FOSMM WHATSAPP THREAD ON 3 NOVEMBER 2016 – Public Office Bearers.

  1. [3:56 AM, 11/3/2016] JNS Musara: Cde Ras: separation of powers is not u know President is part of the Legislature even tho he is from the Executive. And we have MPs who are both members of the Legislature and members of the Exectv by virtue of being Cabinet Ministers..that is mixing of powers
  2. [3:58 AM, 11/3/2016] JNS Musara: @ Delight: if u have low or no intelligence then u surely get insulted by inconvenient facts
  3. [3:59 AM, 11/3/2016] JNS Musara: The fact is wat was issued is an SI not an Act of Parly. The 2 are different.
  4. [4:00 AM, 11/3/2016] JNS Musara: If Bob had said he has enacted an Act of Parly then that wld be usurping Parly’s primary law making power
  5. [6:09 AM, 11/3/2016] Mahlangu: Professor Jonathan Moyo

Rape, kidnap earns man 20 years in jail…

  1. November 3, 2016

Nkulumane, Magwegwe named Byo’s HIV hots…

  1. November 3, 2016

President Zuma jets in today. . . Six mi…

  1. November 2, 2016

Prof Moyo arrested: Released into lawyer’s custody as Minister expected in court today

  1. November 3, 2016 Headlines,

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Fidelis Munyoro and Innocent Ruwende,

Harare Bureau

Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo, was yesterday arrested for alleged abuse of office and misappropriating over $400 000 Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (Zimdef) funds.zimdef-logo

He was later released into the custody of his lawyer and is set to appear in court today.

Zimdef is a parastatal that falls under the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development.

His arrest came after he presented himself to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) head office in Mt Pleasant where a warned and cautioned statement was recorded after over five hours of closed door grilling.

Prof Moyo’s deputy Dr Godfrey Gandawa, Zimdef chief executive Mr Frederick Mandizvidza and Zimdef principal director (finance) Mr Nicholas Mapute, are also expected to appear in court.

The minister, who for long, had been denigrating and claiming that ZACC was improperly constituted, handed himself to the anti-corruption body yesterday afternoon and was released into the custody of his lawyer Mr Terrence Hussein last night.

Speaking after the meeting with ZACC officers, Adv Lewis Uriri, instructed by Mr Hussein, said his client was placed under arrest and released into the hands of his lawyer.

“I can confirm that he was invited to assist police and ZACC with investigations. He voluntarily availed himself for that process. He answered questions as put to him and at the end of that process, they immediately decided that they would be arresting, detain and charge him.”

“The constitutional requirements were complied with. The charges were put to him. He deposed a warned and cautioned statement and thereafter a request was made that he be released to his lawyers and we duly executed an indemnity. As regards when he appears in court that is entirely the discretion of the police,” he said.

ZACC spokesperson Mrs Phyllis Chikandura, also confirmed that Prof Moyo was summoned to their offices to give his statement.

“We summoned him here to give his statement in connection with the allegations he is facing,” said Mrs Chikandura.

“He came with his lawyer. We will keep you updated on further developments going forward.”

Prof Moyo arrived at ZACC offices at 3pm.

According to information at hand, $95 800 was transferred from Zimdef to Wishbone Trading through CABS.

Dr Gandawa received $20 000 through his personal Barclays account after which he transferred $19 030 to HIB Rajput PL T/A Ace Cycles. Dr Gandawa then transferred $27 550 to SKM Motorcycles for 10 tri-cycles for Prof Moyo and the balance was withdrawn in cash.

It is also now public knowledge that $107 525 was transferred from Zimdef to Fuzzy Technologies’ NMB Bank account, of which $5 745 was transferred to Pridham Investments for Dr Gandawa’s personal furniture.

Dr Gandawa also paid for 69 bicycles worth $7 260 for Prof Moyo.

He also transferred $12 900 to Wisebone Trading as capital to finance his personal business and the remainder was withdrawn in cash.

The documents further indicate ZACC is investigating a separate case in which Prof Moyo and Dr Gandawa are suspected of getting Zimdef to release 100 000 litres of diesel worth $118 500, which was then diverted to the black market.

It is alleged the fuel was requested by the Zimbabwe Youth Council on July 26 for a “skills gap assessment programme. ”

Dr Gandawa recommended the allocation and Prof Moyo gave his approval on August 4, 2016.

Prof Moyo, Dr Gandawa, Mr Mandizvidza and Mr Mapute could have unlawfully benefited from $430 000 of the State enterprise’s money between November 2015 and June 2016, documents show.

ZACC is investigating other alleged abuses of Zimdef funds by Prof Moyo, his deputy, and three subordinates.

  1. [6:10 AM, 11/3/2016] Mahlangu: Is this Terrence Hussein not Mugabe’s lawyer?
  2. [6:19 AM, 11/3/2016] +27 78 202 5720: Yes he is Mugabe’s Lawyer
  3. [6:20 AM, 11/3/2016] Pandora: Vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa has emerged as Zimbabwe’s richest man, according to Wikipedia.

The reputable reference site does not, however, state his net worth, name the source of its information or give details of his investments.

“Regarded as the wealthiest individual in Zimbabwe, Mnangagwa has close business links with Colonel Lionel Dyck, a white officer from the old Rhodesian army who founded Mine Tech, a landmine clearance company that secured lucrative contracts from the Zimbabwean government to clear landmines in Zimbabwe border areas after the war,” Wikipedia said in a new post updated after Mnangagwa was appointed vice president in December.

Information at hand shows that Mnangagwa made much of his money while he was secretary for finance in Zanu PF. Mnangagwa also made a killing allegedly smuggling diamonds, timber and other resources from the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to a United Nations report.

As finance secretary, Mnangagwa controlled Zanu PF’s vast, octopus-like business empire spanning motor vehicles, duty-free shops, banking, airline catering, mining, retail, food processing, agriculture and manufacturing. The Zanu PF companies included the party’s flagship M&S Syndicate, Zidco Holdings and Zidlee Enterprises. Among them, the companies control FBC Bank, Lobels Bread, SMM Holdings, Catercraft and Tregers, among others.

Mnangagwa’s private interests include retailers Jaggers and Metropeech, farms and mines. A lot of his businesses are run in partnership with white, ex-Rhodesian businessmen who include the arms smuggler John Bredenkamp, transport, logistics, farming and mining mogul Billy Rautenbach and British property tycoon Nicholas van Hoogstraten.mnangagwa2

Several of Mnangagwa’s business associates, including the British-Indian brothers Jayant and Manharlal Joshi, as well as SMM front man Mutumwa Mawere fled the country in disgrace in 2004 after the Zanu PF politburo launched investigations into reported massive theft of party funds. Former army commander, General Solomon Mujuru was appointed to lead the investigations but died in a mysterious inferno which has been blamed on Mnangagwa, before submitting his report. The vice president also seized the 1600 hectare Sherwood farm in Kwe Kwe without compensating its white owner. Mnangagwa has been named in various corruption scandals, including looting the Marange diamonds in partnership with Chinese and Russian firms and bringing down Ziscosteel.

  1. [6:20 AM, 11/3/2016] Pandora: Mutumwa have you seen that??, is it true??, are you indeed one of mnangagwa’s business partners
  2. [7:02 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: Thanks. It is evident that you have not been in this group since the beginning as most of the questions relating to the acquisition of SMM have been dealt with as well as mischievous assertions that I fled from Zimbabwe.
  3. [7:04 AM, 11/3/2016] Pandora: True l joined midway but lam curious to know what the relationship between you and Emerson is, if any exists at all???
  4. [7:06 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: Have you understood how your new friend SMM was acquired?
  5. [7:06 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: Who was the seller and buyer?
  6. [7:07 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: Whether SMM was a private or public entity?
  7. [7:07 AM, 11/3/2016] Ras: I stopped reading when it said Wikipedia is a reputable reference site
  8. [7:08 AM, 11/3/2016] Pandora: Yes l read about how you formed ARL, and how things went through the acquisition, thats l have learnt from this group, but there was never any mention of you having a personal relationship with garwe
  9. [7:11 AM, 11/3/2016] +263 77 296 4428: A lot of good thoughts on this platform end up not captured for prosperity, but deleted. Can we not for a vehicle or find investors for a print media project like a newspaper to also inform others. Thinking aloud
  10. [7:11 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: In what context in the affairs of SMM would personal relationships have been important especially having regard to the fact that at all material times Mnangagwa was a public official?

If there is a belief that Mnangagwa used his borrowed powers in respect of SMM then we should table this here so that like SAVE SA we can expose these facts for the sake of securing the Zim of our dreams.

  1. [7:17 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: Thanks for the thought. If we don’t learn then what good is new investments where constitutionalism is a footnote? Where are the journalists who are motivated by a desire to secure constitutionalism as an end.

I am fascinated by the state capture narrative where people have been galvanised using the Guptas as reference to drive home the point that change is now based on technical constitutional points.

We all know that capturing Zuma is not the same as capturing the state but one can argue that like Zuma, Mugabe has been captured by a few including Mnangagwa.

Whether this capture is corrosive can be best demonstrated using real examples like SMM and the Guptas.

  1. [7:19 AM, 11/3/2016] Pandora: Yes from that article, it seems that what the writer is insinuating, because in what other circumstances would mnangagwa be deemed your business partner, unless of coz if you are saying they are other business ventures which you are not at liberty to disclose because they aren’t related to SMM
  2. [7:20 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: I have nothing that I did that was not related to SMM hence FOSMM
  3. [7:22 AM, 11/3/2016] Pandora: I grew up in Norton and the general belief there was that a local company called hast belonged to you
  4. [7:38 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: Being part of FOSMM, do accept that any evidence of Mnangagwa let alone allegations of involvement in private business would fall within the mandate of this group to investigate in the interests of constitutionalism and good statecraft?
  5. [7:44 AM, 11/3/2016] +263 73 344 2739: Pandora u won’t Gt a stryt answer here broe
  6. [7:52 AM, 11/3/2016] Pandora: Yaa l got that bro, Mutumwa would use semantics to avoid a yes or no question, l rest my case
  7. [7:53 AM, 11/3/2016] +263 73 344 2739: Better broe
  8. [8:01 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: I give an answer to a question that its author can answer based on common sense.

Mnangagwa has been a public office bearer since 1980 and in that capacity he was prohibited from engaging in private business.

If we have knowledge that he is and was then it behooves on us to expose such facts.

On the contrary, questions are misdirected to me and not the public officer

  1. [8:11 AM, 11/3/2016] +263 73 344 2739: Mutumwa Mutumwa. Hw many plc office bearers are involved in business in ds country? Ofcoz they Gt partners .
  2. [8:14 AM, 11/3/2016] Pandora: Mr Mawere is mnangagwa or has he ever been your business partner in any of your business enterprises???
  3. [8:15 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: I have answered that question and the documents shared confirm the bold NO answer
  4. [8:16 AM, 11/3/2016] Pandora: Ok
  5. [8:18 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: I was trying to help advance the cause of FOSMM by encouraging media personalities and those interested in using SMM as a reference to restore the culture and practice of constitutionalism to put the question to Mnangagwa so that he may be the person to put this to rest.

As a public office bearer unlike me he is and must be accountable for the exercise of public power for personal benefit.

  1. [8:20 AM, 11/3/2016] Pandora: I understand were you are coming from, the issue was it might be long till l get an audience with such a powerful man, l have the privilege of addressing you and thats why l asked you first
  2. [8:21 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: I dont know but as a concerned citizen I have reason to be concerned about this matter hence participation in FOSMM so that we can deal with broader public policy issues based on facts and not surrender to pedestrian like thinking.
  3. [8:26 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: No public office bearer should be so powerful as to intimidate people into asking non public office bearers about the affairs of those who act and are compelled to act in the public interest. Mnangagwa is your servant and I would have thought that wearing the SMM hat you would take up these questions to get his version about the allegations regarding his purported interest in SMM and that the demise of SMM was directly linked to an alleged deal gone sour.

In addition, Hon Mujuru and Zhuwao are on record making the same bold averments.

Why would we be afraid to test constitutionalism dictates with Mnangagwa?

  1. [8:27 AM, 11/3/2016] Shingai Ndoro: 👌🏿👍🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
  2. [8:41 AM, 11/3/2016] Tinashe Mpasiri: 👏👏👏

And FOSMM has encouraged me to learn. From the SMM case study I have broadened my knowledge and understanding even on constitutional matters.

I can now inform others and play my part in improving literacy in society.

FOSMM has been lifetime opportunity for me to engage the many brilliant minds on this forum.

  1. [8:44 AM, 11/3/2016] Primrose Jani: True, I have learnt of statements, words, case studies and important sides of humanity, law, gvt and business
  2. [8:48 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: You will note that in respect of SMM there is a genuine interest in learning about the link between public power and business.

This is not unique to Zimbabwe but universally. The idea of state capture is alive and well.

There are many in FOSMM who believe that like the Guptas I had captured the state and some of the outrage against the Guptas is no different from that targeted at me.

I was encouraged that Gandanga took his own initiative on behalf of FOSMM to engage with you and other media actors.

He informed me correctly that you are veteran journalist who is familiar with the facts and circumstances of SMM yet the voices of such veterans is rarely manifest in the public square.

You will recall that I organised lunch with Mr Moxon and his wife with a view broadening the space of dialogue on the imperatives of constitutionalism and in doing so try to help your project.

You are aware that I was involved in setting up a newspaper but the experience was not a good one financially and in the context of Zimbabwe it is even more complex.

You will appreciate that state capture debate is creating new voices in the media who take the bull by the horns by using social media to rise above the pack of average journalists to be the source of intelligent  sources of news.

FOSMM can give you a bridge to where you wish to go. If you were in my shoes, would you put your money in Zim?

  1. [8:53 AM, 11/3/2016] +263 77 296 4428: Zim has a future. No wonder da British see a different zim to da one we do.
  2. [9:33 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: Zim’s future is shaped and defined by what we choose to do with our spare time. We can create a mountain out of state capture but where actions are not driven by courage and beliefs, we will not secure the future that speaks to our aspirations.

You have a project that you have shared with me and in your terms it is intended to break the silos that accommodate corruption. I told you about my limitations as a victim but if you can raise your voice about the many issues that remain hidden in the eyes and ears of the public, i have no doubt that we can give FOSMM the character and personality that promotes investment and good statecraft

  1. [9:38 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: Below is what I shared with Barnabas yesterday. Please let us share insights about the problem statement and whether the proposal will speak to it:
  2. [02/11, 09:35] Barnabas Tondhlana: Mdara. Im launching a provincial paper in kadoma covering norton chegutu ngezi kwekwe nd zvishavane. Isai mari soz this SMM issue does not die in da public space lyk it has now
  3. [02/11, 09:52] mdmawere1: Thanks. My brother, how can a victim whose resources that qualifies him to be one were taken through state capture and this has been the case for the last 12 years.
  4. [02/11, 09:55] Barnabas Tondhlana: Taura hako!!
  5. [02/11, 09:57] mdmawere1: We need to mobilize using SMM for alternative voices like yours. How best can we do this?
  6. [02/11, 09:59] Barnabas Tondhlana: I wonder. Zims resourced guys are zanu pf in da main.
  7. [02/11, 09:59] mdmawere1: There is no one who belongs to ZANU-PF
  8. [02/11, 10:00] Barnabas Tondhlana: 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  9. [02/11, 10:01] mdmawere1: How best can you use people like Chitambo in the context of FOSMM to show the faultlines of monopolization of power
  10. [02/11, 10:04] Barnabas Tondhlana: Sakunda fuels does!
  11. [02/11, 10:04] mdmawere1: What does it do?
  12. [02/11, 10:05] Barnabas Tondhlana: I don’t know chitambo dat well. Sakunda owns former BpShell service stations
  13. [02/11, 10:09] mdmawere1: The guy you met yesterday about FOSMM
  14. [02/11, 10:11] Barnabas Tondhlana: Kkkk! Gandanga? He got ideas. Some r far-fetched nd some reasonable. 1st things 1st is to build a throng.
  15. [02/11, 10:18] mdmawere1: How far-fetched are the ideas? Perhaps we need to think outside the boxes.
  16. [02/11, 12:10] Barnabas Tondhlana: Eg citizen arrest of investigating officer who lied under oath?
  17. [02/11, 12:11] mdmawere1: How does he hope to achieve that?
  18. [02/11, 12:14] Barnabas Tondhlana: By effecting a citarrest afta stauking da guy!
  19. [02/11, 12:14] mdmawere1: Are you sure?
  20. [02/11, 12:15] Barnabas Tondhlana: Kkkk! His own words.
  21. [02/11, 12:18] mdmawere1: Did he explain the nature of the problem and alleged mischief
  22. [02/11, 12:21] Barnabas Tondhlana: Some investigating officer perjured himself kti u had skimmed out millions of smm funds or smthing lyk dat. Gono said u had not. Gvt acted on info yaIO nd made u PNGrata. Dmthing lyk dat. Too far-fetched if I heard him wellgovt_wordle_retouch
  23. [02/11, 12:31] mdmawere1: We need to depersonalize the effort. If we can have Save SA why can’t we use FOSMM to campaign to Save Zim? How can we do this? Experienced people like you ought to provide leadership. When we talk about what is wrong with ZIM sometimes our minds are fixated on the person of Mugabe. We forget that it is a simple police officer that could have started the fire but his name remains buried. It takes people like Gandanga to unmask the ancestry of the problems.
  24. [02/11, 13:00] Barnabas Tondhlana: Yep
  25. [10:02 AM, 11/3/2016] +263 77 254 6207: Sorry…
  26. [10:03 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: Imagine if these words were invoked and included in the post-independence vocabulary.
  27. [10:03 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: Do the words speak to the experiences of Zim under Mugabe?
  28. [10:05 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: Has the abuse of state power become institutionalised in Zim?
  29. [10:55 AM, 11/3/2016] JNS Musara: “

We all know that capturing Zuma is not the same as capturing the state but one can argue that like Zuma, Mugabe has been captured by a few including Mnangagwa.

Whether this capture is corrosive can be best demonstrated using real examples like SMM and the Guptas.” says MDM

  1. [10:56 AM, 11/3/2016] JNS Musara: @MDM: can u pli elaborate what u mean on Mugabe capture? Are u saying VaMugabe has been captured by EDM or wat?
  2. [11:03 AM, 11/3/2016] JNS Musara: such a tweet unaccompanied by evidence is just a tweet from a crooked professof
  3. [11:05 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: Thanks. If Mnangagwa is reputed to be in private business as alleged not only in the context of SMM and if Mugabe knew and knows about this, would this not constitute an abuse of public office?

To the extent that Mugabe knows and he has failed, refused and neglected to make Mnangagwa accountable, that failure is tantamount to failure to discharge his constitutional duties.

A person can be both negatively and positively captured.

  1. [11:07 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: Prof may know better than us in his dark hours as reflects on what selective application of the law is.
  2. [11:07 AM, 11/3/2016] JNS Musara: VaMugabe is the 1 centre of power and he calls the shots
  3. [11:08 AM, 11/3/2016] JNS Musara: it becomes selective applctn of the law bcz its Jonathan in trouble?
  4. [11:09 AM, 11/3/2016] JNS Musara: if he has information on corruption by others he shld go tell Zacc
  5. [11:10 AM, 11/3/2016] JNS Musara: otherwise for Jonathan to claim to know abt corruption and yet keep the info and only threaten to spill the beans when his own corruption is captured is another form of corruption
  6. [11:10 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: Indeed but what if evidence exists that he is presiding over a can of worms and the specific actors remain pontificating about good statecraft?

The duties of public officers to the people through the intermediation of a constitution is not limited to the President but to each and every person that agrees to serve the people.

One rotten guy is one too many. Mabunda must be made accountable in his personal capacity for failing, refusing and neglecting to conform to the prescripts of the law.

  1. [11:12 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: That is why it is important to use case studies to educate and inform about how and by whom the state can fail to be a vehicle for progress and security.
  2. [11:13 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: Jonathan will no doubt be a useful vehicle for exposing how endemic and pervasive corruption has become.
  3. [11:16 AM, 11/3/2016] JNS Musara: ndokunge achipa humbowo.just throwing insinuations and innuendos does is not evidence of corruption
  4. [11:17 AM, 11/3/2016] +263 73 378 2490: Neither is it absence of corruption
  5. [11:17 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: Since you seem to know Mnangagwa and support his role in the post-Mugabe era, do you talk to him?
  6. [11:17 AM, 11/3/2016] JNS Musara: Mabunda was not a Prosecutor who has to provide an avalanche of details to prove the case.He was an IO
  7. [11:18 AM, 11/3/2016] JNS Musara: the rule of law requires evidence.rule of the jungle requires no evidence.
  8. [11:19 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: Do you agree that the normal process is for the IO to receive a complaint and subject it to an investigation and then present to the Prosecutor?
  9. [11:20 AM, 11/3/2016] +263 73 378 2490: If he knows he knows…we cant take that away…what we can ask for is the way forward in accordance with the law of what he knows
  10. [11:20 AM, 11/3/2016] JNS Musara: and if the investigation involves interviewing suspects the IO is allowed by law to apply for warrant of arrest
  11. [11:20 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: You may find that Mabunda is still in public service and if his actions are not interrogated he may pass on to higher positions on the basis of deception.
  12. [11:22 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: Indeed if this is the case then the IO can separately be held accountable. The IO is a sovereign actor and has a duty to the people. The duties are not transferable.
  13. [11:23 AM, 11/3/2016] JNS Musara: @Billi: if he knows he knows where Zacc or ZRP or Bob is..twitter is not a formal instn with mandate on such issuea
  14. [11:24 AM, 11/3/2016] Delight Benge: @Jones are you going to respond to this one?
  15. [11:25 AM, 11/3/2016] JNS Musara: what Cde?
  16. [11:31 AM, 11/3/2016] JNS Musara: its dangerous for him to talk to “successionists” like me
  17. [11:33 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: So the answer is YES OR NO
  18. [11:34 AM, 11/3/2016] +263 73 378 2490: Its dengerois but do you talk
  19. [11:34 AM, 11/3/2016] JNS Musara: allow me to dona trump: i will leave u n suspense on that 1
  20. [11:35 AM, 11/3/2016] JNS Musara: to do*
  21. [11:35 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: We are not asking out of mischief at all. Accept our bona fides.
  22. [11:36 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: But you seem to believe that the Sheriff is the address of evil but refuse to examine the conduct of each actor in undermining the promise.
  23. [11:38 AM, 11/3/2016] +263 73 378 2490: For what end…
  24. [11:40 AM, 11/3/2016] Tapuwa Chitambo: 👀👀
  25. [11:46 AM, 11/3/2016] Shingai Ndoro: I’m sure that’s how he characterizes being a FOSMM.


  1. [11:48 AM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: He is still online and we hope for the future of Zimbabwe, he will see the future beyond the confines of personalities
  2. [12:02 PM, 11/3/2016] +263 73 378 2490: Or we treat Him as a hostile non coperative witness…lol
  3. [12:03 PM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: Not yet. He may be consulting. No harm in giving a rope to a forward leaning person.
  4. [12:07 PM, 11/3/2016] Tapuwa Chitambo: BRACE FOR MORE ARRESTS OF OPPOSITION MEMBERS BY ZACC

Following the arrests of Prof Jonathan Moyo ZACC has prepared dockets for opposition activists .The list include 5 Councilors from Bulawayo (Stands), Harare Mayor Manyenyeni and two other Councilors, (former Town Clerk Mushore and Stands), Edwin Tsvangirai (Tender for water chemicals in local Authorities). The arrest of the above mentioned people will commence anytime soon.

“20 Zimbabwe People First Party officials including acting President Joice Mujuru have high cases of corruption amounting to millions of dollars but we’ve been given a directive not to arrest anyone from ZPF now until they pose to be a threat to the Ngwena camp or after any Grand Coalition that’ll emerge” says one ZACC insider.

As a succession plan Ngwena wants to be seen as fighting against corruption while eliminating his possible threats.

Watch the space from today.

Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission ZACC Intelligence file.

  1. [5:16 PM, 11/3/2016] Mahlangu: African Education system has surprising outcomes. The smartest students pass with 1st Class and get admissions to medical and engineering schools. The 2nd Class students get MBAs and LLB’s to manage the First Class students. The 3rd Class students enter politics, and rule both 1st and 2nd Class students. The Failures join the army and control politicians who, if they are not happy with, they kick or kill them. Best of all…..those who did not attend any school, become prophets, and everybody follows them. Weird…..isn’t it?
  2. [5:16 PM, 11/3/2016] Mahlangu: This reminds me of the illiterate Chinhoyi diesel woman who fooled degreed ministers and made them walked miles barefooted
  3. [5:34 PM, 11/3/2016] +44 7774 526007: 😂😂😂👆
  4. [5:16 PM, 11/3/2016] Mahlangu:
  5. [5:16 PM, 11/3/2016] Mahlangu: This reminds me of the illiterate Chinhoyi diesel woman who fooled degreed ministers and made them walked miles barefooted
  6. [5:34 PM, 11/3/2016] +44 7774 526007: 😂😂😂👆
  7. [6:08 PM, 11/3/2016] +263 77 556 1928: The observation above is not uniquely and inherently African. Most modern societies across the globe conform to that epistemic structure. It is an architecture that is irrigated and sustained by capitalistic, meritocratic and hierarchised global designs of human relations.
  8. [6:10 PM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: Hon Moyo are you allergic to what is described as capitalism for lack of a better term to describe the promise and limitations of a market system.
  9. [6:14 PM, 11/3/2016] +263 77 556 1928: Not allergic but a critic of global epistemic designs including open market systems. Whats your query!
  10. [6:23 PM, 11/3/2016] MD Mawere: My query is that i have yet to see a state actor who i can trust. I don’t what capitalism but i know the disasters its alternatives impose on forward leaning actors.

I can’t see that market but without it life would be impossible to administer and finite resources would end up being captured by those who choose to climb the state ladder.

  1. [6:25 PM, 11/3/2016] Hon Moyo: Can we resume this debate aft 10pm if you dont mind.

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