Is Hon Mliswa an apologist and agent of tyranny in Zimbabwe? asks Mr. Elvis Mugari

Mr. Elvis Mugari, a human rights Zimbabwean activist, as whether Hon. Themba Mliswa, an independent legislator representing the constituency of Norton, is an apologist or agent of tyranny in Zimbabwe.

This is after Hon. Mliswa’s controversial interview on Zimeye in which he stated as fact President Mnangagwa had assisted Mr. Mutumwa Mawere to acquire SMM Holdings Private Limited (SMM) in 1996 from T & N Plc.

Hon. Mliswa followed by a tweet in which he stated that he looked forward to seeing ED empower his generation of business people like Shumba, Strive and Mawere were allegedly empowered.

“It is true that it is not only Hon. Mliswa who believes that ED was instrumental or the driving force in Mawere’s business enterprises including the acquisition that is generally perceived as having been hatched by ED as part of a Karanga’s economic strategy to assume state power.

I find it in bad state that Hon Mliswa who has been in one of the Whats Up groups that I belong to until he left the group would take no cognizance of the information that was shared regarding as to how SMM was acquired and financed.

I have always said that Hon. Mliswa if he cares to listen at all would know that the issue of the existence and operation of the Reconstruction Act is not about Mawere losing his company or falling out it with anyone but is and ought to be about the constitution of Zimbabwe and the rule of law.

I have spoken at length on this matter and the importance of the background facts surrounding the introduction of this draconian legislation.

Having listened to Hon. Mliswa, I think the issue of continuity between the First and Second Republic of Zimbabwe needs to be put into consideration.

It is in this respect that Hon. Mliswa’s utterance was totally unacceptable, shocking, and appalling to say the least. I believe that playing a person like Mawere as seems to be the case in attitude displayed by Hon Mliswa.

I would rather that we engage in a fight that speaks to the fundamental issues rather than gossip.

It is my view that ED as the President has to be accountable and not be protected by a legislator who is and ought to be representative in government.  I believe that one of the laws that needs to be repealed is the Reconstruction Act as one of the laws that is part of the basket of laws that need urgently to be repealed.

It is encouraging that the government has now accepted the principle of repealing AIPPA and POSA which I believe to be laws that are meant to answer political questions.

It is instructive that our legislators are is eloquent in its silence on the constitutionality of such laws.

I am appalled that Hon Mliswa exposes his ignorance about the prescripts of the constitution and he often tries to divert our attention when facts expose his principals.

It is and should not be Mawere and his relationship with the Reconstruction Act and also Mawere’s relationship with Masiyiwa but about what direction are we going as a country.

I think it is important that we focus on solving the root problem.  The problem to me is the rule of law. We, in the civil society, are pushing for the repeal of this draconian Act whose effect is the same as AIPPA and POSA.

It must be accepted that Zimbabwe is indeed in a deep crisis when we hear our legislators praising this draconian laws yet we are very far from restoring the country to constitutionalism.

It is strange that Mliswa alleges that ED supported Mawere on the basis of tribe and not because there was merit in business in question.

This makes Zimbabwe a very dangerous and any attempt to import tribalism into the Reconstruction Act narrative is regrettable. I did not expect such utterances from an Honourable member of the National Assembly of Zimbabwe.”

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