Shabanie and Mashaba Mines (Private) Limited reopening.

Shabanie and Mashaba Mines (Private) Limited reopening.

Posted by Mutumwa Mawere on Wednesday, 10 January 2018


Gaudencia Sunduza: Keep it up sir

Liberty Mutungadzimwe: Town yedu yaifaya dzokai tiite basa

Charles Murimwa: Mr Mawere the post above by Antonio Kymplix Muvunde say ”YOU DON’T NEED TO BEG MR”. MMS is yours and we all know. The people of Zimbabwe and esp the Mashava populace are all behind you. Keep going Mr Mawere & don’t tire.

Stanford Chingosho: we have good assibestos (white) so i dont see any problem of the proposed ban…..if they are banned intenationally we can still use them for our local market as we are currently importing

Timothy Moyo: Im your security officer sir where can i send my CV

Grace Ruredzo: if any man will sue you at the law, and take away your coat, let him have your cloak also, let’s see his outcome . This is “SAD”

Soch Bonz: That is great news. l remember me and 3 other guys were to go there after A Levels as trainee managers then suddenly everything changed.

Misheck Chizema: Opening of mine is welcome for the benefit of the public u are good businessmen

Kermy Nator: Can we say Zimbabwe has lost you? Do you still have interests in Zim?

Kudakwashe Ronny Makanda: The Opening of the mine is welcome, but are there binding policy structures to ensure that the native inhabitants’ socioeconomic & environmental well-being is safeguarded?

Antonio Kymplix Muvunde: No need to beg aaah you don’t lower your pride for patents and handouts

Van Dhile Dhile: assuming the mines are opened and functioning what is the current situation on asbestos markets vis a vis the anti asbestos lobby

Andrew Keith Gondo: can you Mr Mawere see any changes in your own opinion in far as the business is concerned following the new political dispensation. i just need to hear your very honest opinion on this?

Peggy Marumahoko: common sense is not common to everyone true Mr Mawere ….i think people are expecting that you fight on their behalf….like we were discussing in the morning, you are also a leader in some peoples eyes

Antonio Kymplix Muvunde: You do not need to beg Mr

Marvin Tapiwa Chikuni: Do u mean Mashava mine???

Grace Ruredzo: Andrew , you must know that RGM was blocked to see anyone freely . Only T Biti boldly told RGM about the undercharged of Gold worry 15b, and now See what happened to RGM when he announced it . Now no clue now of pursuing the matter .

Mukudzei Maidza: after reading the article in Herald its clear how the paper has been captured.

Clement Mhlanga: We saw what they did to Roger Boka and his empire not mentioning Mr. Nicholas Vingirai of Intermarket Holdings the list is endless. It’s a sad story

Rodneyr Chinanzvavana: But keep on trying you will win

Ndonzi Manu: I report page a poster

Andrew Keith Gondo: did you ever tried to engage his excellency about this matter Mr Mawere?

Takesure Kudai: How did acquire Mashava. Was that deal fair and square?…Just wanna know

Precious Musah: If there are giving back white farmers back why cnt they give you back your company

Febbie Chinyama: I grew up at Gaths Mine, i need to know if it will be functional again. its in a sorry state now. I hear you are not coming back, why?

Precious Musah: Why are u not

Samuel T Chinhoi: I have been following for a long time, it pains me. I hope the new government should act on SMM mistakes they did. It affected many employees and the nation at large. There is time for everything. But if nothing change life goes on God will reward you in so many other ways.

Precious Musah: Are u coming back mr mutuma

Grace Ruredzo: Chinamasa destroyed Ruredzo Motors na Minister late Kangai . They lied so badly to old man . I need to tell my son to what happenned to his grandfather empire .

Tin Tin: For the last few months i worked in Zvishavane and i gained so much respect for you, i would drive past that mine everday and even drove around those houses on a daily bases, You did well with Shabani sir nommatter what i salute you and i am sure this is just a phase and God is fighting on your end

Mukudzei Maidza: Hie MM i am a former employee of a a mines and have a strong interest in these mines. at your level i suspect you may have links to some mps in mines parliamentary committee. can’t they have at least the minister appear before them and respond. the same applies to these arrests on corruption charges. the nation needs to be brought into the picture.

Grace Ruredzo: So does that mean whoever ask straight question disappears. RGM was surrounded by thugs . He was removed by thugs

Tin Tin Mr: Mawere, This most anger you so much you ran that and employed so many people. My question is did anyone consult you on this new decision or investment.

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