1. [9:02 AM, 12/19/2016] Dr Vusumuzi Sibanda Sibbs: Marange diamond plunder explodes ☛
  2. [10:30 AM, 12/19/2016] +27 71 712 9408: Corporate Governance is dead
  3. [10:32 AM, 12/19/2016] +27 71 712 9408: How did African Consolidated Resources lose Marange Mining Rights
  4. [10:59 AM, 12/19/2016] Dr Vusumuzi Sibanda Sibbs: When I read that I was very curios hence I posted here because it could be a similar scheme to SMM and the Reconstruction shenanigans
  5. [11:03 AM, 12/19/2016] Tawanda Madamombe: So Its Ok for the chinese to can and plunder our national resources? hh_205_10_doc_94978DOC118 kB
  6. [12:03 PM, 12/19/2016] Dr Vusumuzi Sibanda Sibbs: Interesting plot of things as it appears. Parly urges govt to reopen SMM
  7. [5:42 PM, 12/19/2016] Shingai Ndoro: Fellow members of this group, I’m seeking for the date this issue was discussed on parliament

  1. [6:27 PM, 12/19/2016] +263 77 728 7847: Not sure but on order paper
  2. [6:28 PM, 12/19/2016] Shingai Ndoro: I would like to have the actual date so that I download the relevant Hansard for the debate.
  3. [6:29 PM, 12/19/2016] +263 77 728 7847: Will let you know
  4. [6:30 PM, 12/19/2016] Shingai Ndoro: Thanks very much.
  5. [6:39 PM, 12/19/2016] MD Mawere: What ever happened to the thrust of this group. Parliament is not interested in justice but perpetuating a wrong.
  6. [6:40 PM, 12/19/2016] Shingai Ndoro: You recall I raised this observation regarding the motion?

It was agreed that it will be fixed during submissions yet the amended motion and submissions needed to be agreed upon here.

  1. [6:41 PM, 12/19/2016] Shingai Ndoro: I even submitted how a motion is amended.
  2. [6:42 PM, 12/19/2016] MD Mawere: Please judge for yourself!!!
  3. [6:43 PM, 12/19/2016] Shingai Ndoro: How can we have a parliament perpetuating a wrong?
  4. [6:43 PM, 12/19/2016] Shingai Ndoro: Our honorable MP who moved the motion did not deal with it as agreed here.
  5. [6:44 PM, 12/19/2016] MD Mawere: The concern was about the plight of workers against a universally help principle that state hooliganism will always produce outcomes that are bad.
  6. [6:46 PM, 12/19/2016] MD Mawere: I guess when honour is a visitor we all become respectable custodians of retrogression and counter productivity.
  7. [6:46 PM, 12/19/2016] +263 77 587 5828: A house can never be built on an imaginary foundation.
  8. [6:47 PM, 12/19/2016] MD Mawere: Movies suggest otherwise.
  9. [6:48 PM, 12/19/2016] Shingai Ndoro: Honorable, will you kindly favour us with the date the debate was held so that we read the Hansard for ourselves to make an informed judgement?
  10. [6:49 PM, 12/19/2016] MD Mawere: The enthusiasm is easily eroded when the destination is after all a nullity.
  11. [6:50 PM, 12/19/2016] Shingai Ndoro: I’m deeply devastated!
  12. [6:50 PM, 12/19/2016] MD Mawere: Decimated.
  13. [6:55 PM, 12/19/2016] MD Mawere: When hope is extinguished by its author who didn’t even the courage to announce its death only to learn from then you must know where trust begins and ends. Mnangagwa denies Gukurahundi role – NewsDay ZimbabweVICE-PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has denied accusations he played an active role in the Gukurahundi massacres, which reportedly claimed over 20 000 lives in Matabeleland and Midlands regions in the
  14. [7:04 PM, 12/19/2016] +27 78 202 5720:
  15. [7:04 PM, 12/19/2016] Shingai Ndoro: Vibe killer!

We have a serious issue here.

  1. [7:10 PM, 12/19/2016] Tawanda Madamombe: Many developing countries still use asbestos products for infrustructure, eg piping and roofing. Even Zimbabwe imports asbestos from Brazil when they destroyed their own mines. Ask Turnal fibre cement how it has become difficult for them cost-wise having to switch to imports for a product that is very much in abundance locally but destroyed by ZANU greediness. Yes asbestos will stop being used at some point, but for now its still useful, and we have missed an opportunity to benefit from its current usefulness. By the was SMM exported more than 70% of its output, which means the market is still there.


Francis Dhliwayo  Chongwe

2 hours ago

Just not true. Please tell us which developed country is still using asbestos ? They have actually moved away from asbestos. You will not find existing companies still manufacturing asbestos products in these developed countries. It is trues most countries has not completed the substitution but new new products but they are avoiding using asbestos. You may not be aware, asbestos has been found to have fatal health effects


Chongwe  Francis Dhliwayo

2 hours ago

developing countries are not the same as developed countries. Please read again, moron! maybe you dont know what is refered to as developing countries. Zim is one of them and they import asbestos from Brazil, just an example.


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  1. [7:14 PM, 12/19/2016] Tawanda Madamombe: They still run this belief that populist entities like the legislature and the executive should decide the fate of private property
  2. [7:15 PM, 12/19/2016] Shingai Ndoro: Statism!

It’s a deep seated ideology of Machiavellian cruelty.

This is what they mean when you hear them say ideology ideology ideology.

  1. [9:12 PM, 12/19/2016] +263 77 323 8820: During the Soviet dictatorship of Stalin, he (Stalin) came to one Politburo meeting with a live chicken. He started to pluck its feathers one by one off.

The chicken quacked in pain, blood oozing from its pores. It gave out heartbreaking cries but Stalin continued without remorse plucking feather after feather until the chicken was completely naked. After that, he threw the chicken on the ground and from his pockets, took out some chicken feed and started to throw it at the poor creature. It started eating and as he walked away, the chicken followed him and sat at his feet feeding from his hand.

Stalin then told members of his party leadership “This chicken represents the people, you must disempower them, brutalise them, beat them up and leave them. If you do this and then give them peanuts when they are in that helpless and desperate situation, they will blindly follow you for the rest of their life.They will think you are a hero forever. They will forget that, it is you who brought them to that situation in the first place.”

Does this sound familiar?

  1. [11:03 PM, 12/19/2016] +263 77 296 4428: Mugabe akatora vana vake and said, what do you want to do for a living?,Bona said; l want to be an accountant. ,Robert said; l want to be an engineer ,Chatunga said; l want to be a Lawyer. ,Mugabe was shoked and said hapana anodawo kuita president and they all said TOITA SEI PRESIDENT IMI MUCHIRAMBIRAPO 😂😂😂

musazondisungisawo ndachtora mustate house

  1. [11:20 PM, 12/19/2016] Tawanda Madamombe: “As a result of the defamatory articles, plaintiff, who is a Cabinet minister, a Member of Parliament for Mount Darwin South

Constituency and a respected political commissar in Zanu PF, has been damaged in his reputation and has suffered damages in the

sum of $7 million.”

  1. [11:21 PM, 12/19/2016] Tawanda Madamombe: These price tags

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