“Reconstruction Act Is An Unconstitutional Instrument Crafted To Seize Companies Illegally”

Terrence Mawawa|The Reconstruction Act is a repressive and unconstitutional tool that has been crafted to seize properties from hapless citizens, Mutumwa Mawere has said.

Using the controversial Act the government seized Air Zimbabwe, Shabanie and Mashava Mines(SMM) and recently Hwange Colliery Limited.

Writing on Twitter yesterday Mawere emphasised the need to uphold constitutional principles in the country.

“Are you aware of the existence and operation of the Reconstruction Act? If so, then ask the people in whose hands the company’s control and management was vested,” argued Mawere.

He added: “Is theft a policy? Is it a farcical currency or a well orchestrated scheme to steal value that ordinarily should accrue to a self-determining economic actor? When the people who take oath to promote,protect and uphold the protection of property become the guardians of its diversion, then what?”

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