barham Green Hall Hall

Barham Green Primary School

Founders High School

Greenfield Infants School

Greenfield Primary School

Jocks Shopping Centre Tent

Sidojiwe Flats Tent

Bellevue Shopping Centre Tent


Gampu A Primary School

Gampu B Primary School

Inyathi Youth Centre Hall

Lukanyiso A Primary School

Lukanyiso B Primary School

Matshobana Hall Hall

Mpopoma Hall Hall

Mpopoma High School

Mpopoma Library Library

Mpopoma Pre School (Angels) Pre-School

Mpopoma South Shopping Centre Tent

Mpumelelo A Primary School

Mpumelelo B Primary School

Msitheli A High School

Msitheli B High School

Nkulumane A Primary School

Nkulumane B Primary School

Vulindlela Youth Centre A Hall

Vulindlela Youth Centre B Hall

Iminyela Flats Tent

Iminyela Hall Hall

Induba A Primary School

Induba B Primary School

Mabuthweni E.C.D Centre Hall

Mabuthweni Hall Hall

Pelandaba Hall Hall

Pelandaba Pre- School Pre-School

Sizane B High School

Sizani A High School

Siziba Youth Centre Hall


Entumbane BCC Pre-School Pre-School

Entumbane Hall School

Entumbane A Secondary School

Entumbane B Secondary School

Manyewu A Primary School

Manyewu B Primary School

Mthombowesizwe A Primary School

Mthombowesizwe B Primary School

Ntabeni A Primary School

Ntabeni B Primary School

Yona Shopping Centre Tent

Zulukandaba A Primary School

Zulukandaba B Primary School

Entumbane Complex Phases 2,3 & 4 Tent

Choppies Entumbane Tent

Easy Pick Shopping Centre Tent

Emakhandeni Hall Hall

Emakhandeni A Primary School

Emakhandeni B Primary School

Emakhandeni A Secondary School

Emakhandeni B Secondary School

Josiah Chinamano Primary School

Mawunga Shopping Centre Tent

Mtshingwe A Primary School

Mtshingwe B Primary School

Wozawoza Shopping Centre Tent

Appolo Shopping Centre Tent


Helemu A Primary School

Insukamini A Primary School

Lobengula Housing Office Hall

Lobengula A Secondary School

Lobengula B Secondary School

Lutheran Centre Hall

Mpande Youth Centre Hall

Mtshede A Primary School

Mtshede B Primary School

Ngubo A Primary School

Ngubo B Primary School

Njube Hall Hall

Njube A High School

Njube B High School

Nyamande A Primary School

Nyamande B Primary School

St Pius Roman Catholic Church Hall

Inkanyezi A Primary School

Inkanyezi B PriKonron Shopping Centre Tent

Lobengula (Esiqongweni) Tent

Lobengula Hall A Hall

Lobengula Hall B Hall

Mawaba A Primary School

Mawaba B Primary School

Miracles of Seed Faith Church (Opp Stnd no. 1157) Tent

Sikhulile A Secondary School

Sikhulile B Secondary School

Choppies New Lobengula Phases 2 & 4 Tent


Imbizo A Primary School

Imbizo B Primary School

Luveve Beit Hall Hall

Luveve A Primary School

Luveve B Primary School

Mafakela A Primary School

Mafakela B Primary School

Matshayisikhova A Primary School


  1. [12:40 AM, 10/27/2017] Gilbert: Anyone with the Shabanie Case on PDF please share thank you
  2. [6:44 AM, 10/27/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: It is available on the website
  3. [12:07 PM, 10/27/2017] +27 84 797 1580: Anyone with Simon Khaya’s number?
  4. [12:07 PM, 10/27/2017] +263 73 149 5724: Simon Khaya Moyo
  5. [12:09 PM, 10/27/2017] Gilbert: Zimbabwe’s Minister of Health, David Parirenyatwa officially opening Bende Clinic in Nyanga. Built by Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira – 26 October 2017
  6. [12:09 PM, 10/27/2017] +27 84 797 1580: Thanks Acie
  7. [12:10 PM, 10/27/2017] Gilbert: Cheers SG
  8. [12:39 PM, 10/27/2017] +27 84 457 3156: They are celebrating that 150sqm structure?!
  9. [12:40 PM, 10/27/2017] +27 84 457 3156: How many people are going to be serviced there?
  10. [12:41 PM, 10/27/2017] +27 84 457 3156: Vamwe vachiend ku Singapore
  11. [12:54 PM, 10/27/2017] Wise Billionaire: These are now 3 different ministries…lol
  12. [12:55 PM, 10/27/2017] Wise Billionaire: *where 3 now 2
  13. [7:02 PM, 10/27/2017] +27 84 797 1580:
  14. [9:55 PM, 10/27/2017] Gilbert: Bhora mberi
  15. [8:45 AM, 10/28/2017] MD Mawere: Check out @mdmawere’s Tweet:
  16. [8:55 AM, 10/28/2017] Andrew Chikunga: Thanx for the wise and inspiring words.

am off to work with a homework to do

  1. [8:59 AM, 10/28/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Check out @mdmawere’s Tweet:
  2. [9:38 AM, 10/28/2017] +263 77 302 4583: Good Day Family

After the sad experience of passing on of my brother recently and the uplanned expenses that as a family we went through and the chipping in of friends and relatives : thought of solving problems to my society.

To those that are in South Africa you may give me your Zimbabwean numbers and register you for EcoSure Diaspora.

Its just $5 per month and you get a cover of $5000

There are two options in claiming the Money

1) Body carried home by Two Mountains Funeral Parlour or Kings and Queens.And the family is given change.

2) If you hve other means of carrying the body to Zimbabwe on your own : your family goes and collect $5000

All locals : you are free to register for

EcoSure Lite  0.50 = $500

EcoSure Basic    $1  = 1000

EcoSure Standard $2 = 2000


You can app,call,text  on 0773 024  583  l will call you back

  1. [1:15 PM, 10/28/2017] +263 77 735 0451: Aaaaaah, kkkkkk. Lost church!
  2. [4:43 PM, 10/28/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Remember this letter??
  3. [4:43 PM, 10/28/2017] Tinashe Mpasiri: Yes
  4. [4:46 PM, 10/28/2017] Tinashe Mpasiri: ED never acknowledged receiving the letter.
  5. [4:51 PM, 10/28/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Both VPs haven’t acknowledged cde and what does it say about the sincerity of both of them. Especially in relationship with their being on record vachiti they want to fight corruption.
  6. [4:55 PM, 10/28/2017] MD Mawere: Indeed that is a departure point
  7. [4:56 PM, 10/28/2017] Gilbert: Will looking forward to learning a bit more from tonight’s interview
  8. [4:58 PM, 10/28/2017] MD Mawere: Goung live on THE 1873TV facebook page at 5pm. You can tune in.
  9. [5:05 PM, 10/28/2017] Gilbert: Is this the same with ours here on News Of the South ?
  10. [5:05 PM, 10/28/2017] Gilbert: I will tune in always keen to learn
  11. [6:23 PM, 10/28/2017] Tinashe Mpasiri: Check out @TinasheMpasiri’s Tweet:
  12. [8:55 PM, 10/28/2017] +263 77 459 5355: ✝For God made only one who did not know sin to become sin for us, so that we who did not know righteousness might become the righteousness of God through our union with him.✡

2 Corinthians 5:21 TPT


  1. [11:39 AM, 10/29/2017] Shavirai Mawere: Good morning
  2. [12:37 PM, 10/29/2017] +263 73 149 5724: Hey, can you spare some time to come and help me with the door to door exercise this week in Hatfield, Msasa Park or Waterfalls? Even an hour will make a difference. I am counting on your support. We only have 13 days to register everyone. It’s Lumumba
  3. [1:20 PM, 10/29/2017] MD Mawere: Fyi
  4. [10/29, 11:02] Dr Chikwama: Mr Mawere – good morning. It’s Cornilius here!!

I have just finished listening to your account of what happened with SMM.  It’s good to hear you speak so openly about it and to start debunking the so many conspiracy theories.

  1. [10/29, 11:13] Dr Chikwama: It appears though that the Vice President appears to be strongly linked, directly or otherwise, to the various developments linked to SMM over the years. And in a way, without every detail of the case, he may personally be part of the issue. Do you think this is a matter that will resolve through technical processes of the judiciary
  2. [10/29, 11:24] Mutumwa Mawere: Morning
  3. [10/29, 11:25] Mutumwa Mawere: I am sure you will agree that any abuse of public power affects not only the intended victims but has the tendency to be corrosive like cancer.
  4. [10/29, 11:43] Dr Chikwama: I couldn’t agree more. It’s my realisation of the costs – no only to you, but to the economy of Zimbabwe, which leaves me wondering if there is an alternative way out of this situation.

Based on what I heard from you yesterday, the technical matter is simple – the whole matter of state indebted companies is silly if one is to be polite.  It clearly appears to be a matter of power.

  1. [10/29, 11:45] Mutumwa Mawere: Do you agree that if it can happen to one with impunity, it can happen to all? What would be your considered opinion in relation to the promise of independence?
  2. [10/29, 11:48] Dr Chikwama: I have seen it happen to many Mr Mawere. I grew up in KweKwe…

It is only now that I have a better understanding the SMM

  1. [10/29, 11:50] Dr Chikwama: And of course, the SMM one is on a different scale
  2. [10/29, 12:10] Mutumwa Mawere: What do you think active citizenship would compel us to do?
  3. [10/29, 12:26] Dr Chikwama: Active citizenship is a challenge for Zimbabwe. My feeling is that the system and culture deliberately works against active citizenship and
  4. [10/29, 12:28] Dr Chikwama: The moment you become an active citizen you immediately become an agent of the West, CIA backed, and in some cases even a CIO
  5. [10/29, 12:28] Mutumwa Mawere: What is your understanding of the idea of active citizenship and its relevance to problem solving?
  6. [10/29, 12:29] Dr Chikwama: Until collectively people realise there is power in active citizenship it’s difficult to make progress on most matters
  7. [10/29, 12:30] Dr Chikwama: As an economist, my starting point defining active citizenship is understanding market failures and there why government exists
  8. [10/29, 12:32] Dr Chikwama: Essentially there are goods and services that if left to the market would: (a) not be produced at all (public goods – defence, security, big infrastructure like roads, etc) because of free riding and other problems; (b) less than optimal would be produced or consumed because of “positive externalities” (e.g. education, skills, aspects of health, etc); (c) more than optimal would be produced or consumed because of “negative externalities” (e.g. polluting activities). So for economists governments exist to solve…
  9. [1:31 PM, 10/29/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: I agree we need to define and promote the role of active citizenship in Zimbabwe.
  10. [1:34 PM, 10/29/2017] +263 77 459 5355: Eye opening ….
  11. [7:44 AM, 10/30/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: “The glue that binds G40 is avarice, unbridled wealth from a declining economy”
  12. Chris Mutsvangwa
  13. [11:05 AM, 10/30/2017] +27 71 712 9408: True
  14. [1:35 PM, 10/30/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: Who would invest in this? Our politicians have proven to be bogus and selfish. What would be the missing factors and how can they be ignited?
  15. [1:38 PM, 10/30/2017] Tinashe Mpasiri: It starts with us and I am the us. By sharing what i know on the public square, that is active citizenship in motion.
  16. [1:38 PM, 10/30/2017] +27 71 712 9408: Shared values,virtues and principles are missing
  17. [1:41 PM, 10/30/2017] +27 71 712 9408: Our systems must be designed to ensure only those with high character in terms of intergrity and honour occupy positions of leadership maybe it should be called stwerdship instead of leadership?
  18. [2:42 PM, 10/30/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: So as citizens maybe we need to define the system. Starting with common values and virtues.
  19. [2:48 PM, 10/30/2017] Tapuwa Chitambo: For this to happen do u agree Tinashe kuti platforms must be created. A good example what is happening here.
  20. [6:30 PM, 10/31/2017] +263 77 459 5355: How true is this


RBZ urges every Zimbabwean citizen to deposit their money before the 1st of November 2017. The Zimbabwean Central Bank has come up with new notes to be used other than bond note which has devaluated. Any  deposits after the 1st of November will lead to your loss. The RBZ boss is on record of trying to promote the use of plastic money and mobile transfer platforms such as One Wallet, Telecash and Ecocash. Please pass this vital information to all your friends and relatives especially to those who are in remote areas. Let us go and deposit all our bond notes in the banks before they become valueless. It is wiser to use Bank Transfers or Mobile money transfers that is One Wallet, Ecocash and Telecash. Do not be caught off guard hoarding the bond notes until they become valueless.

Please pass on information to your loved ones and other groups

enda neBond note kubank before it becomes valueless and promote plastic money

  1. [6:37 PM, 10/31/2017] +27 62 688 7548: That’s not true
  2. [7:34 PM, 10/31/2017] +263 77 293 1885: Zimeye is a bogus website
  3. [7:38 PM, 10/31/2017] +263 77 735 0451: Bogus indeed

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