1. [5:36 AM, 10/23/2016] +263 77 735 0451: Blessed Sunday to all
  2. [5:39 AM, 10/23/2016] MD Mawere: Morning
  3. [5:56 AM, 10/23/2016] +263 77 735 0451: Good morning good people
  4. [5:58 AM, 10/23/2016] +263 77 735 0451: Results Results Results.
  5. Zanu PF 6 192
  6. NCA 89
  7. T Mliswa 8 927
  8. [6:21 AM, 10/23/2016] Stanley: Morning
  9. [6:27 AM, 10/23/2016] Nikiwe Denga: Morning Friends
  10. [6:36 AM, 10/23/2016] +27 74 709 4781: Watup fam
  11. [6:59 AM, 10/23/2016] +263 77 294 7851: RBZ abandons bond note plansItaitione Ncube

Newsy Editor

THE Government of Zimbabwe has abandoned plans to introduce bond notes as a way of solving the worsening cash crisis after realising that the hare-brained idea was not just illegal, but highly unpopular, Zimbo can exclusively reveal. Sources said what is just left is for the embattled Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor, “Dr” John Panonetsa Mangudya to make a formal announcement reversing his May 4 policy measure to introduce bond notes.350

Instead, Zimbabwe will try to solve its debilitating liquidity and cash crises by leaning more towards the South African rand as well as promoting the use of plastic money. The hare-brained bond note idea was the brain-child of Mangudya, a dubious character whose qualification for the top RBZ job is subject to a court challenge after he got the job using dubious qualifications from dubious university. “It is just a matter of time before Mangudya announces that abandonment of the bond notes… initially, the bond note was supposed to come in June, then it was moved to August, and then to October… the truth of the matter is that the government has realised that it will not be able to defend the move against sure lawsuits that would result from the introduction of bond notes… besides, the government realised that this is a very unpopular move that is worse than the cash shortage itself, considering that people are still nursing their fingers that got burnt during the Zim Dollar era,” a senior banking executive said.

Bankers Association Zimbabwe (BAZ) president Charity Jinya on this week told a parliamentary committee on finance that use of the South African rand would be prudent given the level of trade between the two countries. South Africa is Zimbabwe’s largest trading partner, accounting for about 70 percent of imported goods on the local market. Zimbabwe’s exports on the other hand have tailed off due to the strength of the greenback against regional currencies which rendered them more costly. “It is not sustainable for the US dollar to continue as the major transacting currency so we would recommend that the South African rand be used as the main transacting currency. This would reduce concentration of risk on the US dollar,” said Jinya, who heads MBCA Bank, a subsidiary of South Africa’s Nedbank. Meanwhile, Mangudya’s continued stay at the RBZ is now subject to debate, after the way he has handled the cash crisis made his a real embarrassment to his handlers in the government.

  1. [7:17 AM, 10/23/2016] +263 77 225 2629: Please use credible sources
  2. [7:49 AM, 10/23/2016] Tawanda Madamombe: Newsy editor?? Third Force on Twitter“BREAKING NEWS:Norton By -Election Official Results”
  3. [7:51 AM, 10/23/2016] MD Mawere: Take a look at @GKMwa’s Tweet:
  4. [8:25 AM, 10/23/2016] +263 77 735 0451: Norton By-Election Election Official Results
  5. Ward Total Results
  6. October 22 Poll
  7. Ward 1

Mliswa – 437

Chindedza – 124

Choga – 5

  1. Ward 2

Mliswa – 80

Chindedza – 80

Choga – 1

  1. Ward 3

Mliswa – 279

Chindedza – 162

Choga – 0

  1. Ward 4

Mliswa – 522

Chindedza – 246

Choga – 11

  1. Ward 5
  2. Mliswa – 383
  3. Chindedza – 183
  4. Choga – 2
  5. Ward 6

Mliswa – 361

Chindedza – 122

Choga – 5

  1. Ward 7
  2. Mliswa – 551
  3. Chindedza – 432
  4. Choga – 3
  5. Ward 8

Mliswa – 509

Chindedza – 211

Choga – 5

  1. Ward 9

Mliswa – 573

Chindedza – 238

Choga – 5

  1. Ward 10

Mliswa – 573

Chindedza – 342

Choga – 6

  1. WARD 11

Mliswa – 830

Chindedza – 177

Choga – 8

  1. Ward 12

Mliswa – 1389

Chindedza – 1064

Choga – 9

  1. Ward 13 Urban

Mliswa – 812

Chindedza – 475

Choga – 6

  1. Ward 13 Rural

Mliswa – 217

Chindedza – 675

Choga – 6

  1. Ward 14 Rural

Mliswa – 415

Chindedza – 809

Choga – 8

  1. Ward 15 Rural

Mliswa – 867

Chindedza – 852

Choga – 11*

  1. TOTAL

MLISWA – 8927 Declared Winner

Chindedza – 6192

Choga – 89

Spoilt – 114

  1. [8:33 AM, 10/23/2016] Dr Vusumuzi Sibanda Sibbs: Well interesting, a fugitive is often on the run. Could you say someone whose aboard is known and has not changed who when you started pursuing him to arrest already lived where they lived is running when no facts of their aboard has changed? Fugitive refers to a runner, escapee, question is where and from which prison or country had the alleged fugitive fled from or from whose custody where he was held?
  2. [8:39 AM, 10/23/2016] Stanley: Morning Cdes Help me answer the question. I want to package the program that deals with this issue
  3. [8:40 AM, 10/23/2016] Stanley: Am asking this questions because I want the the question answered for my listeners. Where under president Mugabe using the SMM facts can be considered to be a bonafide
  4. [8:47 AM, 10/23/2016] Tawanda Madamombe: Where is the question
  5. [8:48 AM, 10/23/2016] +27 73 738 4237: Morning
  6. [8:55 AM, 10/23/2016] Tawanda Madamombe: The problem with most of our debates is that we fail to take into cognizance that Zimbabwe is not a constitutional democracy,,and has not been for a very longtime,,there is always that temptation to rely on a brocken vase
  7. [8:59 AM, 10/23/2016] MD Mawere: Perhaps to rephrase the question – if SMM was natural person what would it say about the question whether Zimbabwe has lived under the stewardship of President Mugabe up to the promise of constitutionalism?
  8. SMM would be the injured party who must state its case why the assumption of constitutionalism is not appropriate notwithstanding President Mugabe’s belief that he has honoured the faith.
  9. [9:01 AM, 10/23/2016] Shingai Ndoro: Wrong!slide_9
  10. [9:02 AM, 10/23/2016] Stanley: So are you saying zimbabwe isn’t a constitutional democracy
  11. [9:03 AM, 10/23/2016] Stanley: Shade more light on your views
  12. [9:05 AM, 10/23/2016] Tinashe Mpasiri: What is your understanding of a constitutional democracy
  13. [9:05 AM, 10/23/2016] Tawanda Madamombe: I think we need to revisit how HE devoured the powers of almost every institution starting from the moment he assumed executive authority
  14. [9:09 AM, 10/23/2016] Tawanda Madamombe: A constitutional democracy is one in which the role of the state is guided by the rule of law,,with no exceptions
  15. [9:10 AM, 10/23/2016] MD Mawere: Since we are FOSMM should we not use the prism of the company to resolve the question and in so doing sharpen our understanding why SMM should be an interested party in the question and why FOSMM should be its active advocate. The shareholders were removed under the watch and active participation which event could not have taken place in a constitutional democracy
  16. [9:17 AM, 10/23/2016] Tawanda Madamombe: Of course,,smm is amongst if not the primal victim in as far as companies are concerned,,but we must understand a precedent was set already before smm became a victim,in which various institutions such as parliament and the judiciary were rendered in effective
  17. [9:19 AM, 10/23/2016] MD Mawere: Most juristic persons have no voice. They speak through humans. If we have other examples we can always create sister institutions
  18. [9:26 AM, 10/23/2016] Tawanda Madamombe: This sister institutions need to work in reference with others,,and whilst one cannot totally disregard the possibility of a possible positive outcomes,,the fact still remains the Zimbabwean constitutionalism in its current form has been to hesitant to call it existent,,hence the reliance on trial and error       constitution
  19. [9:29 AM, 10/23/2016] MD Mawere: Is the case that all too often constitutionalism is discussed in the abstract if not using human rights eyes when the eyes can be multiplied
  20. [9:40 AM, 10/23/2016] Tawanda Madamombe: In what case would the state satisfy the promise to those,,cause it seems justice is served relatively
  21. [9:42 AM, 10/23/2016] MD Mawere: Do you agree that in any battle of ideas we need two contrary contrarian views? If so, we need to know the question and the respective sides to take so that FOSMM cannot be confused for SMM.
  22. [9:57 AM, 10/23/2016] Tawanda Madamombe: Of course i agree,,in respect of smm i would like to know what rights were infringed,,who were the actors and why they were able to rise above their respective institutional roles
  23. [9:59 AM, 10/23/2016] MD Mawere: Who wants to be on which side of the fence?

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