1. [4:32 AM, 10/24/2016] Shingai Ndoro: Group link revoked.
  2. [5:07 AM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 587 5828: Thank you.
  3. [5:16 AM, 10/24/2016] Shingai Ndoro: @263736985068 kindly introduce yourself. Full name, where based and what you do for a living.
  4. [6:18 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Please welcome Brica. Brica we have the tradition of introducing ourselves. We don’t operate with hidden names and we take people are face value in our shared quest for knowledge. We don’t play the man but wish to allow facts do the talking. Common sense, reason and logic are what calls us to action.
  5. [6:20 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Please welcome Lenin. Lenon we have the tradition of introducing ourselves. We don’t operate with hidden names and we take people are face value in our shared quest for knowledge. We don’t play the man but wish to allow facts do the talking. Common sense, reason and logic are what calls us to action.
  6. [6:21 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 73 738 4237: Good morning
  7. [6:21 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 73 738 4237: Welcome Brica and Lenon
  8. [6:36 AM, 10/24/2016] +263 73 698 5068: Um Annah Rugara .i stay in runyararo north west. Currently um doing nothing
  9. [6:44 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Please let us welcome Jones. Jones we have the tradition of introducing ourselves. We don’t operate with hidden names and we take people are face value in our shared quest for knowledge. We don’t play the man but wish to allow facts do the talking. Common sense, reason and logic are what calls us to action.
  10. [6:49 AM, 10/24/2016] Nikiwe Denga: Welcome Jones to the bank of Knowledge.
  11. [6:50 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: Am a farmer by qualification and practice
  12. [6:50 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: Thanks Mr Mawere
  13. [6:52 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: You are welcome
  14. [6:54 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: For the new comers, yesterday we were seized with the above questions that beg for answers.
  15. [6:55 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: @17808381646 how much do you know of a company called Smoothnest and possible link with the choices and decisions regarding SMM?
  16. [6:56 AM, 10/24/2016] Tinashe Mpasiri: Good morning friends, a warm welcome to all new friends to the premier platform of knowledge. Your input and contributions are greatly valued and hope to learn a lot from the exchanges and deliberations on this platform.
  17. [8:32 AM, 10/24/2016] Dr Vusumuzi Sibanda Sibbs: A former Hurungwe West legislator and Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial chairperson, Mliswa, in thanking his supporters, said: “This victory is not for Norton residents alone, but for Zimbabweans and it’s a warning to President (Robert) Mugabe that he will lose the 2018 elections just the same way Zanu PF has lost the by-election.

“I’m the real bull in the kraal. President Mugabe sent his small bulls (Vice-President Emmerson) Mnangagwa, (Vice-President Phelekezela) Mphoko and (Zanu PF commissar Saviour) Kasukuwere and I defeated them.350

“Now I’m going for the biggest bull in their kraal, President Mugabe, because there must be one bull in Zimbabwe.”

Soon after results were announced, former Zanu PF Norton legislator, Christopher Mutsvangwa, who was expelled from Zanu PF and Parliament for alleged indiscipline, blamed Kasukuwere’s “arrogance” for contributing to the ruling party’s defeat.

“Tyson is the devil’s gift, the black magic spell that will sink all those in the Zanu PF revolutionary party that embraced and promoted an evil agenda of unbridled avarice, maniacal kleptocracy and shameless attempt at power grab,” he said.

“He can now lick his wounds after the no-nonsense and plucky Norton electorate gave him the boot. Thank you Norton voters from the land of the brave, the home of Chimurenga I of 1896.”


Now going for big bull Mugabe: Mliswa

Ngezi knock Bosso out

Jah Prayzah scoops Mama gong

LSU relocation faces several challenges

OPC ‘tutors’ Zacc, Prosecutor-General Office on procurement crimes

Mutsvangwa declared that Zanu PF would lose the forthcoming elections if it continues relying on Kasukuwere and the G40 faction to lead its campaigns.

“Norton by-election is a game changer that dispenses with the mahumbwe (child’s play) type depredations of the petty, parochial, corrupt and thieving G40 of Jonso (Jonathan Moyo), Kasukuwere, (Patrick) Zhuwao and Mphoko,” he said.

But Kasukuwere said he would not place much significance to the Norton by-election results.

“Temba’s win doesn’t follow that Zanu PF will lose in 2018. This is an opportunity to quickly reflect and strengthen our party,” he said.

In a message later posted on his Twitter account, Kasukuwere said: “The message from the electorate is there for us to digest and we will return, no doubt. Norton is home to great citizens and setbacks are normal.

“Norton — we will continue working together and fulfil our promises. Norton has eluded us. Key lessons have been learnt. Thank you to our supporters for coming out and voting for our candidate.”

Opposition parties MDC-T, Zimbabwe People First and PDP joined Mliswa in celebrations, saying the victory showed people were now tired of being bribed with freebies.

MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu said Mliswa’s victory will not stop the call for electoral reforms, amid allegations of massive violations recorded in the polls.

“We should never, ever think that the regime has reformed simply because Mliswa clinched victory in Norton. We are acutely aware of the fact that rural areas are presently being ring-fenced by the regime’s terror machinery,” he said.

ZimPF spokesperson, Jealousy Mawarire said: “It is a triumph of the will of the people and a clear indication that electoral fraud, through doling out of stands, has its own limitations.”

Former Finance minister Tendai Biti’s PDP said: “First of all, we congratulate Temba on his victory and we hope he will bring his new-found energy to fight against Zanu PF, which he used to fight for.”

Mliswa won the hotly contested by-election, where the ruling party had pulled all the stops — including unleashing violence on Mliswa’s supporters — to ensure a resounding victory for its candidate.

Chindedza had access to State-facilitated freebies, such as food and residential stands, to dish out to the electorate, in addition to massive solidarity support from Mnangagwa, Mphoko, Kasukuwere and Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo, among several other top government offic

  1. [8:40 AM, 10/24/2016] Stanley: Doc please help I’ve been trying to get this answered and no one seems to be able to answer.
  2. [8:41 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: What does Zim need more today…constitutional reform or change of government?
  3. [8:43 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: You ask a valid question. What is the ancestry of any government? What is the true import of the question?
  4. [8:48 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: It’s the constitution of course
  5. [8:55 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Do you believe that Zim lives up to the promise of constitutionalism
  6. [8:55 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 73 313 6670: I think government change. No matter how you change constitution the current government will never be abide by it
  7. [8:56 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 73 313 6670: Yes
  8. [8:58 AM, 10/24/2016] +1 (780) 838-1646: we the people have to foster constitutionalism.they dont do thega
  9. [8:58 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Who is government
  10. [8:59 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere:
  11. [8:59 AM, 10/24/2016] Shingai Ndoro: You have a question you were asked earlier about Smoothnest.

Will you favour us with a response?

  1. [9:00 AM, 10/24/2016] Dr Vusumuzi Sibanda Sibbs: @ wildfire, what we learn from the SMM case is that gvt officials use power arbitrarily and to suit their needs. Gvt authority is not used procedurally. You can see that a non-legislating office decided to legislate, that is the executive and used the state of emergency kind of power to legislate SMM into oblivion. This effectively infringed on the right a fare trial for the natural and juristic persons involved as they could no longer defend themselves. before any specification was done and enquiry should have been launched and findings tabled and the enquiry would have accorded the respondents the opportunity to respond before stripping them of their rights. That is the law of the jungle that you insult a person and close their mouth sothey do not answer.
  2. [9:00 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 73 313 6670: The current players from Zanupf
  3. [9:00 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Wrong
  4. [9:01 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 73 738 4237: How do we foster constitutionalism?
  5. [9:01 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 73 313 6670: Help me to understand better
  6. [9:02 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: ZANU-PF is a club of members that operates outside the four corners of the governmentpachikoro-parliament-building-1
  7. [9:02 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: My observation always is people, especially Zimbabweans, wanna show off their knowledge of the constitution and flag their intellect without getting to the crunch of the real matter
  8. [9:03 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: What do we need, constitutional reform or change of government?
  9. [9:03 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: I would say change of government full stop
  10. [9:03 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: What do we do to change the government. ..we unite.
  11. [9:04 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: Anybody ever watche Forbidden kingdom?
  12. [9:05 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 73 313 6670: But this club has its claws on the government and they swinging it left and right to support their personal interests
  13. [9:05 AM, 10/24/2016] Dr Vusumuzi Sibanda Sibbs: The Constitution needs tweaking up but we dont need change of government either. We need change of system in my view more than anything. We can change gvt but with this system the new gvt will also get there and do the same thing
  14. [9:06 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: You mean change office bearers and not change attitudes towards the constitution                 Movie Scene – The Forbidden Kingdom – Jackie Chan & Jet Li – Two Masters for one studentUploaded by:
  15. [9:08 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356:
  16. [9:09 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 73 313 6670:
  17. [9:09 AM, 10/24/2016] Shingai Ndoro: Quotes by Alexander Fraser Tytler, (1747 – 1813) was a Scottish advocate, judge, writer and historian.

“Nor are the superior classes in the actual enjoyment of a rational liberty and independence. They are perpetually divided into factions, which servilely ranked themselves under the banners of the contending demagogues; and these maintain their influence over their partisans by the most shameful corruption and bribery, of which the means are supplied alone by the plunder of the public money” – updated grammatically.

“The people flatter themselves that they have the sovereign power. These are, in fact, words without meaning. It is true they elect governors; but how are these elections brought about? In every instance of election by the mass of a people—through the influence of those governors themselves, and by means the most opposite to a free and disinterested choice, by the basest corruption and bribery. But those governors once selected, where is the boasted freedom of the people? They must submit to their rule and control, with the same abandonment of their natural liberty, the freedom of their will, and the command of their actions, as if they were under the rule of a monarch”

The public official “will employ himself in advancing the public good, as the means of individual distinction and elevation: he will promote the interest of the state from the selfish but most useful passion of making himself considerable in that establishment which he labors to aggrandize. Such is the true picture of man as a political agent”

  1. [9:09 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: Please watch this clip and relate it to our situation
  2. [9:09 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: How familiar are you with the facts of SMM?
  3. [9:09 AM, 10/24/2016] +1 (780) 838-1646: The current Consttn in many ways reflect our collective view of the Zimbabwe we want..We must follow that collective view and vision and influence Gvnt officials to do the same.
  4. [9:11 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Are you familiar with Smoothnest
  5. [9:12 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: The point MM is, a collective view to remove the current regime by the opposition,  we set up a transitional authority, NTA, and forsee the draft of a constitution.
  6. [9:13 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: And more the current regime has shown contempt for our efforts so they must not be part ofnot
  7. [9:13 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Before we get there we need to agree on what needs to change because individuals are just actors
  8. [9:15 AM, 10/24/2016] Stanley: Property rights infringed
  9. [9:15 AM, 10/24/2016] Shingai Ndoro:
  10. [9:15 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: Pleaee familiarise me with Smoothnest
  11. [9:15 AM, 10/24/2016] Norman Mukandagumbo: otherwise we can elect individuals into office, only to find out that ts even worse…………citizens should first define what they want
  12. [9:15 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Precisely. Hit the nail on the Head
  13. [9:16 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: Surely we cant negotiate or define what we want with the sitting regime
  14. [9:16 AM, 10/24/2016] +263 71 803 0691: We need an overhaul of the mindset of the citizens first before we even talk about change of anything. There is a strong need to engender the value and respect of truth among us. The people need to know and strongly establish it that it’s a lie to assume that war credentials are a prerequisite for leading a nation, that anyone can be easily absolved of any wrong doing simply by crossing the political floor, that corruption is partisan, that political opponents are bloody enemies and detaining, torturing and killing them is the right way of retaining political power. Without such, gvts can come and go but the problems we are so dying to part with will always remain with us.
  15. [9:17 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: The question was directed at Jones.
  16. [9:18 AM, 10/24/2016] Norman Mukandagumbo: the sitting regime have nothing to do with citizens defining what they want…………the solutions comes from the most affected….otherwise can we ask mostiquoes to find cure for malaria?
  17. [9:20 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: Citizens are aware of the danger of having a ruler instead of a public servant
  18. [9:21 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: And truly speaking ZanuPf will not reform itself out of power!!! We must remove it, then draft a constitution.
  19. [9:22 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 72 028 2098:
  20. [9:22 AM, 10/24/2016] Norman Mukandagumbo: in most instances, the one chosen as a public servant ….out of greedness can turn into a ruler without consulting the very citizens who chose him/her
  21. [9:22 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Is ZANU-PF a living thing?
  22. [9:22 AM, 10/24/2016] Shingai Ndoro: What’s not in the constitution that you need to include?
  23. [9:23 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: Death penalty for anyone who wants to run for more than 2 terms
  24. [9:24 AM, 10/24/2016] Norman Mukandagumbo: the only one thing most lawyers now agree is that the current constitution is the best that humans can have? on paper
  25. [9:24 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Constitutionalism is not constitutional reform
  26. [9:25 AM, 10/24/2016] +263 71 803 0691: Which citizens? Go to the rural areas and the story is quite different. I listened to one of the Zimpf rally speeches. They were telling the audience that Zanu Pf does not want this nation to be led by anyone with no war credentials, so JTM is the ideal candidate if they are to defeat Zanu Pf.
  27. [9:26 AM, 10/24/2016] Norman Mukandagumbo: kkkkkkkkkk. we will b the first to hev a constitution of such kind on earth
  28. [9:28 AM, 10/24/2016] Shingai Ndoro: There is already a term limit.
  29. Don’t be sadistic.
  30. [9:28 AM, 10/24/2016] Stanley: Really now
  31. [9:30 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: Well somebody has done almost a million terms and that clause is in
  32. [9:31 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: Ok, I was being funny, what is a constitution when noone respects it?
  33. [9:31 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 73 738 4237: Even if they didn’t want, do they vote. And is it written in the constitution and credentials of a President of Zimbabwe
  34. [9:32 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: The rural area is marginalised. ..That’s how Zanupf wants it and u cant teach them anything
  35. [9:32 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Is it about words on paper or about practice. We have often been accustomed to judge government actors without specificity only to expose unnecessary emotionalism that serves to project some kind of intellectual arrogance
  36. [9:34 AM, 10/24/2016] Shingai Ndoro: The discussion today is anything political and constitutional.

I feel we are spreading ourselves too thin.

We have enough in our plate to deal with.

  1. [9:35 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: Thats my issue always…we spend our time on trivialities than real ones
  2. [9:35 AM, 10/24/2016] +1 (780) 838-1646: @MM: pliz enlighten me if u are familiar abt it
  3. [9:36 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: Issue is…we need regime change by the citizens and for the citizens.
  4. [9:36 AM, 10/24/2016] Shingai Ndoro: Have you by any chance searched for Smoothnest online?
  5. [9:37 AM, 10/24/2016] Stanley: We have a question that was posed and we have not gotten much response to it and we already talking about regime change
  6. [9:37 AM, 10/24/2016] Dr Vusumuzi Sibanda Sibbs: Great views there.
  7. [9:38 AM, 10/24/2016] +263 71 803 0691: Most of the stuff being told to people at rallies are not even within the bounds of the constitution. It is simply playing on the ignorance of the audience. Even those enlightened to the dictates of the constitution seems to be lacking the spirit and highmindedness to respect the high values required of a civilised society. These are the lies that should be checked and the corrections to be made if we are to change anything.
  8. [9:38 AM, 10/24/2016] +1 (780) 838-1646: I think the new Consttn is good enuf to enable a fully liberated, fair,just,democratic and prosperous.What is lacking is full implementation and practice of Consttnalism and effective measures to deal with external sabotage of the stage
  9. [9:39 AM, 10/24/2016] +1 (780) 838-1646: state*
  10. [9:39 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: Which means we need to get rid of the current custodians! !!!
  11. [9:40 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 74 097 0906: @jones this is a matter that occurred in 2003 involving the use of public funds to underpin a loan provided by First Bank. The actors involved were July Moyo and Edwin Manikai. The funds used as liquidity support to a company in which Manikai who was also the Chairman of NSSA having been appointed to the position by Moyo were from funds reserved for social protection
  12. [9:40 AM, 10/24/2016] +1 (780) 838-1646: then all our pressing national problems are over?
  13. [9:41 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 74 097 0906: There is no dispute that the funds fell into the category of public funds in the context of the provisions of the constitution
  14. [9:55 AM, 10/24/2016] +1 (780) 838-1646: @MM: of course i hv
  15. [9:55 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 73 738 4237: Can we say it is ignorance or lack of duties by office bearers to enlighten the masses of their rights and privileges. Is it a tactic to keep the masses blind?How can we open the eyes of these blind masses and would that bring upon a good change
  16. [9:56 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 74 097 0906: @jones are you aware of the link with Tsholotsho 1
  17. [10:00 AM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 257 3823: You have taken a very quick political turn to the issue before the finer transactional details have been know to Jones.
  18. [10:03 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: To the extent that we all agree that corruption is a key issue, do you concur that zero tolerance to it compels the champions against it to be objective, impartial and detached
  19. [10:03 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Sorry I had to since Jones had claimed amnesia
  20. [10:11 AM, 10/24/2016] +44 7481 818249:  touché
  21. [10:13 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: No it is the beginning to know the faultlines of a the system and not its actors
  22. [10:15 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 73 738 4237: Should we not know the ideal system first then we see the faults
  23. [10:18 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: In life there is no ideal that is why you a system of humans but with checks and balances
  24. [10:19 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: I still maintain that discussing who did what, where and when is going to happen regardless soon we get rid of the Junta.
  25. [10:20 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: There is going to be a purge if they don’t come clean…I think we need a Napoleon in Zim
  26. [10:20 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: Only during transition
  27. [10:22 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Then we will have been party to the permanent destruction of the civilization that independence promised.
  28. [10:25 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 73 738 4237: OK so in this case is there a way of knowing and disseminating info on the checks and balances to all relevant parties to come up with a way to move forward. I think the absence of the same checks and balances creates chaos
  29. [10:37 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: It is my distinct honour and pleasure to welcome Tendai Aresho.
  30. [10:38 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: Sorry MM, we purged the Ndebeles after independence, we turned a bread basket into a basket case, we killed people for opposite ideals and ideas, we destroyed the family structure by having refugees everywhere, …I can go on all day…NOW TELL ME IF THAT WAS THE PROMISE OF INDEPENDENCE
  31. [10:40 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: Or are we saying, We are just poor managers who can’t manage anything, let alone just to oil a functional machine?
  32. [10:42 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: We need to use what has been revealed to critique the status quo ante.
  33. [10:44 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: We will criticise something that will reform and rid ourselves of something that can’t. Zvakafanana nekunge makaroora. Kana kutaurirana nekugadzirisana zvaramba morambanaka
  34. [10:45 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: We need a clause for the Diaspora vote!!!
  35. [10:47 AM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 257 3823: Point of Order

The discussions here are off the track for who we are.

  1. [10:48 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: That will create self evident facts from which we can answer the question whether the government is of laws or animals. It it can be conclusively and dispassionately with facts resolved that it is the latter, then we will be justified to say one extra day in government office is too many. Rebellion is not such a bad thing if it is objectively secured.
  2. [10:49 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: Who are we?
  3. [10:50 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: #ObjectivelySecured = #MuchatoUyuWaramba
  4. [10:56 AM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 257 3823: The “we” is the FOSMM.
  5. [10:56 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Thanks
  6. [10:56 AM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: Ok
  7. [10:58 AM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 496 8850: @MDM……….
  8. [11:01 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: I think we are on the same journey but trying to carry all.
  9. [11:02 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Plz join me in welcoming Mr Ron Mpofu to this group.
  10. [11:03 AM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 257 3823: I don’t agree.
  11. We are now a platform for anything political.
  12. [11:03 AM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 496 8850: welcome Mr Mpofu……..your contributions will add value to the existence of FOSMM
  13. [11:04 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: What is not political? What is political? We need to have a shared understanding of the purpose of the group. This calls on older members to demonstrate this.
  14. [11:05 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: We need diversity and inclusivity
  15. [11:06 AM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 328 4005: Thank u good people.
  16. [11:07 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Plz join in on for a discussion on radio. Back to the questions that need answers
  17. [11:07 AM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 496 8850: The principal objectives of the Trust are:-

7.1) To advocate and promote culture and practise that respects the rule of law, people and their property, and unwavering implementation of the national constitution.

7.2) To enrich and enlighten its members with knowledge about the often forgotten African corporate citizens and their actors in bridging the gaps of poverty and inequality.

7.3) To create, initiate and provide a platform for discussing cooperate heritage issues, sharing ideas, insights, experience, problems as well as solutions.

7.4) To seek to influence government proposals and existing legislation by utilising the expertise of our members.

7.5) To assist the membership in their intellectual and conceptual development and in playing their parts as active and vigilant citizens.

7.6) To receive and accepts gifts and bequests of money and other assets donated to the trust for the purpose of financing its activities.2

7.7) To provide a Pan African network of peer co-ordinators for fellowship and institutional building.

7.8) To interact with other organisations and individual to accomplish these ends.

7.9) To build strong national network of actors who share a common belief that Africa can lift itself up when the role of state and non-state actors is properly balanced and located.

7.10)             To identify and share good practise and to promote values of the organisation.

7.11)             To do all things as are incidental or conducive to the foregoing objectives.

  1. [11:07 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Great
  2. [11:08 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere:
  3. [11:10 AM, 10/24/2016] Tinashe Mpasiri:
  4. [11:10 AM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 496 8850: constitutionalism, rule of law…… rights……..
  5. [11:12 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: What is the address of the ancestry of executive power?
  6. [11:12 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Please tune in
  7. [11:13 AM, 10/24/2016] +263 73 149 5724: Tuning in
  8. [11:15 AM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 459 5355: Bravo
  9. [11:17 AM, 10/24/2016] Stanley: Join us on the boiling point
  10. [11:18 AM, 10/24/2016] Stanley: As we look at the question that I posed over the weekend
  11. [11:18 AM, 10/24/2016] Stanley: We taking the issue to the public square
  12. [11:22 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Waiting for your value add
  13. [11:35 AM, 10/24/2016] +1 (780) 838-1646: @MM: m not privy to the link..that said if there is rampant corruption, it does not justify more corruption and impunity
  14. [11:41 AM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Which is the link? It doesn’t exist? What exists is the public that is you and me to be objective and impartial than to blindly support a man of flesh and a sinner for that matter.
  15. [12:02 PM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: Now am lost, was just admonished for being too political!
  16. [12:03 PM, 10/24/2016] Tinashe Mpasiri: Are you tuned in
  17. [12:03 PM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: If Zimbabwe is not in a state of emergency, then you either with the looters of the economy or your dad/mum committed Gukurahundi
  18. [12:05 PM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Please participate and add your voice
  19. [12:06 PM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 970 7735: The constitution is very clear about when the state of emergency can arise
  20. [12:07 PM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Thanks for following
  21. [12:07 PM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 419 9018: Ofcoz this statement is mostly true because your comfort has to emanate from somewhere in a country like ours, Wer education means nothing, incompetence is rewarded as long as you belong to the political elite, so yes if you are happy with the state of our nation you are strongly connected to the vampires who are draining the life out of it
  22. [12:08 PM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: But clear to whom
  23. [12:08 PM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Are you following
  24. [12:09 PM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 419 9018: I started from this article
  25. [12:12 PM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 419 9018: My point is citizens don’t necessarily have to exchange gun fire in the streets for them to realize that we are in a crisis and things are threatening to spin out of control, so there is to the dictionary definition of what a state of emergency is, it is more subjective than it is objective, Zimbabwe is in a state of emergency
  26. [12:12 PM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 419 9018: *there is more to the dictionary definition
  27. [12:13 PM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Are you following
  28. [12:15 PM, 10/24/2016] +263 73 344 2739: I tink its necesary to xchange gunfire becoz there r som who tac others fo granted
  29. [12:15 PM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 419 9018: Ohh sorry there is a radio program going on!???
  30. [12:15 PM, 10/24/2016] Stanley: Yes
  31. [12:16 PM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 419 9018: I thought we were discussing whether Zim situation can warranty any declaration for a state of emergency
  32. [12:16 PM, 10/24/2016] Stanley: We taking it to the public square
  33. [12:18 PM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: This group is Friends of SMM and the idea is to use the facts of SMM to answer the same questions.
  34. [12:26 PM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 419 9018: Ok
  35. [12:30 PM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Are you listening
  36. [12:31 PM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 419 9018: No l decided to let this one ride and wait for further advisement on how and when to tune in to the public square you just mentioned
  37. [12:35 PM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: I hope it can be shared. We discussed about executive order and national emergencies to provide a framework for establishing whether a mischievous President can assume illegally powers that are not meant to be used by him. We know that the separation of powers doctrine limits or ought to limit mischief. What we learned in the conversation is that the mischief didn’t start in Zimbabwe and by President Mugabe but is part of the inherent animalistic nature where power given for good can be hijacked for evil.
  38. [12:37 PM, 10/24/2016] +27 73 738 4237: is the website and you can also use tine in search The 1873FM
  39. [12:37 PM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 419 9018: Ok thank you
  40. [12:39 PM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 419 9018: Ok now lm curious as to whether any genuine ideas of what can be done beyond the doctrine of separation of powers to make sure that even after the current gvt Zimbabweans will be insulated from abuse of powers by state officials
  41. [12:43 PM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: If we can know the design and operation of a govt in a constitutional democratic order then it becomes easier to decide when this evil was born and whether constructive knowledge exists on the culpable person that the conduct in dispute constitutes an impeacheable offence by putting to him specific actions and decisions which if not refuted in the public square can be the basis of a clear cause of action to remove unlawful people from abusing borrowed Powers
  42. [12:49 PM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 419 9018: True
  43. [1:08 PM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 236 8367: Yaah the logic appears to be true…imagine if mdct was to gain power,how much change would it bring on the table,,considering it has so far assimilated zanu pf party culture in its structures,,its the institutions that need defending
  44. [1:14 PM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: The real danger exist especially the limitations imposed by republicanism and constitutionalism are not digested and internalised.
  45. [1:33 PM, 10/24/2016] Stanley:
  46. [1:41 PM, 10/24/2016] +27 79 517 5356: If anything, we don’t want an ascendancy to power by one party. Zimbabwe needs transition. ..even for ten years…just purely working together for the common good.
  47. [2:20 PM, 10/24/2016] Tinashe Mpasiri: As we deliberate on the questions at hand, tune in
  48. [2:20 PM, 10/24/2016] Tinashe Mpasiri: Your voice, your power
  49. [2:34 PM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Please join in welcoming John to this group
  50. [2:42 PM, 10/24/2016] +27 71 614 3705: Welcome John
  51. [3:10 PM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 271 0487: Thank you all for the welcome, glad to be part of the group…. for a cause.
  52. [5:17 PM, 10/24/2016] Tinashe Mpasiri:
  53. [5:22 PM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Please join in welcoming Alec Chimujakazi
  54. [5:26 PM, 10/24/2016] Tinashe Mpasiri: a good day to you all friends. A warm welcome to you Alec to this premier bank of knowledge.
  55. [5:26 PM, 10/24/2016] Tinashe Mpasiri:
  56. [5:27 PM, 10/24/2016] +27 73 738 4237: Hello Alec, thank you for being here
  57. [5:46 PM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Please join me in welcoming Mr Benjamin Shoko
  58. [5:47 PM, 10/24/2016] MD Mawere: Please join me in welcoming Cade Zvavanjanja
  59. [5:56 PM, 10/24/2016] +263 77 329 8452: Welcom Mr Shoko and Mr Zvavanjanja
  60. [6:01 PM, 10/24/2016] Tinashe Mpasiri: Welcome friends to the bank of knowledge.
  61. [6:11 PM, 10/24/2016] +263 73 378 2490: Thank you for adding me

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