Ms. Miriam Mutizwa’s Open Letter to Ms. Tsitsi Masiyiwa – Part 3

How best can the equation of power be changed in Zimbabwe after 38 years of hegemony by a select few?

Ms. Miriam Mutizwa, a Zimbabwean-born UK resident activist, argues in a her letter below addressed to Mrs. Tsitsi Masiyiwa, the wife of Zimbabwe’s richest black man, Mr. Strive Masiyiwa, that in order to lift Zimbabwe from its current economic and political morass you don’t need to be sponsored but to be driven my inner moral conscience and personal will power.

Ms. Mutizwa asserts that: “In order to change the equation and gravitas of power, one does not need to have the same scale and mass as the force that one is trying to overcome or replace. One just needs a super-activated minority, starting with the Man/Woman in The Mirror, that can dominate the terms of the debate.”

Ms. Mutizwa is confident that she is shaping and defining the personality of a debate that has been missing in the daily conversations about what needs to happen in Zimbabwe to make it great.

Part 3 of her letter to Mrs. Masiyiwa reads as follows:

“My sister, I am addressing this letter to you not because I hold any personal grudge against you but because I am truly inspired by what you have been able to achieve and more significantly by your philanthropic endeavors that have been widely accepted as examples of what good corporate and personal citizenship means or ought to mean.

As a reminder, this was the message contained in your tweet: “Some outcries and actions in pursuit of justice seem and look so right until you discover the source of the outcry and sponsor of the cause. Take a step back and reflect on some of the things we consider good and just causes.”

It is the import of your core message in the tweet that troubles me most.  I must admit that I have read your tweet over and over again in search of the motivation behind it.

My only conclusion is that this tweet was meant to change a story whose narrative you are opposed to. This left me wondering why a quest for justice would be sufficiently of concern to warrant this missive from you.

Just by questioning the bona fides of people like me who are trying to change the equation of Zimbabwean power, it became evident that what you are attempting to do is to co-op a narrative of citizen endorsement of what I consider to be tyrannical authority.

It is significant that your tweet came on the back of your husband’s call for sanctions to be lifted based on his personal certification that President Mnangagwa, a key player in the tyrannical narrative of 38 years, was a sincere man.

It is not clear how and why Mr. Masiyiwa would certify and attempt to immunize the Mugabe administration from it especially having regard to the fact that former President Mugabe was not alone in abusing public power.

As I looked deeper into the facts surrounding the introduction of the Reconstruction of State Indebted Insolvent Companies Act, “the Recon Act” I was left wondering why the Attorney General, Mr. Prince Machaya, would have the courage to confirm under oath that he had no problem with the constitutionality and legality of AIPPA, POSA, the Recon laws when President Mnangagwa’s Second Republic is premised on cleaning up the mess of the 37 years of former President Mugabe’s dispensation.

It is now clear to me that in as much as I look up to you as my role model, it would be futile to expect your voice and support against a narrative of citizen rebellion against tyrannical authority.

In the absence of mainstream politics and organized business as guardians of changing the equation of power that has been hitherto skewed in favour of career politicians, it behooves on individuals like me to be the change that I want to see.

Unfortunately, I can no longer count on people like you for reasons best known to yourself. Since my outrage at the manner in which the Hwange Colliery Company Limited (Hwange) has been handled, I have discovered that we are at a very early stage of the real struggle to change the power equation in favour of the people and not public office bearers.

I am sure that you will agree with me that this phase of the struggle, albeit after 38 years of independence, is completely leaderless, uncoordinated, and largely unfunded by people like you and others.

What I now know is that to change the equation of power in Zimbabwe, it is not the legitimacy question that elections, however imperfect ought to answer, but that we do not have to use the same scale and mass as was used to remove Mugabe.

We simply need a super-activated minority that can dominate the terms of the debate. It is for this reason that I am using your tweet and you as my sparring partner on a debate that should be sideways and bottom-up so that it reaches the people who need to know better about power and the power inherent in them to change the unacceptable existing equation.

The fact that you could acknowledge my outcry and actions as worthy of condemning on social media have given me encouragement to push on.

I know I am a minority at the present moment but through challenging people like you, I am confident that my message that the rule of law is a sine qua non for changing the equation will resonate with more people and perhaps with you when you begin to reflect correctly on what justice is and is not.

I am sure that together we can create the force of ideas on what is needed to lift Zimbabwe up and not to protect the profits of a few elites in our society.

I am sure the silent voices who are following my conversation with you will get the big picture that is missing in our communities where the few who have done well have surrendered to a state of paralysis and fatalism.

I now turn to the observations in response to my Part 2 letter to you. Below is a thread of a conversation in a group called TedxHarare in which the issues surrounding your message on twitter are being vigorously interrogated.

You will note in the narrative below that the issue of my motivation in the quest for justice using the Recon Act as one of many examples of laws that defy reason and common sense, is misunderstood to mean that I am routing for Mr. Mawere’s case.

On the contrary, I am pushing for a change in the equation. I am grateful that a person of Mr. Mawere’s statute is a victim in my lifetime because this helps the struggle.

I am sure you will agree with me that is misfortune instigated by state power can visit Mawere, then who is safe? History has now shown that even the creditors of not only SMM but Air Zimbabwe, and Hwange are not safe.

This law has allowed a dispute fully described below in a judgment relating to a matter in which a foreign investor was extorted of a substantial amount of money by an Administrator appointed by the then Minister of Justice, Hon Chinamasa, over SMM claims that were sold pursuant to the operation of the Recon Act only to be told by the Zimbabwean courts that the aggrieved party had no automatic right of audience to the Court without the leave of absence of the thief clothed as an Administrator.

Please read this judgment and let me know if you think that I am a sponsored mercenary.

I trust that you will in the quietness of your bedroom with your husband pause and reflect on what is going on in Zimbabwe and how the equation has regrettably been tilted in a partisan manner leaving little room for small people like me to have their voices count.

I am sure you will agree that we owe it to our future generations to stand up on our feet and not on our knees begging for the promise of justice to be a reality.

Iwe Tsitsi neni tinebasa. There is more that can and should be done to ensure that justice is not only for Econet and its smiling shareholders but for all.


Gwaradzimba NO v Gurta AG S-10-15 (Gwaunza JA, Garwe & Patel JJA concurring) (Judgment delivered 6
March 2015)

The appellant was appointed administrator of a mining company which was the subject of a reconstruction order
in terms of the Reconstruction of State Indebted Insolvent Companies Act [Chapter 24:27]. In October 2004,
the appellant entered into an agreement with the respondent in terms of which the latter purchased and paid for
certain mining claims belonging to the company. Despite registration of the mining claims in the respondent’s
name, and its assumption of operations on the location in question, it met with fierce resistance from a third
party who claimed ownership of the same location. The third party also made it virtually impossible for the
respondent to enjoy the benefit of the claims that it had purchased. Communication that thereafter opened
between the respondent and the appellant to resolve these problems yielded no positive results. This led the
respondent, in August 2012, to apply to the appellant for leave to commence legal proceedings against the
company for cancellation or confirmation of cancellation of the sale agreement as well as a refund of the
purchase price paid. The application to the appellant was made in terms of s 6(b) of the Act. Having received no
response from the appellant for over a year, the respondent approached the High Court claiming an order that s
6(b) was unconstitutional, alternatively, an order granting leave in terms of s 3(1)(b) and s 4(1) of the
Administrative Justice Act [Chapter 10:28] (“the AJA”) to institute action against the mining company. The
latter relief was granted; the appellant appealed.

The appellant argued that s 4 of the AJA embodied the common law grounds for review and that the respondent
should have brought a review application. Not have complied with the provisions relating to review procedure,
the respondent employed the wrong procedure. The appellant also argued that the court a quo erred in holding
that the appellant could not consider the merits of the respondent’s complaint in relation to the question of the
grant of leave to proceed against the company.

Held: (1) s 4 (1) of the AJA provides that the statutory relief sought may be sought by way of an application to
the High Court. However, no specific format for such application is prescribed. While a review in terms of the
High Court Rules is a special form of application, there is nothing in s 4(1) to suggest that any other form of
application for judicial review would in any way offend against that subsection, as long as it meets the
requirements of an ordinary court application. The High Court Act [Chapter 7:06] (ss 26 and 27) allows the
High Court to review the decisions of all inferior courts, tribunals and administrative authorities, subject to the
Act “and any other law”. The grounds for review are also subject to “any other law”. The Act therefore
contemplates and permits review proceedings that are brought before it in terms of “any other law.”
Specifically, judicial review may be done in terms of another statute, for instance the AJA, as here. Further to
this, and as clearly indicated above in subss (1) and (2) of s 27, grounds for review are not limited to those
particularised in that section. Other laws can properly dictate the consideration of, or specify, other grounds on
the basis of which proceedings of a lower court or tribunal may properly be reviewed.

The failure by the appellant as an administrative authority to take action when properly requested to do so, constituted an irregularity which may properly be the subject of judicial review. Common law review would have been difficult because of the problem of ascertaining a date from which the 8 week period provided in the rules would have started.

The appellant’s conduct was contemplated by s 3(1)(b) of the Act. His failure to act within a reasonable period after being requested to do so by the respondent constituted a ground for review which, albeit not listed in s 27 of the High Court Act, was nevertheless established in terms of “any other law”.

(2) Section 2(2) of the AJA allows a party to apply for “any other form of relief” in respect of administrative actions. Consequently, while s 4(2) of the Act lists the types of relief the High Court could have granted, that list
is not exhaustive. Rather, it is additional to any other relief that may be sought in respect of any administrative
action relevant to the Act. What is important at the end of the day is that justice and fairness prevail, following
upon a court ruling that is premised on cogent reasoning and sound principles of law.

While the High Court could have sent the matter back to the administrator with specific instructions or conditions on how to address the respondent’s request for leave, it was nevertheless within its competence in terms of s 2(2) of the Act to grant the relief sought.

The appellant was singularly reluctant to grant the leave sought from him by the respondent. It could be assumed from this attitude that the appellant must have considered the merits of the request and that this had influenced his decision not to act on it.

That being the case, the court a quo and indeed the respondent could not be blamed for safely assuming that the appellant’s decision on the merits of the request for leave would have been negative. Any further delay in resolving the dispute would prejudice the respondent.

Decision of MATHONSI J in Gurta AG v Gwaradzimba NO 2013 (2) ZLR 399 (H) (judgment no. HH-353-13) upheld.


[12/22, 06:31] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: I will wait for Miriam’s article she digs deeper
[12/22, 06:32] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Nothing is as it seems here but i do agree with you that someone has gone hunting for big game and the prize is Strives reputation
[12/22, 06:35] ‪+263 77 281 5524‬: Is Strive still visiting Zim?
[12/22, 07:27] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Good question
[12/22, 11:03] ‪+263 77 688 1918‬: NO. God has not told him to come back yet
[12/22, 11:03] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: 
[12/22, 11:05] ‪+263 77 688 1918‬: Interesting discussion
[12/22, 11:05] ‪+263 77 688 1918‬: That’s what he says. God told him to leave too
[12/22, 11:05] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: God has nothing to do with it
[12/22, 11:12] Sovereign Heru:
[12/22, 11:16] ‪+263 77 688 1918‬: The Strive story is fascinating to the human pysche. It is a classic “David and Goliath” story. As people we are always behind the David. Malcom Gladwell puts some of the factors that were on David’s side in his book David and Goliath . Strive is by no means a saint and yes he has a dark side. David when he became King had it. There are no saints just people striving to be good.
Also Strive was lucky in that he and Nkomo had a common stumbling block.

And yes, the victors always rewrite history.

Hey, if you’re Christian, prayers work.
[12/22, 11:26] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Pakaipa lol
[12/22, 11:34] ‪+263 77 281 5524‬: I smell a rat in all this though
[12/22, 11:35] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Share
[12/22, 11:35] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Share your suspicions
[12/22, 11:35] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Shipmate
[12/22, 11:36] ‪+263 77 281 5524‬: There just seems to be a well coordinated ‘poking’ at the Masiyiwa dynasty by a few linked individuals
[12/22, 11:37] ‪+263 77 281 5524‬: And the said ‘poking’ seems to be a the name, not the man
[12/22, 11:38] ‪+263 77 307 3088‬: Launch a 3 bill business and see wht happens to u
[12/22, 11:38] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: To what end.
[12/22, 11:39] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: I would say Strive has had it easy with the Press now its going to get real. They will dig
[12/22, 11:39] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: This gets ugly more is coming the honeymoon is over
[12/22, 11:39] ‪+263 77 281 5524‬: At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if we got “revelations” of how crazy his children actually are lol
[12/22, 11:40] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Like i said more is coming
[12/22, 11:40] Sovereign Heru: Have you listened to the audio?

Have you read the two letters?


Doesn’t it worry you that Strive has become an agent against justice?
[12/22, 11:41] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: The evidence expose hypocrisy
[12/22, 11:41] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: *exposes
[12/22, 11:41] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: And a well crafted plan to defraud . I ask why now
[12/22, 11:42] ‪+263 77 281 5524‬: You become a bull’s eye in Africa
[12/22, 11:42] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Why reveal it all 20years later
[12/22, 11:42] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Could the launch of the much hyped Cassava have brought some bad blood
[12/22, 11:42] Mutumwa Mawere: Why expropriation without compensation now when the original crime is so remote.
[12/22, 11:43] ‪+263 77 281 5524‬: I haven’t read letters, but the audio just has allegations by a clearly bitter man
[12/22, 11:44] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Mr Mawere what is your take on this?
[12/22, 11:44] Mutumwa Mawere: Should historical facts when told differently constitute malice?
[12/22, 11:44] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Justice has no statute of limitations
[12/22, 11:44] ‪+263 77 325 8478‬: there’s beef between Mawere & Masiyiwa. Mawere actually owns that South African station. Don’t know where the beef is springing from.
[12/22, 11:44] Mutumwa Mawere: My take is that the truth will always set one free.
[12/22, 11:45] ‪+263 77 281 5524‬: I may be missing something on this whole case: can someone please break down to me what the basic case it, who the aggrieved are and what all of it implies?
[12/22, 11:45] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: What is truth ?
[12/22, 11:45] Mutumwa Mawere: Why would there be beef between Strive and me? The facts of the matter involve two individuals who are still alive to tell their own versions.
[12/22, 11:46] Mutumwa Mawere: Have you looked at the resolutions attached on Ms. Mutizwa’s article.
[12/22, 11:47] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Mr Masiyiwa has to answer these allegation. Although in the court of public opinion he has been judged
[12/22, 11:47] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Yes i have .
[12/22, 11:47] Mutumwa Mawere: Do you see mischief in the resolutions?
[12/22, 11:48] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: My personal opinion is that Strive was complicit in the whole fraud
[12/22, 11:48] ‪+263 77 325 8478‬: not accusing you of anything but it looks like you are heavily involved in the issue.
[12/22, 11:48] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Thus my statement saying God was not involved
[12/22, 11:48] Mutumwa Mawere: Can you detect the elements of fraud in the enterprise?
[12/22, 11:49] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Yes i can see it
[12/22, 11:49] Miriam Mutizwa: Its coming
[12/22, 11:49] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: The house has said i am based against Strive when i have said that the whole story is too good to be true
[12/22, 11:49] Mutumwa Mawere: Yes because Tsitsi and Nigel have been telling anyone who cares to listen that I am the sponsor of an alleged campaign against them.
[12/22, 11:50] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Nigel has no moral ground he should be in jail for defrauding investors and the banking public
[12/22, 11:51] Mutumwa Mawere: Let us start with KKOWLEDGE – what do you think was the state of mind of the players?
[12/22, 11:51] Mutumwa Mawere: Nigel still believes that Shumba was treated fairly and justly.
[12/22, 11:52] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: A thief will always claim he acted in all fairness when he defrauds the innocent
[12/22, 11:53] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: He will say that they knew the risks and all the terms and conditions where clear
[12/22, 11:53] ‪+263 77 325 8478‬: understood
[12/22, 11:53] Miriam Mutizwa:
[12/22, 11:54] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: I just read this . Why is there no response from the parties concerned.
[12/22, 11:55] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: As i have said before there is no statute of limitations on justice
[12/22, 11:55] Miriam Mutizwa: Not sure but i would like to believe Madam Tsitsi responded by disabling her account.
[12/22, 11:56] Mutumwa Mawere: I guess Tsitsi has a version, Nigel has a version, and Shumba has a version.
[12/22, 11:56] Mutumwa Mawere: I thought she is accusing you of being sponsored.
[12/22, 11:56] ‪+263 77 325 8478‬: then there’s a true version that we’ll never hear
[12/22, 11:57] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: The fact that the Zimbabwe has deified the Masiyiwas does not absolve them of wrongdoing. It is hypocrisy to claim to be saints when they have skeletons in their corporate cupboard
[12/22, 11:57] Mutumwa Mawere: Do you agree that the resolutions are real and need to editing? Do you need any other version?
[12/22, 11:58] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: I guess the truth is an intersection of all 3 versions
[12/22, 11:58] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Masiyiwa is a businessman not a saint
[12/22, 11:59] Mutumwa Mawere: Yet the truth will remain where it is and will always be. It has no legs to allow the passage of time to alter it or embellish it.
[12/22, 11:59] Mutumwa Mawere: Do you agree that there can only be one truth?
[12/22, 11:59] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Yes
[12/22, 12:00] Mutumwa Mawere: Let us identify the truths that Miriam has given us. What has she identified as truths in her article?
[12/22, 12:01] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Someone here once said there is no way in Robert Mugabes Zimbabwe that Strive could have launched or even survived or thrived without some backroom dealings .
[12/22, 12:01] ‪+263 77 325 8478‬: it’s difficult to establish the truth when there are many versions and when there’s still a lot that’s yet to be said
[12/22, 12:02] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Can i ask a question . Why has none of the mainstream media sources in Zim picked up on this story?
[12/22, 12:03] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Why is this not being debated in public
[12/22, 12:04] ‪+263 77 325 8478‬: probably because the accused are the biggest advertisers in mainstream media
[12/22, 12:04] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: This is why i believe there is some truth to this story
[12/22, 12:06] Mutumwa Mawere: I think Tsitsi and Strive have provoked this by recent utterances.
[12/22, 12:06] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: By the way the way the press was carefully planted with cassava product stories pre listing has me believing that the regulators don’t know how to deal with cases of corporate fraud
[12/22, 12:07] Mutumwa Mawere: Yet the truth has patience.
[12/22, 12:07] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Tsitsi has been offside too many times this year. PRIDE COMETH BEFORE A GREAT FALL
[12/22, 12:08] ‪+263 77 325 8478‬: our system was never designed to deal with fraud & corruption. There are no proper mechanisms and no political will to deal with that.
[12/22, 12:08] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: She should take a break from twitter
[12/22, 12:08] Mutumwa Mawere: We should thank Miriam for the courage to speak truth to power.
[12/22, 12:08] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: I agree
[12/22, 12:09] Sovereign Heru: People are believers and always in search of fantasies and fairytales.
[12/22, 12:09] Mutumwa Mawere: What is your take on Miriam’s citizenship?
[12/22, 12:10] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: I guess when you have been hanging out with Sir Richard Branson you might forget you are Zimbabwean
[12/22, 12:10] Mutumwa Mawere: Who are the generalized people? It takes only one tweet by Strive or Tsitsi to ignite true feelings
[12/22, 12:11] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Because for 20years the public has been fed a lie
[12/22, 12:11] Mutumwa Mawere: How many white settlers forget how the first ground was possessed?
[12/22, 12:11] ‪+263 77 325 8478‬: its not too far fetched to conclude that that the Masiyiwa’s have been protected by the establishment all along
[12/22, 12:12] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: That is what i have been hinting at my guy
[12/22, 12:12] Mutumwa Mawere: Yet the struggle for independence brought settlers to the start line where Mbuya Nehanda was Strive’s Shumba.
[12/22, 12:12] Mutumwa Mawere: Yet lies can create a facade of a reality.
[12/22, 12:13] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: This also explains certain utterances by the telecom tycoon concerning sanctions
[12/22, 12:13] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: The facade is falling off
[12/22, 12:13] Mutumwa Mawere: That sanctions must be removed so that the system is disabled.
[12/22, 12:14] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Why has Strive not visit the country since his so called nemesis Mugabe was toppled?
[12/22, 12:14] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: There are too many lies being peddled as truths
[12/22, 12:15] Mutumwa Mawere: What if he knows that a journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step?
[12/22, 12:15] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Our press is compromised and our legislature has no idea what they are doing
[12/22, 12:15] ‪+263 77 325 8478‬: maybe he’s Queen B 
[12/22, 12:15] Mutumwa Mawere: What if the market for the truth is very narrow?
[12/22, 12:15] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: That would be very interesting
[12/22, 12:16] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: That could be true . In a nation used to a diet of lies truth is poison
[12/22, 12:16] ‪+263 77 325 8478‬: it is very narrow. no one likes the truth. not even the saints
[12/22, 12:17] Mutumwa Mawere: Whose duty is it to tell it as it is?
[12/22, 12:17] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: The fourth estate the press
[12/22, 12:17] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: The judiciary is compromised
[12/22, 12:18] Mutumwa Mawere: But after 38 yrs of independence, who stands out as the best journalist of our time on these matters.
[12/22, 12:19] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: None that i can mention
[12/22, 12:19] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: It’s always the alternative sources that have exposed corruption and corporate issues
[12/22, 12:19] Mutumwa Mawere: Let us encourage Miriam to keep on keeping on then
[12/22, 12:20] Mutumwa Mawere: Do you agree that you are the voice that you have been waiting for?
[12/22, 12:20] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Yes. I agree
[12/22, 12:24] Mutumwa Mawere: What is your best interpretation of what Tsitsi is saying here: “Some outcries and actions in pursuit of justice seem and look so right until you discover the source of the outcry and sponsor of the cause. Take a step back and reflect on some of the things we consider good and just causes.”
[12/22, 12:24] Mutumwa Mawere: Assume you are the scribe that you have been waiting for.
[12/22, 12:58] Miriam Mutizwa: I would need v11s but when I read her post the only outcries were coming from MDCA and Recon Act Campaigners so sponsors could be Flake and Mawere respectively. Matigari has his own version of Afriforum vs Dr Amai So lets see their response.
[12/22, 13:01] Miriam Mutizwa: this is the issue of justice, they are saying how many orphans does Miriam look after in comparison to Tsitsi thus personalising rather than dealing with her words. thus shooting down so if pedestrians like us raise questions on justice with v11s we are basically told shut up u know nothing u have no money.
[12/22, 13:09] Miriam Mutizwa: please add Dr Shumba
[12/22, 13:14] Miriam Mutizwa: Welcome Dr Shumba
[12/22, 13:14] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Welcome
[12/22, 13:14] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Let him speak for himself
[12/22, 13:14] Miriam Mutizwa: we are discussing Letter to Tstitsi Masiiwa so you can educate us on what transpired
[12/22, 13:15] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: You raised a valid point here
[12/22, 13:30] Miriam Mutizwa: I am glad Nigel came into the convo, after Matigari explained that Dr Shumba was a financier of Econet start up NC said not to forget Kingdom Securities so to me he felt left out on list of founders maybe lol
[12/22, 13:33] Mutumwa Mawere: What is the law in respect of the limitations imposed on stock brokers about what where they have jurisdiction or not?
[12/22, 13:37] Miriam Mutizwa: they are not to benefit on the trade like Nigel did if he was a broker he should have let the transaction go between stock owner and buyer without profiteering in Shumbas case Nigel got $4+per share and Shumba got $2.20per share NSSA never got the shares Shumba never got the money so this is a sale that never was. Its a sale that was closed with nothing ever been sold. Thus fraud
[12/22, 13:37] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Humbavha
[12/22, 13:38] Miriam Mutizwa: The whole thing is a mess and it makes my head spin trying to understand
[12/22, 13:39] Mutumwa Mawere: However, a meeting was held purportedly in relation to the affairs of the shareholders of TSM yet the resolutions refer to the role of stockbrokers. How do you reconcile this?
[12/22, 13:41] Miriam Mutizwa: For me it looks like a boardroom coup with the v11s to hand. My narrative might change if the other parties present v11s that show otherwise.

Who was in attendance?
What were their shareholding?
[12/22, 13:41] Miriam Mutizwa: What were their contribution
[12/22, 13:41] Miriam Mutizwa: Did they know shares were not tradeable
[12/22, 13:41] Miriam Mutizwa: Why did they resolve on an issue in that manner
[12/22, 13:45] Mutumwa Mawere: What do you think? Let us start with Dr Shumba. What could have been the state of his mind at the meeting? Then Strive, what could have been the mind state? Then Chanakira to the man at the meeting, what do you think could have been the state of mind?
[12/22, 13:49] Miriam Mutizwa: As a major financier, he couldn’t stomach the management style of Strive which was Dictatorial. So this was a meeting to get his money, of which strive did not have at the time. This to me might have been a meeting of people who had had a meeting elsewhere before and Doc was there just to get out of the whole deal but needed value for having taken an organisation thus far.
[12/22, 15:29] ‪+263 77 281 5524‬: What might be the reason Dr Shumba felt he NOW wanted his money?
[12/22, 15:29] ‪+263 77 281 5524‬: To be consistent in our suspicions, could we also say “there is no smoke without fire?” As yet we are not able to verify any evidence anyone has presented, so everything is being taken on basis of plausibility right now
[12/22, 15:29] ‪+263 77 281 5524‬: This is as good a conspiracy theory as advocates for the flat earth theory saying space is an intergovernmental hoax. What would it benefit Pres Mugabe’s admin to smear themselves like that and have Strive turn sentiments against it if he was their guy?

I think it’s too far fetched
[12/22, 15:29] ‪+263 77 281 5524‬: This may come off as biased, considering Ms Miriam has been a champion in arguing your own case.
[12/22, 15:35] Mutumwa Mawere: Perhaps you can define what you deem to be my case.
[12/22, 15:38] ‪+44 7940 573397‬: Oi Keep Flat Earth Theory Out Of Politics.
[12/22, 15:42] ‪+44 7940 573397‬: I Repeat Why Now ? If there’s been any fraud on anyone’s part, it should be in the courts. So called V11s if available make more sense in a courtroom. If Not then it can only be a smear campaign.
[12/22, 15:43] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: This is Zim stranger things have happened here my friend and yes keep the flat earth theory out of it
[12/22, 15:43] Sovereign Heru: Have you been following the events here?
[12/22, 15:44] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: We have Mr Shumba in the group maybe he can answer you
[12/22, 15:44] Sovereign Heru: There is a background to this.
[12/22, 15:46] ‪+44 7717 677811‬: Clearly the man is either busy or doesn’t want to answer.
[12/22, 15:47] ‪+44 7717 677811‬: Maybe leave the speculation for a bit and ask him when and if he shows up.
[12/22, 15:47] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: He will answer
[12/22, 15:47] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: But i say it again Strive is not what he pretends to be
[12/22, 15:48] ‪+263 77 281 5524‬: Ah…she is the most vocal member of FOSMM it would appear
[12/22, 15:48] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Well said
[12/22, 15:49] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: Strive is in bed with the junta
[12/22, 15:49] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: He is speaking on their behalf maybe they promised him some more deals
[12/22, 15:49] Sovereign Heru: Background
1. Strive Masiyiwa abandoned the democratisation efforts among Zimbabweans by joining the corporate bandwagon for the Junta.
2. His wife has been working with ED’s wife on her charity activities.
3. Daniel Shumba had an interview with Mutumwa Mawere. I dont know what triggered the interview.
4. Tsitsi then attacked what has been considered to be those of the MDC and the persons of Daniel and Mutumwa that they are sponsored via a tweet. Patson Dzamara went after her that she was suffering from a pedestal of privilege.
5. Miriam then did a letter (Letter 1) and twitter went on fire!
[12/22, 15:50] Sovereign Heru: This is my reading of the matter
[12/22, 15:50] ‪+263 77 281 5524‬: In spirit, what’s the difference from the theory being claimed to not be too far fetched? The most basic WHY of it cannot be answered ‘reasonably’ to any ‘logical’ extent
[12/22, 15:51] ‪+44 7940 573397‬: Thank you Capn. Yes I have been following. So My Question for Mr Shumba is If there’s a legally agrieved party then why is the matter not in the courts. If it’s to bring to light to issues of morality and business ethics then I would suggest the efforts would be better served focusing on the Current issues Of Governance affecting the average Zimbabweans plate. Furthermore in a pond of Crocodiles doesn’t make sense to focus on what the hippo ate.
[12/22, 15:51] ‪+263 77 808 1181‬: His firm has been in the papers for moaning the government money before all this was done under the table mind you
[12/22, 15:52] ‪+263 77 281 5524‬: That’s still my question also
[12/22, 15:54] Mutumwa Mawere: Is it about SMM or about the constitutionality and legality of the Recon Act.
[12/22, 15:56] Sovereign Heru: Would you not consider yourself a friend of constitutionality, legality and due process?
[12/22, 15:59] ‪+44 7940 573397‬: An open approach to this discussion for me would be that it’s one example of the results of Poor Judicial Process, Political influence in business just like the MutumwaMawere Case is. So as good examples of the rot in Our system they are. Better Progress would be made focusing on getting better leadership and as citizens demanding accountability and finding our Voices which sometimes can be expressed by how and where we spend our monies.
[12/22, 16:00] ‪+263 77 281 5524‬: Maybe let me rephrase so I don’t also start alleging things unfairly: she is, for whatever reason (noble or not), in your corner on this one, and generally, right or wrong, her stance is rather good for you.

I also favour her stance, but it’s favourable in your cause nonetheless.
[12/22, 16:00] Sovereign Heru: Isnt it about constitutionality, legality and due process?
[12/22, 16:01] ‪+44 7940 573397‬: Yes It is. Problem is how do you as the citizens demand they are adhered to.
[12/22, 16:01] Sovereign Heru: Is the consideration about the Reconstruction Act if it is advances constitutionality, legality and due process a personal problem of Mutumwa Mawere?
[12/22, 16:02] ‪+263 77 281 5524‬: Our irresponsibility in the regard as citizens is costing us heavily and will cost future generations if we don’t do something about it
[12/22, 16:03] ‪+263 77 281 5524‬: I think my point was missed. The idea was to point to possible bias in making certain determinations
[12/22, 16:03] ‪+44 7940 573397‬: Problem is in the big picture if Mutumwa Mawere received some form of restitution would that then change the Offending Legislation. Possibly but most likely Not.
[12/22, 16:03] Sovereign Heru: Those who view the Reconstruction Act as a personal problem to abuse public power to fight Mutumwa Mawere should tell me if Air Zimbabwe and Hwange Colliery Company Limited as Mawere companies.
[12/22, 16:03] ‪+44 7717 677811‬: You can’t. You can only vote then sit back and watch the fireworks.
[12/22, 16:04] ‪+44 7717 677811‬: Then vote again 4/5 years later
[12/22, 16:04] ‪+44 7717 677811‬: The citizen has no power at all. They just get to choose their poison from a list of poisons.
[12/22, 16:04] Sovereign Heru: You are being superstitious. What bias are you talking about? So Miriam should not use SMM as an example of the abuse of public power in fighting corporate interests?
[12/22, 16:05] ‪+44 7940 573397‬: I forget can someone remind me of what the saying is about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result ?
[12/22, 16:05] Mutumwa Mawere: What in your opinion is my corner and cause?
[12/22, 16:06] Sovereign Heru: Your literacy about the Act is very low.
So a Governemtn should expropriate a private business and then later talk of compensation 14 years later?
[12/22, 16:06] ‪+44 7717 677811‬: Well the people have been told this colonisers democracy ways is the best way to go. Just scrap the whole thing and take an example from the old cultural ways or Switzerland.
[12/22, 16:06] ‪+263 77 281 5524‬: Ah…hahaha. We are digressing now even. What was the discussion on?
[12/22, 16:07] ‪+44 7717 677811‬: They can do whatever they want. And the citizens can’t do a thing about it. Well they can do something… watch the fireworks and vote for different poison later.
[12/22, 16:07] Sovereign Heru: Its you who said Miriam is biased towards Mawere as if the Recon Act is about Mawere and yet it has been used over Air Zimbabwe and Hwange Colliery Company Limited. You are projecting the thoughts of Tsitsi Masiyiwa.
[12/22, 16:08] Mutumwa Mawere:
[12/22, 16:10] Miriam Mutizwa: I agree we have poor judiciary system its evident
[12/22, 16:10] Sovereign Heru: Even if the Recon Act was about Mutumwa Mawere, was the government acting in your name as a citizen when thousands of employees lost their jobs and led to the closure of many businesses associated with SMM.
[12/22, 16:11] Miriam Mutizwa: Biased towards Mawere? Catch me up please

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