FOSMM Whatsapp Thread – 21/6/2016

[10:37, 21/6/2016] MD Mawere: Good Morning, Listen to the radio interview regarding the SMM Saga which was aired live on on Sunday the 19th of June 2016. Mr Tinashe Mpasiri and Mr Mutumwa Mawere help us unpack the truth behind SMM.

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[12:48, 21/6/2016] MD Mawere: [21/06 12:24] Delight Benge: Afternoon Sir. In trying to get an indepth understanding of the SMM saga and the various angles to it i went through some articles on the net. I also bumped into this 👇


Mutumwa Mawere Entrepreneur Millionaire Founder Africa Resources Limited #Zimbabwe


The political angle is covered within the article above. I think what has affected Zim more than anything is our political culture, be it in boardrooms or in the social sphere. Ethics or the lack of them is another aspect.


The financial engineering that led to the acquisition of SMM is another angle which is not easily visible to the layman. Having done Fin Eng at Nust it is easy for me to understand the deal but to the generality of citizens it would paint a fog. In conclusion i can say we are an educated lot but we lack understanding

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[12:49, 21/6/2016] MD Mawere: [21/06 12:32] Adv T Mavula: Good day.


Is there an application that you download in order to tune into Dipro FM on mobile & PC? Or its simply clicking the link?

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My name is Sindiso- am a journalist with Newsday & Fokus magazine.


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[17:33, 21/6/2016] +27 78 202 5720: Hi guys and welcome on board to the new guys. Have just completed reading THE 1873 NETWORK doc. (The case)

[17:37, 21/6/2016] MD Mawere: What are your comments?

[17:56, 21/6/2016] +27 78 202 5720: will comment section by section, the reality is the information on the market is far from reality. For instance that the GoZ guaranteed the acquisition of SMM.

[18:01, 21/6/2016] MD Mawere: Ok let us learn from reading and understanding. You may wish to look at the timeline.


Have you looked at Chinamasa’s affidavit?

[18:02, 21/6/2016] +27 73 655 1539: Good evening, My name is Raphael Moyo and I have been following the SMM story from way back. There is a book of articles written by Mr Mutumwa Mawere that explains the whole story behind SMM. If you would like the copy of the book titled A Revolution Betrayed: A Perspective on the Flight Path of Zimbabwe (1980 – 2013) you can contact me o you can go to and get your copy. This book can be of your interest if you really want to know the truth behind SMM.

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[20:19, 21/6/2016] +27 78 202 5720: Will start my comments on Chinamasa’s Affidavit – 1) the Prevention of Corruption Act was gazetted on the 9th of July 2004, implying for it to affect the said company, it was applied in retrospectively. I don’t know whether it is applicable at Law – have limited law experience.  2) the principle of seperate legal persona was disregarded at the election of the Executive – need to read companies Act as to its application if it iss allowed.

[20:19, 21/6/2016] +44 7932 306644: Good point

[20:33, 21/6/2016] +27 78 202 5720: 3) I’m not aware of any Law that expropriates assets for foreigners as it is written that Mr Mawere’s assets would not have been expropriated if he chose to remain a citizen of Zimbabwe.

[20:37, 21/6/2016] Adv. Thuto Mavula: And how did the SI find extra territial effect in SA? The gvt managed to give itself legal standing in the SA courts where it otherwise didn’t have audience via a Zimbabwean Act and have the courts in SA interprete it.

[20:42, 21/6/2016] +27 78 202 5720: 4) the investigation team was assembled at the election of the Executive,  a Minister. It could have been better if it was as a result of the Attorney General’s office, nowadays the Prosecutor General.

[21:10, 21/6/2016] MD Mawere: @marvin The Prevention of Corruption Act applies to conduct and acts committed in the jurisdiction of Zimbabwe.


In this matter, it is the case that after failing to have me extradited from SA, a specification order was issued in respect to a non-resident Zimbabwean.


The facts are that I was neither a direct shareholder of SMM nor a director of any Zimbabwean company.


Directors can be held criminally liable in their personal capacities in relation to the affairs of a company.


In this case, no SMM director was charged.

[21:15, 21/6/2016] +27 78 202 5720: Thanks u Mr Mawere for the explanation

[21:24, 21/6/2016] MD Mawere: You are welcome

[22:08, 21/6/2016] +263 77 448 0141: ZANU PF is imploding. Things are falling apart. The centre cannot hold. Macbeth will die with his ZANU PF Pvt Ltd soon. It’s often darkest before dawn. You can rig elections but you certainly can’t rig the economy. Zimbabwe’s problems start and finish on one man’s door. Macbeth is the alpha and omega of all that is wrong with our country. I cry the beloved country, and so do the majority of us. But everything has a beginning and an end. ZANU PF is in the twilight of its existence. Zimbabweans of a sane mind have to be prepared for a new Zimbabwe. The time to plan is now. What Zimbabwe do you want for you and future generations? The mistakes of 1980 to date have to be remedied and a better future has to be ushered. Things cannot stay the same. Crooks and criminals should never be allowed to hold reigns of power again. What we are witnessing are the last vestiges of a kleptocracy. The youth are our future. They should be demanding a better tomorrow. They should be the vanguard of a new democratic dispensation. Governments must be changed regularly. No one individual or party should be allowed to think that they have a monopoly of governing the country.


Our politics will need to undergo a paradigm shift. Politics should be about service, not power for power’s sake or power as a means to an end. Politics should be a contestation of ideas that drive the country forward. Ideas that will make our country be counted as great amongst the world’s family of nations. We shall need to debate and agree on shared national values. These values should form an integral part of our social identity. They must be an embodiment of all races, gender, color or creed. What should divide us are the political processes or ideologies that will enable us to achieve these shared values.


The status quo has failed the nation. The rulers of the country are nothing but black clones of the racist colonial regime. They have no heart or soul for the ordinary man and woman in the street. Just like the colonialists before them they thrive on divide and rule. They will not hesitate to use the same (if not worse) brutal force to control the masses. They will never take responsibility for their failed politics. They will never freely mix with the electorate. They can’t even walk in Mbare or Makokoba without hordes of security personnel around then. No. This should never be the case in a free country. It’s a sign that Zimbabwe obtained independence but not freedom in 1980. Let us free the black oppressors from the gridiron of their oppressive minds. They need help more than scorn. We have men and women of sick minds masquerading as nationalists. Perhaps some of them, like Macbeth, should have undergone trauma therapy after the war.


But time to seat and watch is long gone fellow Zimbabweans. It’s time to take back our country from these  oppressors. It takes good men and women to do nothing for evil to prevail. Evil is prevailing in Zimbabwe while we all watch. It’s time to be strategic and work out workable tactics to unchain ourselves from the yokes of the criminal cabal. All progressive parties must come together. Civic society must stand up against evil. Churches must be bold and speak the truth.


A journey of thousand miles begins with step. A veld fire begins with a spark. The journey is already begun. Join hands and fight for what is right. The future belongs to all of us. The future is now. Let not our children pour scorn on us in future for having allowed their future to be stolen while we watched.


Arise Zimbabwe! Arise!

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[22:23, 21/6/2016] +263 77 587 5828: What our policy makers fail to understamd is when you hold on to a resource and starve the international market, the world moves on . The market will research and develop alternatives and in some cases come up with better ones such tht the original resource ceases to be a resource. These raw materials we claim to have in abundance have subjects who give them value. Those subjects must be treated with respect. A fishing rod is of no value in the hands of a miner but is of great value in the hands of a hunter.

[22:33, 21/6/2016] +263 77 587 5828: An article l wrote yesterday reflects on how far other industries have gone when politics is dragging our feet.

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