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Tuesday 12 October 2016 – Conversation on Friends of SMM Whatsapp Platform. Join in the conversation. Request to be added on +27644964761.

  1. [12:07 AM, 10/12/2016] +27 84 827 0061: Looking at the problems Zim is facing most of them are emanating from the political relm…e.g the reconstruction act had specific targets at its very drafting,,it gave amunition to whoever sought to ve things sorted in their favor extra legally but legally,,the judges were put on the leash by such draconian legislature…and you tell me to ignore the role of political actors my foot
  2. [7:07 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 257 3823: Tongoramba tichifudzana here veduweee?
  3. [7:09 AM, 10/12/2016] MD Mawere: 👍🏼
  4. [7:10 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 448 0141: Good morning cdes. Who are the new additions a citienHeru
  5. [7:11 AM, 10/12/2016] MD Mawere: I think it is about postings on this platform of materials that don’t speak to the values of this forum
  6. [7:33 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 257 3823: 1. Do we all know each other here?
  7. When was it agreed to announce new additions?

Not that I have a problem with it but we should apply principles consistently.

  1. There has been similar additions and there hasn’t been such a question.
  2. [7:41 AM, 10/12/2016] MD Mawere: Are we a community? If so, are we operating as such?
  3. [7:43 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 448 0141: Usually when an admin adds a new member to.the platform, there are introduced
  4. [7:45 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 448 0141: Sorry if my questioning was felt wrongly but nothing sinister was intended
  5. [7:45 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 257 3823: 1. When was that last done?
  6. Is it a standing rule?
  7. [7:46 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 257 3823: I’m an orderly person who operates on consistent and generally applied principles.
  8. [7:47 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 257 3823: We don’t want state of emergency powers targeted at me
  9. [7:47 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 448 0141: Ngaisiye matambo Cde, if askin for a mere introduction brings tumwe twese utwo lets let it ho
  10. [7:47 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 448 0141: Go
  11. [7:47 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 257 3823: That’s the rule of law
  12. [7:48 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 587 5828: Its has always been our culture. It may have been ommitted in some occassions but we greatly encourage that.
  13. [7:49 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 257 3823: Why has it not been consistently and generally applied if it’s a standing rule?
  14. [7:52 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 234 2053: Order Cde u are being petty
  15. [7:53 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 587 5828: Never said it was a standing rule hence the word encouraged
  16. [7:53 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 257 3823: To seek a consistent and general application of a standing rule is being petty?

Help me understand.

  1. [7:54 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 257 3823: So if it’s not a standing rule, it’s a temporary rule invoked under what circumstances?
  2. [7:55 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 71 798 0863: My name is Mr Rutendo Chabururuka. Am a PR & Marketing professional and am new to this group.
  3. [7:56 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 234 2053: We can’t have a long debate on such a simple matter. If you don’t want to introduce them just leave the matter instead of pontificating and raising unnecessary brouhaha
  4. [7:57 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 587 5828: Thank you Mr Chaburuka. You are welcome to the bank of knowledge. Your contributions will make a change
  5. [7:57 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 448 0141: Chete chete Cde thank u Rutendo
  6. [7:57 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 257 3823: You have a problem with a debate for us to find each other?
  7. [7:59 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 71 798 0863: Thank u. Hope to add value to progressive discussions on advancing our lives
  8. [8:02 AM, 10/12/2016] Tinashe Mpasiri: Welcome to the bank of knowledge Mr Chabururuka
  9. [8:03 AM, 10/12/2016] MD Mawere: We need to know each other in order to best leverage on each other.

My name is Mutumwa Mawere. For more information please visit my website:

Why am I in this group?

I am in this group to connect with a fellow forward leaning people in order to inspire new ways of thinking about human problems and challenges by sharing insights, ideas, experiences and knowledge.

Recognizing that in the area of corporate civilization, we know very little from our past about the interface between native Africans and corporate institutions to allow us to be fully functional as promoters and protectors of the mixed heritage that we now claim as shared and ours.

  1. [8:09 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 257 3823: May I suggest that it’s becomes a standing rule that a person who is added introduces him/herself.
  2. [8:09 AM, 10/12/2016] MD Mawere: And also the intro
  3. [8:10 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 234 2053: Fully agreed
  4. [8:12 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 587 5828: 👍🏾
  5. [8:13 AM, 10/12/2016] Tinashe Mpasiri: 👍👍👍
  6. [8:14 AM, 10/12/2016] MD Mawere: And also it may be useful for the introducer to chip in with an introduction and also for us to organize ourselves administratively.

The admin rights could be limited to the volunteer Corp.

I am of the view that is fortified everyday that Africa was easy to colonize because our heritage with institution building was and remains wanting.

So far this group already is pregnant with lessons about why poverty, unemployment and inequality will remain a friend of the majority.

This group so far has no white members so we can’t blame white monopoly capital for our inability to use time optimally.

[8:14 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 71 798 0863: I am sure the administrators have a criteria for inviting participants…just so there is no unwelcome discourse

  1. [8:16 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 587 5828: Noted
  2. [8:17 AM, 10/12/2016] MD Mawere: Indeed. That is part of the African challenge
  3. [8:17 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 230 5960: Hi everyone I am Fanuel Nyamayaro. I am Partner in Nyamayaro, Makanza and Bakasa Legal Practice. Also National President for JCI Zimbabwe
  4. [8:21 AM, 10/12/2016] Tinashe Mpasiri: Welcome Fanuel to the bank of knowledge
  5. [8:26 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 225 2629: Morning, I am Managing Consultant with Bluedot Technologies and Past National Président for JCI Zimbabwe. The Name is Itai Manyere. Great to be here
  6. [8:27 AM, 10/12/2016] MD Mawere: Welcome. We need the perspectives of JCI. There many be people who have no idea of who is JCI. Part of this network’s purpose is to equip people with knowledge about institutions and their actors including the heritage of such institutions so that we can begin to build our own institutions to serve our needs.

You will note that this group has been alive for a couple of months but institutionally it is still not born.  It has yet to find its own voice and face.

We know that institutions are mere vehicles to move us from point A to another yet when we look back, we find that institutionally we have not moved.

Some will say we need financing before we move yet others will assert that the only power people who don’t have power is the power to organize.

We have an FOSMM Executive that is occupied with the business of breathing life into the organization yet no attempt has been made to comb through the areas traversed in this group with a view to using the robust discussions to promote the institution.

We have a radio platform that could and can be used to promote yet FOSMM lacks a coherent voice on any issue that can move the agenda forward.

  1. [8:28 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 514 2244: What is our position pertaining Can we petition Parliament to investigate?
  2. [8:30 AM, 10/12/2016] MD Mawere: Welcome. We look up to you to share the JCI Model so that we can build our own enduring institutions.

We have had extensive conversations with Mr Ndoro about values and it is also appropriate that we don’t overlook the basis on which any institution can be build – VALUES.  Do we share common values?

  1. [8:30 AM, 10/12/2016] MD Mawere: Is it or should it be generic corruption?
  2. [8:37 AM, 10/12/2016] +260 97 1083687: Good morning. I am Kudzi Zhou. I work in business development/corporate advisory in Zambia for the African Life Group. I am also a member of JCI.
  3. [8:37 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 230 5960: Thank you. I think Mr Ndoro has explained what we stand for but I will stress on one of our core belies as found in our declaration of principles – economic just through free men through free enterprise and that gvt should should be of laws rather than of men all of which looking at the SMM fiasco where thrown into the dustbin. So I agree that we have to have the same values before we can move forward together
  4. [8:44 AM, 10/12/2016] MD Mawere: In fact in the context of the 1873 network we share the same belief but we hold that “Economic freedom can be best won by sovereign human actors through a market system.” So when we look at the SMM facts, we have no choice but to examine them in the context of our shared value against an alternative narrative that speaks to the role of the state in engineering social and economic outcomes.
  5. [8:45 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 230 5960: 👍🏿
  6. [8:46 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 223 7930: Hi everyone. I’m Victor Marawu. I’m 2008 JCI National President, 2014 Executive Vice President for JCI for Africa and Middle East ( and CEO for Vertical Momentum ( I’m a previous executive of SMM Holdings.
  7. [8:49 AM, 10/12/2016] MD Mawere: On SMM we have been wondering without a defined roadmap and often failing to find each other on semantic and polemics when the elephant in the room could be ideological.

What you may find interesting is that ZANU-PF is founded on an ideology that is diametrically opposed to the values that we have now embraced that the battle against the triple challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality will never be won by the government and its actors alone.

On SMM, in the face of alleged market failure, what was the response?

  1. [8:50 AM, 10/12/2016] MD Mawere: Welcome Victor. You can also share your personal experiences as a person whose life was at some stage intertwined with that of SMM.
  2. [8:50 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 241 9694: Hi everyone, I am Samuel Moyo, Corporate Banker with FBC Bank, 2010 JCI Zimbabwe National President and 2012 JCI Vice President assigned to 8 countries in Africa and Middle East.
  3. [8:56 AM, 10/12/2016] MD Mawere: Welcome. You may be aware that I was the founder of FBC and without SMM, FBC would not exist. So SMM and FBC share a common heritage. What lessons do we learn? Some think SMM was just about asbestos mines.
  4. [8:57 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 223 7930: My involvement with SMM (2002-2005) was perhaps the most rewarding and empowering encounter ever. Its sad that dreams and lives of thousands were shattered by the horrific events from 2004 going forward.
  5. [8:59 AM, 10/12/2016] MD Mawere: There are allegations made forcefully here that SMM was infested with the politics and practice of ZANU-PF patronage and more importantly that it was Mnangagwa’s ulter ego. Perhaps you may wish to share your own experiences.
  6. [9:04 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 223 7930: This is so not true. On the contrary, SMM was extremely professionally run and offered real development opportunities to ambitious and hard working people. I was involved at both junior and senior levels, which is testimony of principles of fairness and professionalism. No politics at all.
  7. [9:06 AM, 10/12/2016] MD Mawere: We need your voices and anyone who lived. You can add them to the group because when I say that SMM was run as a business, some people want to personalize the whole affair and impose their own political ideologies on real lived facts
  8. [9:16 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 241 9694: True that, the first branch of the Bank had SMM as it’s anchor client in Zvishavane
  9. [9:22 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 230 5960: One of the challenges me thinks is that the SMM narrative has not been told from the insiders properly. I must add it was also clouded by how the acquisition by ARL has been presented it has made to appear that it was gotten for a song with govt funding/backing. That narrative has to set straight. The effects of the purported reconstruction has to be documented. I had the opportunity to visit Zvishavane before and after and you can tell how disastrous the reign by Gwaradzimba has been.
  10. [9:26 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 807 5954: Morning and thank you for adding me. My name is Jadiel C. Masimba am a Creative. I do brand management through a company I am I co-founded,
  11. [9:33 AM, 10/12/2016] +27 84 827 0061: Looking at the problems Zim is facing most of them are emanating from the political relm…e.g the reconstruction act had specific targets at its very drafting,,it gave amunition to whoever sought to ve things sorted in their favor extra legally but legally,,the judges were put on the leash by such draconian such can we ignore the role of politics
  12. [9:37 AM, 10/12/2016] +27 63 385 3660: 063 385 3660
  13. [9:37 AM, 10/12/2016] +27 83 582 9987: Good morning all,

My name is Edwin Musa. I am the cofounder of a South African based company called MiSEC specializing in security.

I am in this network and other 1873 networks to share experiences and help build common synergies across the continent, to learn and to teach and build each other.

  1. [9:41 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 257 3823: I’m also a JCI having been 2009 JCI Zimbabwe National President and 2010 JCI Vice President assigned to seven countries in Africa and Middle East.

JCI stands for “Junior Chamber International.” It has been in existence since 1915.

What is it about?

JCI is the leading global network of young active citizens.

It is a nonprofit organization of young active citizens age 18 to 40 who are engaged and committed to creating impact in their communities. Active citizens are individuals invested in the future of our world. JCI gathers active citizens from all sectors of society.

We develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions and take action. As globally minded young people, we all have rights, responsibilities and share goals. We find targeted solutions to local issues benefitting our communities, our world and our future. Embracing new ideas, collaboration and diversity, we have the passion and courage to address the critical challenges of our time.

What does it do?

It provides development opportunities for young people to create positive change.

How does it do it?

All it’s activities are though the JCI Active Citizenship Framework.

With this Framework, JCI members analyze local challenges, collaborate with community partners, conduct projects to find solutions and evaluate results to ensure sustainability.

The JCI Active Citizen Framework is our tool to impact.

  1. [9:41 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 257 3823: My name is Shingai Rukwata Ndoro
  2. [9:43 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 257 3823: @MDM, you recall I had the same lack of knowledge before I joined this group?
  3. [10:16 AM, 10/12/2016] +27 60 418 0115: Hi everyone. I’m Unotida Nyoni. I’m 2017 JCI South Africa Executive Vice President-Elect, and 2012 JCI City Zimbabwe Local President. Am also the Business/Financial manager for the Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation ( Previously CFO of Silulo Ulutho Technologies ( and Finance Manager for PWC Zimbabwe.
  4. [10:24 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 257 3823: Welcome Unotida.
  5. [10:25 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 327 5945: Hello Unotida
  6. [10:52 AM, 10/12/2016] +27 74 404 8317: Hy unotida
  7. [11:06 AM, 10/12/2016] Stanley: Welcome
  8. [11:12 AM, 10/12/2016] MD Mawere: We know more about white corporate heritage and easily dismiss black corporate heritage on account of assumed patronage. We need story tellers who often die with a treasure of invaluable experiences. It is easy to conclude that FOSMM is about a single person forgetting the thousands whose lives were touched by it.
  9. [11:34 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 223 7930: A few things to say about SMM may shed some light:
  • SMM supported thousands of families directly and indirectly.
  • SMM had a partnership-based engagement system with its employees, which to this day is not existent in many companies.
  • SMM was a significant contributor to the fiscus through duties and taxes.
  • SMM became a major contributor to regional growth with operations in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia and Malawi to my knowledge. Products reached further than mentioned countries. When disaster struck the company was extending operations into Namibia and other countries in the region.
  • Through SMM, Zimbabwe was a main producer and exporter of Chrysotile Asbestos Fiber globally.
  • Through SMM Zimbabwe became the second business hub after South Africa.

All that went down the drain.

  1. [11:37 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 230 5960: Agree with you completely that is not the narrative that is told to the generality of the population they are told of a company that was so broke that it need state intervention
  2. [11:42 AM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 230 5960: Correct as I grew up I knew more about Tiny Rowland and the Lonrho empire than I ever did about Ariston Chambati and a host of other black corporate players.
  3. [12:19 PM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 448 0141: We have a mandate to change the narrative. What needs to be done?? That is the big question that needs actionable answers.
  4. [2:26 PM, 10/12/2016] Owen Magocha: Can we say education is empowering or its a tool to oppress …
  5. [2:26 PM, 10/12/2016] Owen Magocha: Apology that’s a different forum discussion 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
  6. [2:27 PM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 257 3823: His involvement in SMM affairs is a human construct of the one who appointed him.
  7. [2:28 PM, 10/12/2016] +263 71 803 0691: I don’t think it is appropriate to attack persons who are not here to defend themselves.
  8. [2:29 PM, 10/12/2016] Owen Magocha: Oh since u have replied we may as well respond . You mean he was just a stooge given directives by the one who appointed ?
  9. [2:29 PM, 10/12/2016] Owen Magocha: That’s not the intended cause Osprey that’s an ongoing discussion in another forum
  10. [2:30 PM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 257 3823: “Stooge” is an insulting word.

He was appointed. He ddnt appoint himself.

Let’s focus on causal people and the paper trail.

  1. [2:33 PM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 257 3823: In my parliamentary discourse, I wouldn’t use such a word to refer or describe anyone.
  2. [2:37 PM, 10/12/2016] +263 71 803 0691: For all the world that’s an insult. I am not suggesting that the assertion/question is wrong, neither am I defending anyone but I just find it inappropriate to attack the person instead of the circumstances and for that matter in their absence.
  3. [2:48 PM, 10/12/2016] Owen Magocha: 👍
  4. [2:48 PM, 10/12/2016] +263 71 803 0691: 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
  5. [2:50 PM, 10/12/2016] Owen Magocha: Are u telling me u discuss Mugabe in his presence simba in his presence Chinamasa in his presence don’t be quick to apply double standards
  6. [2:52 PM, 10/12/2016] +263 71 803 0691: ‘Discuss’ and ‘attack’, I believe there is a big difference
  7. [3:32 PM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 448 0141: Why waste time and data on issues that have no bearing to the objectives of the platform?
  8. [3:35 PM, 10/12/2016] +263 71 803 0691: The same could be asked of your post
  9. [3:39 PM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 448 0141: Which
  10. [3:39 PM, 10/12/2016] +263 71 803 0691: 👆🏾
  11. [3:46 PM, 10/12/2016] +27 64 496 4761: The Group is called Friends of SMM and the VISION / MISSION are:
  12. [3:46 PM, 10/12/2016] +27 64 496 4761: Our vision is to become a trusted and premier platform for networking, collaboration, knowledge creation and sharing for stakeholders interested in enriching and broadening their analytical and conceptual understanding of the often forgotten role of African corporate citizens and their actors in bridging the gaps of poverty, inequality and unemployment.

Our mission is to invest through sharing of experiences on issues related to the role that the state and non-state actors including firms, institutions and their actors can play in delivering the promise of inclusive, caring, prosperous, sustainable and progressive human societies.

We believe that fundamental concepts like the rule of law, property rights and constitutionalism are best understood using real life and contemporary empirical case studies like the classic case of SMM Holdings (Pvt) Ltd (SMM), a company born in 1908 and ceased operations at the instigation and direct hand of the government of Zimbabwe.

  1. [3:47 PM, 10/12/2016] +27 64 496 4761: AND THE OBJECTIVES ARE:
    • To promote the development and sustenance of a culture and practice that respects the rule of law, people and their property.
    • To provide a forum for discussing corporate heritage issues.
    • To assist the membership in their intellectual and conceptual development and in playing their parts as active and vigilant citizens.
    • To provide a Pan African network of peer coordinators for fellow-shipping and institution building.
    • Sharing ideas, insights, experiences, problems and solutions.
    • To interact with other organizations and individuals to accomplish these ends.
    • To build a strong national network of actors who share a common belief that Africa can lift itself up when the role of state and non-state actors is properly balanced and located.
    • To seek to influence government proposals and existing legislation by utilising the expertise of our members.
    • To identify and share good practices and to promote values of the organization.
    • To offer mutual support and provide a forum for discussion.
    • To facilitate learning workshops and distribute information.
  2. [3:56 PM, 10/12/2016] +44 7481 818249: Let’s desist from personal attacks on this man. Can you say that after he was appointed he did not execute his mandate professionally?
  3. [3:57 PM, 10/12/2016] MD Mawere: Let issues debate issues and not play the man
  4. [4:48 PM, 10/12/2016] Tafadzwa Muguti: Dear friends of SMM. We seem to be loosing the plot in my view. This group has a lot of professional people who also practice in various fields. I do not think personality attacks will ever solve anything. Look at our objectives posted earlier. I dont see where this kind of notion is addressed.  The motive has and will always be to learn and if by God’s grace we can see this reversed somehow on oir lifetime that’s fine but lets remain focused on the matters at hand.  We can still identify and mention people but not in this way…my opinion. …
  5. [4:55 PM, 10/12/2016] MD Mawere: Let us look at the conduct and the role of professionals in delivering the promise of a prosperous Zimbabwe.
  6. [4:55 PM, 10/12/2016] MD Mawere: How long would a professional take to know that a company was not indebted to the state as alleged?
  7. [5:17 PM, 10/12/2016] +27 84 827 0061: An army barracks had four soldiers guarding a concrete slab in front of the barracks at all times.

Different commanders came and went but the tradition remained; the soldiers changed shifts guarding the slabs.

After 80 years, a new commander was assigned to the barracks. Amongst the things he did was to ask why things were done the way they were. When he asked why soldiers were guarding the slab, he was told, We’ve always done it this way. It’s our tradition. Our former commanders instructed us to do that.

The commander was bent on finding out the reason for this practice. He went to the Archives to look for answers and came across a document that had the explanation.

The document was very old. It had instructions written by one of the retired commanders who had even passed away. The new commander learnt that over 80 years ago, the barracks wanted to build a platform where events could be performed. When the concrete slab was laid, wild animals walked over it at night before the slab would dry.

The soldiers would fix it the next morning but when evening came the same thing would happen. So the commander ordered that four soldiers should guard the concrete slab for three weeks to allow it to dry.

The following week the commander was transferred to handle another assignment elsewhere, and a new commander was brought in. The new commander found the routine and continued to enforce it without asking any question.

And since then, every other commander that came did the same.

Thus, eighty years later; soldiers continued guarding the concrete slab. An assignment that was ordinarily designed to last just three weeks. . . 80yrs of ignorance with hard labour has passed.

Are you carrying on an obsolete beliefs, attitudes and traditions that were relevant to certain people or a certain time?

What is your opinion about yourself, people of a different race, the opposite sex, religion, politics, certain business opportunities, new products etc.?

You might just be guarding a concrete slab. Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.

Think about it…

  1. [5:22 PM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 257 3823: 👆🏿👆🏿👆🏿

Ignorance can make you work very hard without progress

  1. [5:22 PM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 257 3823: Powerful!
  2. [5:28 PM, 10/12/2016] Tafadzwa Muguti: Now thats analysis of the professional personality.. the prior question of if education can be suppressive related to his qualifications is uncalled for….There are those who think you were wrong they should also look at you as the director and the role you played and not your personal stance as this is not how we should analyse issues.
  3. [5:30 PM, 10/12/2016] MD Mawere: Director of which company
  4. [5:30 PM, 10/12/2016] +263 77 257 3823: But we got to know that MDM wasn’t a manager, director or shareholder of SMM, CFI, FBC, Endurite and THZ.

Please comment below to join in the conversations.

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