1. [9:00 AM, 12/16/2016] Shingai Ndoro: Ummm
  2. [10:46 AM, 12/16/2016] Thinga: who said Biti had significant support,elections?polls?
  3. [11:07 AM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: President Biti is busy working on mobilising masses than to depend on past results Replies to the critics – #Shutdown Zim2016Source: Ibbo Mandaza and Tony Reeler, Zimbabwe Independent Since we convened the Platform for Concerned Citizens (PCC) in July, we have worked hard to make clear both the rationale behind and the rationality for a National Transitional Authority (NTA). From the time of publication of the PCC position paper on the NTA on 23rd July, …
  4. [11:10 AM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: Ibbo Mandaza & Tony Reeler remain convinced that only an NTA can put Zimbabwe on the road to recovery @BitiTendai
  5. [11:17 AM, 12/16/2016] Tawanda Madamombe: What has been his perfomance in by elections so Far,what do opinion polls say
  6. [11:28 AM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: You are quick to judge and remember each organisation has to prepare a good ground to set off. So be patient
  7. [11:31 AM, 12/16/2016] Tawanda Madamombe: In the meanwhile,whilst Being patient i would have to contend with the bragging of untested entities?
  8. [11:48 AM, 12/16/2016] +27 78 202 5720: Biti like Zimpf or TZ or Viva Zim until proven are wish list parties. Its the people’s mandate to elect leaders. There are not elected or even appointed. All these parties prior to participation in elections are wishlist parties. I can even form my own party where i become President, Secretary General and chairperson at the same time. Kkkkk
  9. [11:50 AM, 12/16/2016] +27 78 202 5720: Biti made a strategic error by not condesting the election in Harare and Bulawayo when Mdc T removed the rebel MPs.

If his Mdc T MPs condested some would have one if not majority cause urban people prefer any alternative to Zanu pf.

  1. [11:51 AM, 12/16/2016] +27 78 202 5720: His party would be strong to date.
  2. [11:51 AM, 12/16/2016] Thinga: What if he had lost,of he was bound to without the blessing of MDC
  3. [11:52 AM, 12/16/2016] Thinga: Which
  4. [11:54 AM, 12/16/2016] +27 78 202 5720: Its a gamble that would have worked in his favour. Remember people were not happy with the blanders (sp) of Morgan. Or victimisation of seniour leaders of Mdc T.

It wasnt an issue of contesting all 21 seats but winning some. .

Zanu won because it lacked alternatives.

  1. [11:55 AM, 12/16/2016] +27 78 202 5720: If Mliswa could win in Norton what wld PDP have done in Harare would have been tremendous.
  2. [11:55 AM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: He never made any error it’s just your observations. Like I said it’s not what you expected that the organisation thought of not to contest. Remember each organisation has their own plans. Just be patient
  3. [11:55 AM, 12/16/2016] +27 78 202 5720: Now PDP has been overtaken with events
  4. [11:56 AM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: Mr everything has its own time
  5. [11:56 AM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: How do you know. What events
  6. [11:57 AM, 12/16/2016] +27 78 202 5720: Biti made strategic blanders in politics. Especial not contesting the seats that his pple occupied.
  7. [11:58 AM, 12/16/2016] +27 78 202 5720: Come 2018 Zanu pf will have an absolute majority. Mdc t and Zimpf will share the minority seats.
  8. [11:58 AM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: To you is a mistake but to PDP was ok for a big reason.
  9. [11:59 AM, 12/16/2016] Thinga: Mliswa used trickery and socery to get into parly
  10. [11:59 AM, 12/16/2016] +27 78 202 5720: Political wisedom
  11. [11:59 AM, 12/16/2016] Thinga: He might have ganered even one out of 21
  12. [12:00 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: They won elections not on their personal capacity but because they were MDC T

So you think miracles were going to happen

  1. [12:00 PM, 12/16/2016] +27 78 202 5720: But u cant prove Mliswa is a wizard. And argue that he used socery. Not acceptable.
  2. [12:01 PM, 12/16/2016] +27 78 202 5720: One is a platform to start with than none.
  3. [12:02 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: Mliswa mobilised using his new youth group. And after that gave him set off
  4. [12:03 PM, 12/16/2016] Thinga: Mliswas wizard nature can be proved by his attitude towards his backers for the Norton vacancy after winning
  5. [12:04 PM, 12/16/2016] Thinga: A youth group that has never worked for him before Norton
  6. [12:05 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: PDP will make history despite you looking at down upon your nose.
  7. [12:05 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: What evidence do you have that it never worked.
  8. [12:06 PM, 12/16/2016] Thinga: The group was there when He contested and lost his own home constituency
  9. [12:07 PM, 12/16/2016] Norman Mukandagumbo: OUR OBJECTIVES?????
  10. [12:07 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: That does not mean it never worked
  11. [12:08 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: It’s just your own observations
  12. [12:08 PM, 12/16/2016] Thinga: What do you think it means?and who said its working
  13. [12:08 PM, 12/16/2016] +27 78 202 5720: PDP will like Zum or UDP or Shakespear Maya’s party or Makoni’s Magumo sink into political oblivion.
  14. [12:09 PM, 12/16/2016] +27 78 202 5720: Results guaranteed
  15. [12:09 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: I know their active groups and I have come across them
  16. [12:09 PM, 12/16/2016] Thinga: That input was there before when he was a loser elewhere,in this case in Norton,the inputs were a bit more
  17. [12:10 PM, 12/16/2016] +27 78 202 5720: To be frank i am not know in political circles but can do better than most of these upstarts who immediately sink into political waterloo.
  18. [12:11 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: It’s your observations because you are not furnished with what is happening on the ground. Your judgement is derived from the media and is the only source that you relying on
  19. [12:13 PM, 12/16/2016] +27 78 202 5720: Norton is a quasi urban area implying there is a significant number of voters rural abd predominantly zanu pf but Mliswa won against all odds. What more pure urban areas like Mp Pleasant
  20. [12:14 PM, 12/16/2016] +27 78 202 5720: By the way Biti was a member of Zum
  21. [12:14 PM, 12/16/2016] +27 78 202 5720: To become a member of ghe Dongo party
  22. [12:15 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: Simply that you are doing nothing is evident enough that you will never mobilise even one person or even have 5 followers. Instead of supporting those who trying on behalf you onlookers you criticises. To be in politics it means you are born leader. If you not that means you will never.
  23. [12:15 PM, 12/16/2016] +27 78 202 5720: Eventually joining the then capital & labour based party
  24. [12:17 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: Are you aware of this gathering recently. If not that shows you dnt know what is happening. Just be patient and have you final conclusions post 2018
  25. [12:18 PM, 12/16/2016] +27 78 202 5720: I believe Zim doesnot need more politicians but entreprenuers to take it forward for now.
  26. [12:21 PM, 12/16/2016] +27 78 202 5720: 5 persons and u call that a gathering.

These people will only be accountable to Posa fullstop since its a gathering of more than three.

Else hapana hapana

  1. [12:21 PM, 12/16/2016] Thinga: Born a leader,so who is born a follower?
  2. [12:22 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: I thought being in this group would help to understand more than just your personal sentiments. How will you follow your entrepreneurship in the environment like Zimbabwe
  3. [12:23 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: This the entrance.why did you not pick up the other I just sent
  4. [12:24 PM, 12/16/2016] Thinga: Eections my man re not a bunch of photos
  5. [12:25 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: Were have you seen promotion of entrepreneurship in an environment that is like zimbabwe
  6. [12:25 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: Do you understand the political situation in Zimbabwe
  7. [12:26 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: What really happened to SMM.
  8. [12:27 PM, 12/16/2016] Tawanda Madamombe: This pics shows Zimbos are suffering massively
  9. [12:27 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: Was not SMM not taking Zimbabwe forward. How many families have lost their jobs due the players of the present government
  10. [12:28 PM, 12/16/2016] Tapuwa Chitambo: Can u pliz enlighten us, always good to hear from the usually silent voices, they say u learn more when u are silent!!
  11. [12:30 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: Yes that shows you the need of a new Zimbabwe. I dnt blv if you ever existed in zimbabwe one day. Who is not suffering presently in Zimbabwe. Do you expect them to be wealth in a national that is broke. You showing me that you are just an observer of our nation.
  12. [12:34 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: To be silent does not mean I’m learning. If you contribute you ensuring knowledge transfer. And if you say I was silent may go back and check if I was really silent. If you been contributing a lot do not mean you the only one who has a right to speak about SMM. So please do not undermine me
  13. [12:35 PM, 12/16/2016] Tawanda Madamombe: Amen to that,politicians should stick to their business
  14. [12:36 PM, 12/16/2016] Tawanda Madamombe: Not everyone is suffering especially the ones ripping off these poor souls
  15. [12:37 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: Clearly you will be affected by politics.
  16. [12:37 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: Please dnt be selfish.
  17. [12:38 PM, 12/16/2016] Tawanda Madamombe: The country im in doesnt have much room for that to happen
  18. [12:38 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: Which country
  19. [12:38 PM, 12/16/2016] Tawanda Madamombe: SA
  20. [12:41 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: You are selfish. You dnt care of people back are just fine as long you managed to get an alternative than others and you think all is well coz you concentrate on your proximity. This the same what Mugabe is doing and also remember SA is not your home you are a zimbabwean. What you have is a privilege
  21. [12:42 PM, 12/16/2016] Tawanda Madamombe: Even if i cared
  22. [12:45 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: What do you mean if you say political interference is not happening here in SA? Are being serious. Where is judgement coming from.

There is conducive environment here that was created by political freedom that is ensuring entrepreneurs to operate with freedom

  1. [12:46 PM, 12/16/2016] +263 77 587 5828: Speculation
  2. [12:46 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: So dnt talk of politics or discourage those who trying something. Coz no one is stopping you from following what you blv
  3. [12:47 PM, 12/16/2016] Tawanda Madamombe: I only believe in the news of Mugabes death in the herald,or Zanu pf losing national elections in the same
  4. [12:48 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: So let us do it for you then you shall have news to read
  5. [2:47 PM, 12/16/2016] Tawanda Madamombe: Until Then…
  6. [2:48 PM, 12/16/2016] +263 77 735 0451: Under MdcT Albert Mhlanga won the Pumula constituency with 6880 votes. He contested as an independent last year and got 134 votes. So it shows the 6880 were party votes not his.
  7. [3:05 PM, 12/16/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: Yes the party is for the people not a person
  8. [3:19 PM, 12/16/2016] Thinga: You couldnt spare your precious time for a little math
  9. [3:20 PM, 12/16/2016] Pandora: I think you got the point
  10. [8:03 PM, 12/16/2016] +263 73 214 5751: Have been listening to what is happening in Masvingo. All are saying “pasi naTsvangirai”.

No one is saying pasi naMujuru, Biti, Welshman, Simba Makoni, Madhuku, Dabengwa, Mangoma etc

  1. [8:40 PM, 12/16/2016] Mahlangu: How do you interpret that?
  2. [10:07 PM, 12/16/2016] Thinga: How can one fight the wind
  3. [2:46 AM, 12/17/2016] +263 77 735 0451: You can’t say down with your colleagues, those whom you have put in place to destroy and kill Morgan. They are your partners.
  4. [2:47 AM, 12/17/2016] +263 77 735 0451: But the people are not fools. Elections will tell the tale.
  5. [2:49 AM, 12/17/2016] +263 77 735 0451: No and never to coalitions or transitional this or that to sanitise Zanu
  6. [5:49 AM, 12/17/2016] +263 77 329 8452: Peter if urban people change their minds and decide to register as voters like rural people Elections will tell the tale
  7. [7:11 AM, 12/17/2016] +263 73 344 2739: Armchair politics
  8. [8:04 AM, 12/17/2016] Lovemore Chukucha: True there. They are affected most, they complain much, they dnt vote
  9. [10:18 AM, 12/17/2016] +27 71 712 9408: Fosmmers
  10. [10:22 AM, 12/17/2016] Tinashe Mpasiri: Welcome back Mr Matiza
  11. [10:26 AM, 12/17/2016] +27 71 712 9408: Its good to b back
  12. [10:26 AM, 12/17/2016] MD Mawere: Welcome back
  13. [10:29 AM, 12/17/2016] +27 71 712 9408: Thank u
  14. [11:22 AM, 12/17/2016] +27 78 709 3309: SHOCKING STATISTICS

DId you know, in the 2013 Presidential Elections

-,3 million registered voters cast their votes.

-Of these 3 million ,less than 10% where newly registered voters?

  • Historically speaking these 2 million ZANU pf voters are the same that have been voting for ZANU pf in past elections.
  • 2 million of these voted for ZANU of and 1,Million for the opposition.

-Zimbabwe has a population of 13,million of which 4,2 million are youths who are less than 40 years old and are eligible to vote,BUT have not voted.

  • Logically it translates to 2 million voters deciding the fate of 13 million.

Are you registered to vote????

  1. [11:24 AM, 12/17/2016] +27 71 712 9408: registration centre
  2. [11:34 AM, 12/17/2016] Thinga: Those statistics re not fully drafted Reality Contradicts Maduro’s Explanation For Venezuela’s Currency SwitchAs most of us know by now this past week has seen President Maduro insist that the 100 bolivar note, the largest of the old currency issue and worth about 2 US cents, must be taken out of the legal tender system and then everyone wait for the new, larger, […]
  3. [3:21 PM, 12/18/2016] MD Mawere:
  4. [5:28 PM, 12/18/2016] +263 77 230 5960: Interesting read in the context of bond notes and the justification given thanks
  5. [7:08 PM, 12/18/2016] +263 77 211 8533: mwembe school
  6. Bag 212


23 November 2016

Kuna baba namai

Ndanyora tsamba ino ndichikuzivisai kuti ndazokundikana kuuya kumusha kuzororo rino reKisimusi  (Christmas  holidays). Izvi zvese zvakonzerwa ne vakomana vekanzuru ana madhodhabhini.

Zvaitika ndezvekuti ndafumo bata jongwe muromo kugadzirira kuti ndibude pamba kuti ndinobata bhazi rekutanga pamusika.

Hazvina hazvo kunyanyo ndinetsa semunhu anga akagadzirira zvizhinji kare. Pandanga ndakukiya gedhi ndazoona kuti ndasiya ndisina kudzima mamwe ma lights mumba. Ndabva ndasiya saga rese regrocery panze pagate kuti ndinodzima ma lights sezvo ranga richirema zvisingaite.

Sezvineiwo vakomana vema bin vabva vangosvika nechimota chavo ndokukanda saga rangu re grocery muchimota chavo ini ndirimumba. Ndovimba kuti vafunga kuti marara. Ndazobuda mumba ndo traya kumhanyisa mota iya asi vanga vatova kure. Saka ndineurombo zvikuru nechiitiko ichi plus mhosva haisi yangu. Musagunun’une henyu….

wenyu mwana


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