FOSMM Whatsapp Thread – 22/6/2016

[07:14, 22/6/2016] +27 73 655 1539: Good morning friends. For the benefit of new members to the group , there is a book of articles written by Mr Mutumwa Mawere that explains the whole story behind SMM. If you would like the copy of the book titled A Revolution Betrayed: A Perspective on the Flight Path of Zimbabwe (1980 – 2013) you can contact me o you can go to and get your copy. This book can be of your interest if you really want to know the truth behind SMM.

[07:55, 22/6/2016] +263 77 773 9689: Thanks for the Harriet Msebele, political science graduate and so much interested in research and writing

[08:12, 22/6/2016] MD Mawere: The mischievous crimininalization of shareholders has its ancestry.


So when you read about the SMM @MARVIN please broaden and sharpen your eyes and you will find that the attack was not limited or didn’t start with SMM.


Prior to the attack on SMM, you will find many victims under Gono’s instigation and watch.


One of them was Makamba. Please read:

[08:16, 22/6/2016] +263 77 448 0141: Good morning fellow friends, our country is said to be one with most educated individuals compared to others. But that education is not reflected in deeds, since with all that education we have allowed our country to be run down by thieves.

We need to move from being whats app activists to taking these issues to where they belong,. Serious takasiya Kangai achifa nemare yeku GMB zvikarowa. Let’s draw actionable moves from all this evidence against our corrupt govt.

I Gandanga am for action,

[08:25, 22/6/2016] MD Mawere: Agreed. But actions without thought are dead. What sets Generals from the infantry is the ability of Generals to fight a battle in the mind before committing troops to die in battle.


Generals acquire the skill to imagine battles from experience.


Appreciate that any system that has been entrenched for more than 36 years will not be removed by imagination or street democracy.


When you go through the SMM facts, if you have cared to do, what are the key strategic issues that come to mind about the real causes of the quagmire that you are so eager to resolve through undefined actions?


SMM like many other companies is closed not by street actions but by the actions of people who call themselves wise custodians of the revolution.

[08:25, 22/6/2016] +27 78 202 5720: Good Morning, Yes Zimbabwe has educated individuals. The challenge is Globalisation, if one has the right qualifications, one is bound to be attracted to better investment destinations which offer real disposable income. So the struggle about making Zimbabwe a better investment destinations, will remain a priority of those that are directly affected. Those who migrate to better investment destinations will only see the need for change if and when they want to invest in home country and as far as taking care of relatives home in need.

[08:27, 22/6/2016] +27 78 202 5720: The real issue is applications of the rule of law.

[08:31, 22/6/2016] MD Mawere: @marvin Zimbabwe is neutral but its actors are not. Education occurs not at group level but the individual actor.

Those who possess it can cross borders in search of places where it can find value.


It would be foolhardy for a nuclear physist for instance to stick around in a country where the skill is of no value.


People don’t have physically to be in Zimbabwe to impact on its development trajectory or narrative.


You will learn from the SMM facts that I was never in Zimbabwe during the material period yet I am personally erroneously credited for running each and every company that operated in Zimbabwe under the stable.

[08:44, 22/6/2016] +263 77 448 0141: I agree with you hon that there is need for information based action. After information then there is need for direct confrontation. It has proved tym and tym again that people involved in non violent direct action can change even the most brutal systems. We cannot rule out mass action

[08:46, 22/6/2016] +263 77 448 0141: The SMM saga is an interesting case and would have been more so had the SA courts ruled on the seperation of issues and revealed the interference of GoZ in private affairs of a foreign owned company

[08:47, 22/6/2016] +263 77 587 5828: Zimbabwe is neutral but its actors are not 🔁 . I believe the policies are okay but the implementers tend to twist and misinterpret them to their advantage and they appear to be unstable.

[08:47, 22/6/2016] MD Mawere: Mass action is great if clothed with quality thinking and DNA. Often action that is alienated from a clearly grounded cause of action is like starting a journey with no end game.


It may be the case that the people we accuse of causing the problem may not even know the existence and extent of it.


We need to organize.

[08:48, 22/6/2016] MD Mawere: Please read below my suggestion:


[19/06 19:24] +27 62 549 8571: The first job is to organise. The Friends of SMM Network. It will have a Zim chapter with a Chairman, Deputy Chair, Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Treasurer.


The Chair will then write a letter addressed to the Vice President congratulating him on the anti-graft stance and for bringing ZACC into the OPC.


Then we can ask the uncomfortable questions and request response.


You can copy the letter to the President, Mphoko and ZACC.

[19/06 19:28] Adv T Mavula: Ok that’s actionable

[19/06 19:30] +27 62 549 8571: We can get a letter out even tomorrow and articulate why the issue is important.


Perhaps we delineate the aspects that worry us.

[19/06 19:44] Adv T Mavula: Sure thing

[08:50, 22/6/2016] +263 77 448 0141: So Hon we need to agree Yes there is need for for informed action.


[08:51, 22/6/2016] MD Mawere: You will note the date of the suggestion and that today is 23 June

[08:54, 22/6/2016] +263 77 448 0141: See the involvement of those based in Zimbabwe is important. If a committee was set then it has to act. If it is not yet in place then it has to br as a matter of urgency

[08:58, 22/6/2016] MD Mawere: Nothing has been set up because you have been missing in action.


Both VP have already said that they are against corruption. However, you may be shocked to learn that their definitions of corruption is not the same as everyone.


The presumption of innocence is a fundamental tenet of the rule of law. We believe in the Rule of Law.


Let us use the SMM example to test if we have a shared understanding of corruption.


Who should test this and on whose behalf?

[09:01, 22/6/2016] +263 77 448 0141: Lets set that committee though it has to be disguised under a different name but using the SMM case as a test. We can use the response of the VP to hang himself and his other lot

[09:03, 22/6/2016] Tinashe Mpasiri: No need to disguise the committee

[09:04, 22/6/2016] Tinashe Mpasiri: Otherwise we will become champions of setting up new platforms that do not act

[09:04, 22/6/2016] Adv. Thuto Mavula: The success of the anti corruption drive lies in the actions of independent actors and vigilance of the citizen. There cannot be logic in expecting the culprit to investigate their own case.

[09:05, 22/6/2016] Tinashe Mpasiri: This platform was also set up as an instrument to act upon the matters we discuss

[09:05, 22/6/2016] +263 77 448 0141: So u think writing to Mpoko with SMM logo will get the response we want. First let’s get the desired then the next letters will mention SMN and other corrupt activities

[09:07, 22/6/2016] Tinashe Mpasiri: Friends of SMM

[09:13, 22/6/2016] +263 77 456 0075: Facts are not always available to everyone at the same time. That is why you find someone selling holding a stock they should dispose given the material information in the world. To assume that everyone in government is aware of the true facts of the SMM saga will be a misconception. The issue has to be presented albeit in the new manner suggested. There is no need to disguise the committee. We are creating a platform that equally promotes good ethical conduct of sovereign actors

[09:15, 22/6/2016] +263 77 456 0075: Selling❎

[09:15, 22/6/2016] Adv. Thuto Mavula: The idea of saying Friends of SMM is to convey the message that there is action not just by SMM but by those who feel and believe things were not done right….we re confident there is a case to be answered as Friends of SMM and willing to weigh in against corruprion

[09:16, 22/6/2016] Adv. Thuto Mavula: Raising gvt and public awareness and sharing the lessons from SMM is one brick in the wall to shut out graft.

[09:19, 22/6/2016] +263 77 456 0075: @Thuto agreed

[09:24, 22/6/2016] Adv. Thuto Mavula: The letter is not an accusatory opinion but a show of solidarity and appreciation of the gvt assumed stance against corruption. Its to petition gvt to honour its pledge whilst raising its awareness on past and present fiascos that have undermined its neutral role and effectiveness.

[09:30, 22/6/2016] +27 78 202 5720: According to Adv T Mavula – these are negotiations that I cited earlier as a way of bringing the subject matter

[09:31, 22/6/2016] +27 73 655 1539: The governments have to put to action what they preach. In this case we see corruption which took place in the same government that preach of the anti-corruption activities. Friends of SMM,  #ItStartsWithUs&IamTheUs.

[09:38, 22/6/2016] +263 77 496 8850: l do suggest that the organisation be registered in Zimbabwe. thereafter, action shall follow.

[09:41, 22/6/2016] +263 77 906 8158: yes but action shall follow after strategy on how to operate

[09:44, 22/6/2016] Adv. Thuto Mavula: First strategy is this knowledge sharing phase. An appreciation of real case studies to form a basis for action

[09:45, 22/6/2016] Adv. Thuto Mavula: Understanding the causal links and its use versus the usual milistic approaches

[10:09, 22/6/2016] +263 77 448 0141: Advocate allow me to ask what is the desired response we are looking for from this letter?

[10:35, 22/6/2016] Tinashe Mpasiri: A warm welcome to George Marufu. former Systems Administrator of The Tribune newspapers.

[10:42, 22/6/2016] +27 62 445 9965: Thank you all….hope my presence will be positively beneficial to the group mission

[10:53, 22/6/2016] Adv. Thuto Mavula: Advocate allow me to ask what is the desired response we are looking for from this letter?


The main issue is to raise awareness.

[11:11, 22/6/2016] +263 77 448 0141: TRUE awareness is raised, but I think we need a response that will form the basis of our intended activities. A response from Mpoko condemning corruption is the desired. Then afterwards we introduce the SMM issue and other related cases.

[11:15, 22/6/2016] +263 77 496 8850: welcome Petty Chimombe (Legal Practitioner)

[11:19, 22/6/2016] Adv. Thuto Mavula: Already the two VPs amongst other people have spoken on corruption. There is an ongoing collective effort by JSC, ZRP, Correctional Services, amongst others called ACT( Against Corruption Together). The letter seeks to take the narrative beyond the mantra and divulge the ancestry of corruption in relation to rule if law and constitutionality taking reference to the live example and it’s outcome and the role and complicit of state actors whereas the state itself is seemingly anti corruption.

[11:58, 22/6/2016] MD Mawere: @tapuwa this group exists and it is has name. If one is afraid to expose the ancestry of the group, then the intended audience has no obligation to know better.


Friends of SMM can be a rallying point to raise awareness about the corrosive and fatal nature of corruption.


By avoiding to deal with the identity issue, one is already making a statement.


You may be aware that when President Zuma got into trouble, the people concerned about the matter never hestitated to set Friends of Zuma.


They used the platform to raise awareness and resources. The rest is history.

[12:08, 22/6/2016] +27 79 876 2614: Thank you

[12:09, 22/6/2016] +27 79 876 2614: Bro Mawere is correct

[12:09, 22/6/2016] +27 79 876 2614: Is she correct

[12:16, 22/6/2016] +27 73 655 1539: Yes she is correct

[12:17, 22/6/2016] +263 77 448 0141: Yes Hon u are correct 100%

[12:18, 22/6/2016] +27 73 655 1539: Mr Mawere is also 100% correct. #FriendsOfSMM

[12:20, 22/6/2016] +263 77 906 8158: it poorly maanaged by figures who are loyal to nothing but their bellies

[12:36, 22/6/2016] +27 79 876 2614: Mr Mawere yo response?

[12:39, 22/6/2016] MD Mawere: Please can I get the question?

[12:52, 22/6/2016] +27 79 876 2614: The statement or aphorism by president Johnson in pic above do you agree?

[12:53, 22/6/2016] +27 79 876 2614: If so can explain

[13:01, 22/6/2016] +263 77 496 8850: @ SIMON….someone once commented thatWhat our policy makers fail to understamd is when you hold on to a resource and starve the international market, the world moves on . The market will research and develop alternatives and in some cases come up with better ones such tht the original resource ceases to be a resource. These raw materials we claim to have in abundance have subjects who give them value. Those subjects must be treated with respect. A fishing rod is of no value in the hands of a miner but is of great value in the hands of a hunter.

[13:02, 22/6/2016] +27 79 876 2614: Agreed

[13:02, 22/6/2016] +27 79 876 2614: I’m of the firm view that the government has no meaning full role in commerce and industry

[13:05, 22/6/2016] MD Mawere: Africa is a name given to the territory that we call home. It is neutral and doesn’t need any food or drink.


Africa only exists through the lives of the humans and others creations that reside in it.


President Johnson got it wrong. Africa needs no management. It is the people who need happiness and not Africa.


Africa will remain what it is but each generation needs its own warriors and doers.


Africa’s future is written in the dreams and actions of its people. Its greatest treasure lies in its human personality.


We define and shape Africa’s personality and character.

[13:06, 22/6/2016] +27 79 876 2614: In religion we say how can one serve GOD and mammoth(money) without despising another , in politics we must say also say how can one serve the people and mammoth without neglecting the masses  simply because there are temptations in commerce and industry if government wants to operate or poke their noses

[13:19, 22/6/2016] MD Mawere: @norman policy makers are not saints or clairvoyants but people of fresh. They have no idea of what the universe holds or promises.


They are not infallible but work on the basis that if the ancestors of state power are timid and afraid to assert their rights, anything is the best.


The ram materials are not humanly created but have a source which we often fail to acknowledge.


All we have is time that our minds and actions can fill with. If we do nothing, tomorrow will be the same as today and yesterday.


It is our ideas and dreams that help inform tomorrow.


If we resolve to give character and personality to Friends of SMM then henceforth the world will know that today was the birth of an idea whose shelf life and character will be determined by the founders.


We are the founders but the idea can give us space to learn about complex issues using a single corporate example.

[14:31, 22/6/2016] +263 77 470 3357: How are you friends of SMM?I have been following the SMM from it’s beggining.It is one out of many cases in which our Zanu pf gvnt has disrupted the livelihoods of thousands of people by appropriating well established private businesses. The reasons given by the gvnt for such actions have not been satisifactory,apart from being either political or outright looting disguised under the shadow of laws of our land.It is a pity the Zanu pf regime has chosen to behave like a bull in a china shop when it comes to property rights in Zimbabwe.Perceived enermies of those in the ruling elite have had their companies and property seized,with little or no regards for the adverse effect such rogue actions have on the well being of our various industries and the lives of those who directly benefit.My heart sinks each time i remember the plight of SMM workers who were robbed of their livelihood.This struggle to identify and correct the wrongs that have been done on companies like SMM can not lie on the shoulders of a few individuals who have been personally affected.Such innitiatives like this platform should be part of a much broader struggle to bring back justice,fairness and accountability in our country.Thanks a lot for this innitiative.I hope our engagement on this platform will bring about  action for the much desired change to happen.

[15:54, 22/6/2016] +263 77 456 0075: At this juncture we can start working on breathing life to the character of a juristic person name Friends of SMM. The purpose of this being wil be defined by us the co-actors and we already know it is a noble cause. We owe it to generations to come that every citizen has a moral obligation to pierce the veil, understand the impact of government actors in their official capacity and bring generational solutions to the table

[15:55, 22/6/2016] MD Mawere: Its better to organize than agonize. Are we agreed on existential issues.

[15:56, 22/6/2016] +263 77 448 0141: All we have done is to aid the destruction by becoming

strategically silent when the taboo was becoming a norm. we have created more strong individuals in

Zimbabwe than systems, processes and institutions. all that is left is for us to play safe and continue to politely and prayerfully engage,

advocate and lobby. we are not in any position to influence ultimately who and when a decision is

taken, good or bad. we decimated all credible

avenues of national dialogue, deliberately

weakened those with capacity to provide wise counsel to issues of economic modelling and eliminated rationality in dealing national planning

and programmes. i am sure Zimbabwe will one day invite back our God given culture of voluntary compliance, collaboration and cooperation, work

ethic, rule of law not rule by law and sense of belonging among other national aspirations.

[19:50, 22/6/2016] +263 77 593 1262: Fanuel Chiwende is a civil engineer and a true friend of smm

[19:52, 22/6/2016] +27 74 404 8317: Welcome comrades

[19:54, 22/6/2016] +263 77 456 0075: Welcome friends

[21:13, 22/6/2016] +263 77 588 6846: Gentlemen, may i understand where the Mukushi brothers come in as far as the Saga is concerned